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Add Express Java Project is the largest single source of online intelligence for marketing, advertising, media and research communities worldwide. The central concept of the “ADD EXPRESS” is to allow the customer to place the ads about their business on the website by contacting the ad agency people who are related to that classifieds site. Download-Add-Express-Java-Project-Report

The information pertaining to member registrations and categories are stored in a Database server at the server side (store). 

The Server will process different requests from their Ad Agencies, manage the ads by placing them in different categories and finally place them in the web site. 

Why Add Express? 

Ad Express is the largest single source of online intelligence for marketing, advertising, media and research communities worldwide. Ad Express offers a free world advertising and marketing news email service, ensuring the top global stories are delivered daily to your inbox. 

Free classifieds will expose your ads to local, regional and national buyers in different countries across the globe. Add Express is a full featured classified ad manager web site. Add Express is designed to seamlessly integrate ads in this website. Here the proposed system is to replace an existing system, with a solution called Ad Express, using which we can post the ads in a classifieds portal.


Add Express Java Project has designed and developed for placing ads related to different things inside different categories.  A client can place the Ad through an agent. An agent can login into this and post the ads related his customer inside this site. It acts as an interface for the customers (who want to get info through ads) and clients (who want to place an ad). 

It can maintain different categories in which it stores the ads related to that category which helps the customers to find out required information easily. It helps to get posting the important links and yellow pages information also from this site which helps a lot for the customer.

It helps the administrator in tracking tasks related to our ad business also. Finally, it helps in automating the business activities of an Ad company and provides the access to some important information to the customer from online.

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