Design & Development of E – Agriculture Java project

The main objective of this E - Agriculture Java project is to build a website that will help Indian farmers to make the effective cultivation by providing information on crops and make a path to earn more money from Indian villages by selling their products to different cities online and by registering their crops to get their suitable price for their crops.

Medical Store Management Project Windows Application using C#.Net

This Medical Store Management Windows Application provides the facility to store medicine details for a medical Store. It saves time as it allows users to reach medicine quickly by finding it from the database. Medicine Database is generated by the user by storing medicine details. The various front-end software used in the Medical Store Management project is C# (As Programming Language), .NET Framework, and Metro Framework. MongoDB is used as the backend tool.

Students and Teachers based College Notice board System Java Project

In the Students and Teachers based College Notice board System, we are providing role-based access rights to different users, that are students, teachers, and administrators in a college. In our College Notice board System Java project, the students and teachers can view all the Notices such as examination notices, marks notices, announcement notices, training and placement notice, schedule notices, etc

Car Showroom Management System JAVA & SQL Project

CAR Showroom Management System is a software application to maintain day-to-day activities in the store, This JAVA & SQL project helps to maintain the record of the bike, customers, workers, and sales information Admin manages adds, updates and deletes the cars, salespersons, and admin records. Admin also can add new admins. The software is designed to handle, the daily activities of all the stores. Search the details when required.

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