Online Magazine Java Final Year Project

The main aim of this Online Magazine Java Final Year CSE project is to create a platform that provides all the features & facilities of an Online Magazine. An Online Magazine contains all national & International news and other articles organized into different categories. Users are classified to Guests and Paid Users.

Guests are allowed to access only some features of magazine. Paid Users need to subscribe to the Magazine to access all of its contents.

   The system is divided into two modules.

1. User Module: This module allows User to Subscribe, View the Magazine, guest Post Comments, Submit Articles and can give advertisements.

2. Editor Module: In which the editors can edit the Articles, Create new articles And preview the magazine.


Software Requirements:    

  •           Java2 SDK 1.4.2
  •           Oracle 7.3
  •           Tom-Cat Web Server
  •           OS-XP

Hardware Requirements:

  •    Intel Pentium Processor 4
  •     512 MB RAM
  •     Hard Disk 40 GB

Download Online Magazine Java Final Year Project.

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