Solar based Robot for Garden Grass Cutting and Watering Plants

The main aim of developing this Solar based Robot for garden grass cutting and watering Plants IoT project is to provide an easy way of cutting grass and watering methods to the formers without much manual interaction.

This is the solar powered grass cutting robot and water Sprinkler which includes Aurdino Board, Bluetooth, Two channel Relay module, and moto drivers and Solar panel, Cutter Blade.

Solar Panel used to charge the battery in the Day time and we have a water sprinkler which is used for pesticide sprinkler.

We have an android app where we are controlling the android app has Forward, Backword, left, Right, Cutter Blade on and Off, Water Sprinkler On and Off options.

Existing System:

There are lots of labor charge needed for a simple grass cutting work for present existing machines.
The electric and labor charge both costs give a heavy expense. The human body depends on the atmosphere and weather conditions.
The existing models are not capable to adjust the cutting blade.
They do only just cutting the grass only.

Proposed System:

We are developing a multi-tasking robot which can trim the grass with height adjustment and can water the plants in the garden.
The Robot is can also be used for surveillance.
This robot is controlled wireless with an RF remote.
This is power with solar energy.

Let us see the working condition of the project below.

This robot keeps going forward and backward to cut the grass.

Block Diagram of The project:


  • Arduino Uno.
  • DC Motors robot movements.
  • BLDC motor for grass cutting.
  • TSOP sensors for detecting obstacles.
  • Water sprinkler for water plants.
  • 12V Battery.


  • Cutting the Grass in following areas colleges.
  • Public Gardens.
  • Houses.
  • Parks etc.

Smart Medicine Pill Reminder Project using Arduino

Smart Medicine Pill Reminder Project is an IOT based Electronics mini project for Academic Students, The main aim of developing this Kit is to remind medicines just like an alarm.

In this Smart Medicine Pill Reminder Project, we are using Arduino board, APR33R3 Voice playback module connected to Amplifier and this connected to Speaker

we have an LCD also to display that,

the main intention before developing this project is to usually remind the medicines which have to be taken in the daily schedule and it is especially useful for old age people, patients, and busy people.

The below Video is the Working condition of the smart medicine pill reminder project.

This is how it reminds the message

Every after 10 seconds it will remind the message. Here we can adjust the Time according to our convenience.

Here Aurdino is giving input to the APR33R3 and this giving input to the Amplifier and amplifier gives the signal to the Speaker.

The output voice message can be visible on the LCD Screen also.

Agri-Bot (Agriculture Robot) Project


This agriculture robot project aims at designing a live Robot which is capable of seed sowing and performing operations like ploughing, seed dispensing and pesticide spraying.

In present days we have many machines which are capable of seed sowing but they are hand operated machines, so we are designing a robot which will drill the soil and sow the seeds this robot has two modes of operations like auto mode and manual mode, in auto mode it moves in a particular grid by help of sensors.

This robot is capable of receiving few sets of command instructions in the form of Bluetooth tones with help of android app and performs the necessary actions. Bluetooth module receives the commands we have an android app which will give signals to Bluetooth at robot for controlling the motion of the robot.

Working Operation

This agriculture robot has two modes one is auto mode another is a manual mode in manual this set with help of switch button in manual it works with Bluetooth (HC -05) signals, in auto mode it works with Help of IR sensor in front of the robot for making a grid pattern seed sowing,

In this agriculture robot project we are using Arduino UNO as motherboard which will control the robot driving motors and seed dispenser servo .entire project runs on 12V lead-acid battery.

Block Diagram:

Voice operated Grass Cutter Robot

In this voice operated grass cutter robot Project, we have used Arduino Uno board and Bluetooth to receive the voice commands from android mobile with help of the android app, 4 Channel relay circuit board to make motor H-bridge circuit for driving  4 DC Motors to make the robot move in multiple directions.

The entire communication is happening with the help of Bluetooth modules.

we have placed cutter blade in the bottom to cut the grass.

Working Operation of the grass cutter robot:

Step 1: Switch on the robot.

Step 2: In android mobile open the android app (voice-controlled application).

Step 3: In that app select voice control option and speak “forward, Backward ” etc… based on the commands robot will respond on the ground.

Smart Luggage System IoT Project


The main Idea of the Smart Luggage System IoT Project is to develop a luggage that could be user-friendly. The project is more of a luggage less of a robot.


  • Bags have always been an integral part of travel life whether it may be a travel bag or a plastic bag or even leather bag every bag has its own importance and carries different functions and utility.
  • Dragging the luggage all over the place has been done since the golden ages.
  • Thinking of a luggage which conveys its weight, tracks its location, which follows the user automatically or manually, by the touch of the present technology to the old baggage it may bring out its true potential.
  • This has motivated the project all along so that it is user-friendly and could be operated by a Smartphone.

Proposed System:

  • There are a lot of applications to the luggage but all of them are not controlled from the luggage instead the commands are sent from the mobile phone to the luggage via Machine to machine communication.
  • The mobile phone has a pre-installed application software with a pre-installed set of instructions.
  • They wait for the user to send the commands.
  • After the microcontroller embedded inside the luggage receives instruction from the user it acts accordingly. This can either be for tracking its location and send it to the user or send the luggage weight.

Hardware Components:

  • ESP8266 Wi-Fi module

Software components:


Working Model:

  1. When Bluetooth is Connected

2) When Wifi  is not Connected

App Screens:

Screenshot of app showing Welcome Page

Screenshot of app showing HomePage

Screenshot of app showing displaying Weighing Module
Screenshot of app Displaying Weight
Screenshot of app when Tracking is Pressed

Screenshot of app in Autonomous Mode
Screenshot of app in Manual Mode


  • Painting/Artwork Security:  With a GPS device owners can quickly learn the location of a stolen piece and recover it immediately.
  • Prevention of Car Theft: By installing a tracking device on a vehicle, the location of it can always be known. The vehicle can be easily recovered, but the device will also act as a deterrent for thieves. This will prevent the nightmare of having a car stolen from occurring in the first place.
  • Police & Private Detectives: Police can benefit by attaching tracking devices to baggage during investigations, allowing them to easily track movement and come up with solid evidence.
  • Hiking: With a GPS device, hikers who get lost can be recovered quickly should they ever come up missing


  • Don’t worry losing your luggage anywhere! It has an onboard GPS module to help you track its position using Google Maps.
  • Whole system integration is controlled through Application installed in Android where controlling the device will get very easy to the user.
  • Weighing the luggage will become easy.
  • The carry of luggage is changed with motorized wheels.

Future Scope:

  • The application should be more dynamic and it should show the live feed of the movement of the luggage which updates every time the luggage is in movement. The tracking could be taken online using the cloud technology.
  • The introduction of Digital Locks into the luggage will help the user secure the contents of the luggage with the help of dynamic encryption algorithms and techniques which will safeguard any Machine to Machine Communication.
  • It comes with GSM module which helps us to triangulate its location when GPS is failed to retrieve the data.
  • Get the status of the flights, regulations using app and pack accordingly.


  • The limitations of the traditional luggage will overcome with Smart Luggage. The market is still new and has potential to accept the new face of luggage.
  • Know the weight of your Luggage at any time and pack accordingly.
  • Move the luggage easily using autonomous and manual modes.
  • The smart luggage will ensure its safety and builds security for its user. From built-in scales to GPS tracking and mobile apps, these bags won’t make hauling stuff any lighter, but they could make the experience less harrowing.

Automatic soil irrigation over IOT Project Synopsis

Project Title: Automatic soil irrigation over IOT

Functional specifications: 

• The system will detect the moisture level in soil with help of moisture sensor.
• The system will be interfaced to Microcontroller board which will be tracking the status of soil moisture level.
• A Wi-Fi module is interfaced to Arduino motherboard and the same module is paired with the wireless router.
• A small water pump will be activated automatically when the moisture level in soil decreases to a minimum point.
• The entire unit works with 9V/ 1A power supply.
• User or admin will get the live status report of soil moisture level in ground and water pump running status from a remote location.

Non Functional specifications:

• The entire project electronics part is fixed in 200mm X 150mm X 100mm ABS plastic box with mounting holes.
• The entire system will be fixed in a waterproof box with IP 65 standards.
• This project will be easy to use and a person with minimum knowledge can also understand.
• The entire system has very minimum wires outside with proper name tags.
• The unit will easy to configure the surface (Tree/pole / flat surface).
• This project is totally shock protected.
• This project is low-cost automation for farmers/agriculture sectors.



• Soil moisture sensor 1no.
• Water motor pump 9V 1no.
• Water pipes 2 meters.
• Arduino board 1no.
• AC to DC Adaptor 9V/ 1A.
• ESP8266 wifi module
• Connecting wires.


• Arduino IDE is used to develop the entire project source code.
• Eagle CAD is used to develop circuit design.

Automatic Touch Screen Testing Machine Project Synopsis


  1. Abstract
  2. Electronics circuit and embedded systems
  3. Mechanical design.
  4. Microcontroller program
  5. Android app


Designing and developing an automation process for testing capacitive touch screen of mobile, there will be android app installed in mobile which displays few color blocks on lcd screen when capacitive touch pen touches the particular color blocks on lcd screen with help of automation process with X,Y and Z-axis movement by holding capacitive touch pen on Z-axis, when capacitive touch pen touches color blocks on lcd screen in this process color block on lcd screen will change if its touch sensitivity is good else the block color will remain same and feedback from android mobile is taken for evaluating performance of touch screen and feedback is displayed on LCD screen.


• XYZ axis router setup.
• Atmega 2586 Microcontroller board.
• DC motor driver L298.
• 12V/5A regulated supply.
• Hi-tech 645MG Servo motor z-axis movement.
• 2 DC motors for x-y plane axis movement.
• 2 DC motor encoders 16bit.
• Capacitive pen and its holder.
• 20X4 LCD Display.

Electronics circuit and embedded systems

In this Automatic Touch Screen Testing Machine project we are Arduino nano board which consists of Atmega328 microcontroller with 2KB RAM and 64 KB flash memory this board will act as control unit which gives signals to DRV8266 stepper driver motors and 16 X 2 LCD screen, we have 4 input switches to select menu options all these are interfaced with Arduino nano motherboard.

List of components used in this project.

• Arduino nano 1no.
• DRV8266 stepper motor driver 2nos.
• Nima 13 stepper motos 2nos.
• Servo motor 90G 1no.
• 16 X 2 alphanumeric LCD.
• Input switches.
• Connectors and wires.
• 12V / 2A Adaptor.
• Dotted PCB.
In our Automatic Touch Screen Testing Machine project, we have used dotted PCB for interfacing.

Block diagram of electronics parts

Circuit working operation

We are using 12V / 2A adaptor for powering our circuit board Arduino nano and DRV8825, Arduino nano plays a major role in this Automatic Touch Screen Testing Machine project.

Arduino Based Weather Station Monitoring System

The objective of this Arduino project is to build weather monitoring station. In this project, we are measuring temperature, Humidity, atmospheric pressure etc.

The main features of our project design are that it is small in size, low cost, less weight, less power consumption etc. We are here using DHT11 Sensor which can measure physical parameters temperature, humidity. BMP180 Sensor from Bosch is basically a pressure sensor.

We are here using Arduino board which has Atmega328 microcontroller to process data. It displays the result on 20x4LCD. It shows parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc. It plays important role in weather stations.




1. Atmega328 Microcontroller (Arduino UNO)
2. DHT11 , BMP180
3. 20×4 LCD Display
4. Regulated Power Supply


Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless prerequirements

You need these software’s/ settings to see the data in PC for this Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless pre-requirements project.
step 1.
you need to install any serial monitor software (we recommend to use arduino software)
download link .
step 2
you need install cp2102 drivers in laptop.
after installing the both softwares in laptop open arduino software select the com port in tools.
Inline image 2
next you need open the serial monitor in arduino software and make the following changes for 1st time.
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
select  NL and NC and baud rate 9600.
 next switch on the transmitter unit you will the date .
 NOTE : – IF Receiver module is unpluged then again you need to open the serial monitor in arduino software freshly else you not be able to see the data.

Advanced Major Project list for ECE & EEE

These are the below 150 advanced IOT major ECE and EEE Major projects developed for B.Tech/M.Tech Students.

Sr No Project Title
1 Smart garbage bin municipal operations.
2 Agri-bot: Agriculture robot.
3 Swatch Bharat – washroom cleaning robot
4 Smart trolly for easy billing using a raspberry pi and IOT.
5 Industry Product sorting machine with weight identification over the conveyor belt.
6 Advance surveillance robot using a raspberry pi.
7 Intruder alert system: IOT based home security with E-mail and photo using a raspberry pi.
8 Web application based home automation using a raspberry pi.
9 Smart electronic wireless notice board display over IOT.
10 Vehicle security system with engine locking and alerting over GSM.
11 Smart toll plaza with RFID based door opening system and balance alerting over the message.
12 Smart Medicine pill box: Remainder with voice and display for emergency patients. Video
13 Accident identification based alerting location over GSM and GPS.
14 Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing between Platforms (Movable and flexible railway platform).
15 Greenhouse monitoring and Weather station monitoring over IOT
16 Smart assistive device for deaf and dumb people.
17 Semi-autonomous Garbage collecting robot.
18 Solar power based grass cutting and pesticides praying robot.
19 Automatic movable road divider with traffic detection and posting data to IOT
20 Automatic car washing and drying machine with conveyor support.
21 Real-time voice automation system for the college department.
22 Patient health monitoring over IOT
23 Automatic gear shifting mechanism for two-wheelers.
24 A Smart Helmet For Air Quality And Hazardous Event Detection For The Mining Industry over wireless Zigbee
25 Semi-autonomous firefighting robot with android app control.
26 Smart Wearables: Emergency alerting with location over GSM for women’s.
27 Smart movable travel luggage bag.
28 Building smart cities: Automatic gas cylinder booking over GSM with user alert.
29 Automation of dry-wet dust collection to support Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
30 Smart street lights and fault location monitoring in the cloud over IoT
31 GSM based notice display with voice announcements.
32 IOT based smart irrigation system
33 Smart cities: Traffic data monitoring over IoT for easy transportation/alternative route selection
34 Dam gate level monitoring for water resource analysis and dam gate control over IoT
35 Public water meter units monitoring and controlling water valve over IoT
36 Density-based traffic light system with auto traffic signal transition for VIP vehicles/ambulance
37 Wi-Fi based Wireless Device control for Industrial Automation Using Arduino
38 Ghat road opposite the vehicle alerting system with sound and vibration over the android application.
39 RFID based student attendance recording and monitoring over IOT
40 Smart colony: RFID based gate security system, street lights, and water pump automation.
41 Water Boat for surveillance and video and audio
42 Smart rain analyzer with GSM and a loud siren.
43 Smart bike.
44 Smart wheelchair with android application control.
45 Home automation over WiFi using Android application.
46 Intelligent blind stick with SMS alert
47 Student performance enquiry system using GSM.
48 Automatic plant watering and tank water level alert system
49 Swacch Bharat mission robot: Smart Mosquito trope
50 Dual axis solar tracking robot for surveillance with IP camera
51 Rocker-bogie suspension system
52 GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System
53 Home automation using Android app
54 Merrain navigation robot
55 Drainage pipe cleaning robot
56 RFID and fingerprint-based library automation
57 Classroom automation using Android app
58 Intelligent car parking using robotics technic
59 Agriculture automation using GSM (soil moisture level control and motor control)
60 solar based grass cutting robot by obstacle avoiding and path planning
61 Meriane navigation robot
62 Glass cleaning robot
63 Hotel Automation using line tracking robot and android app
64 Advanced Supervisory Security Management System For ATM’s Using GSM& MEMS
65 Touch Panel Based Industrial Device Management System For Handicapped Persons
66 Modern public garden
67 Hotel automation for ordering and billing
68 Advanced parking system showing nearest availability for parking your vehicle
69 College bus information to students
70 Automatic efficient street light controller using RTC and LDR
71 Head movement controlled car driving system to assist the physically challenged
72 Patient health monitoring (heartbeat and body temperature) with doctor alert reporting over the internet of things (IoT)
73 Breath and Lungs health analyzer with Respiratory analyzer over the internet of things (IoT)
74 Movable road divider for organized vehicular traffic control with monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
75 Automation of dry-wet dust collection to support Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
76 Automatic movable railway platform with train arrival detection and monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
77 Automatic plant irrigation system with dry/wet soil sense and controlling 230V
78 water pump for agricultural applications and monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
79 Weather station monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
80 Arduino Based Foot step power generation system for rural energy application to run AC and DC loads
81 RFID security access control system Using Arduino
82 RFID based banking system for secured transaction
83 Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps. A cost-effective method to control entire villager’s water pumps with user level authentication
84 RFID based Library Automation System using AT89S52
85 Prepaid coffee dispenser with biometric recharge using fingerprint
86 Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Messaging System using GSM and GPS
87 Blind Person Navigation system using GPS & Voice announcement
88 Hand gesture based wheelchair movement control for the disabled using (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) MEMS technology
89 Fish culture automation with auto pumping, temperature control, and food feeding
90 bomb disposable robot with Infrared remote control
91 Defense robot with CAM and GSM for high-risk rescue operations
92 solar based defense cleaning robot with autonomous charging and navigation
93 Automatic ambulance rescue system using GPS
94 Bi-pedal humanoid for military operations
95 Advanced college electronics automation using raspberry pi (IOT)
96 Solar based garbage cleaning robot with time slot arrangement
97 solar based robot for garden grass cutting and watering the plants.
98 Under pipe traveling robot to detect Gas line leakage and RFID address navigation to cloud over IoT
99 Loco pilot operated unmanned railway gate control to prevent accidents over the Internet of Things
100 Smart street lights and fault location monitoring in the cloud over IoT
101 Patient health monitoring (heartbeat and body temperature) with doctor alert reporting over the internet of things (IoT)
102 Breath and Lungs health analyzer with Respiratory analyzer over IoT
103 Non-invasive Blood Pressure Remote Monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
104 Building smart cities: Automatic gas cylinder booking over IoT
105 IoT solutions for smart cities: Garbage dustbin management system and reporting to municipal authorities over IoT
106 Public water supply grid monitoring to avoid tampering & waterman fraud using the Internet of Things
107 Movable road divider for organized vehicular traffic control with monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
108 Automation of dry-wet dust collection to support Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and monitoring over the internet of things (IoT)
109 RFID based pesticides dosing with automatic plant irrigation for agriculture applications
110 Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps. A cost-effective method to control entire villager’s water pumps with user level authentication
111 Direction control of photovoltaic panel according to the sun direction for maximum power tracking (Model Sunflower)
112 Photovoltaic E-Uniform with Peltier plate thermo cool technology for soldiers who work at extremely high temperature or extremely low temperature to warm up or cool down body temperature
113 Agricultural solar fence security with automatic irrigation and voice announcement alert on PIR live human detection
114 Aerodynamic windmill with reverse charge protection for rural power generation applications with battery voltage analyser
115 Footstep power generation system for rural energy application
116 Automatic movable railway platform with train arrival detection
117 Intelligent car wash system with infrared proximity sensor triggered conveyor belt arrangement using AT89S52 MCU
118 Super sensitive Industrial Security System with Auto dialer & 60dB loud siren using AT89S52 MCU
119 Gesture Controlled Speaking Micro Controller for the deaf & dumb
120 Density-based traffic light system with auto traffic signal transition for VIP vehicles / ambulance
121 Wireless Speech Recognition enabled smart home automation for the blind and physically challenged
122 Under pipe travelling robot to detect Gas line leakage and RFID address navigation to cloud over IoT
123 Dam gate level monitoring for water resource analysis and dam gate control over IoT
124 Programmable temperature monitor and controller for industrial boilers & ovens with
125 live monitoring in cloud over internet of things
126 Automatic Room Light control with Visitor Counting for power saving applications and
127 monitoring in cloud over internet of things
128 Patient health monitoring in cloud (heartbeat and body temperature) with doctor
129 alert reporting over internet of things”
130 Breath and Lungs health analyzer with Respiratory analyzer over internet of things (IoT)
131 Parking slot availability check and booking system over IoT
132 Smart cities: Traffic data monitoring over IoT for easy transportation / alternative route selection
133 Tollgate traffic monitor and analyzer using IoT
134 Battery Powered Heating and Cooling Suit
135 Energy management in an automated Solar powered irrigation
136 Smart home energy management system including renewable energy based on ZigBee
137 Development of a Cell Phone-Based Vehicle Remote Control System
138 Passenger BUS Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind
139 Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors
140 Microcontroller managed module for automatic ventilation of vehicle interior
141 Wind speed measurement and alert system for tunnel fire safety
142 Traffic Sign Recognition for autonomous driving robot
143 Android-based home automation with fan speed control
144 Android-based password based door lock system for industrial applications
145 Android-based electronic notice board (16X2 LCD)
146 Android-based digital heartbeat rate and temperature monitoring system
147 Android-based Robotic Arm with Base Rotation, Elbow and Wrist Motion with a Functional Gripper
148 Android-based hand gesture based robot control using (mobile inbuilt Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) MEMS technology
149 Android-based multi Terrain Robot to travel on water surface, Indoor and outdoor uneven surfaces for defense applications
150 RFID based Airport Luggage security scanning system Using Arduino
151 Arduino Based Automatic Temperature based Fan Speed Controller
152 Bluetooth based Wireless Device control for Industrial Automation Using Arduino
153 Design and implementation of maximum power tracking system by automatic control of solar panel direction according to the sun direction (Model Sunflower) Using Arduino
154 Implementation of solar water pump control with four different time slots for power saving applications Using Arduino
155 Arduino Based Foot step power generation system for rural energy application to run AC and DC loads
156 Solar highway lighting system with auto turn off on daytime with LCD display using  Arduino
157 Bluetooth based Robot Control for Metal Detection Applications Using Arduino