Secured Authentication for Online Banking Using Mobile Phones Java Project


Now-a-days security concerns are on the rise in all areas such as banks, governmental applications, health care industry, military organization, educational institutions, etc., Member institutions of Online Banking Association rated Security as the most important issue of online banking. New survey finds that 31% of bank customers avoid online transactions because of security reasons. Secured Authentication for Online Banking using Mobile Phones java project  guarantees authentication to online banking services in a secured manner.Online-Banking-using-Mobile-Phones-java-project

Why so very indispensable? 

Clients perform transactions on a secure website operated by their bank. Transactions in online banking differ from general internet shopping transactions. Attacks on online banking deceive the user to steal the login data. A weak password is easy to remember, but open to potential attacks. It is not secured in many cases and therefore risks are high. 

While digital certificates are used against phishing and pharming, attacks lead to an increasing number of phishing websites which duplicates victim’s passwords. The less the password security relies on human mediation, the more it is secure. Dynamic Key Token is used for performing the banking operation. Protection through single password authentication, as is the case in most secure Internet shopping sites, is not considered secure enough for personal online banking applications in some countries. 

Modern Technological Approach:  

A mobile-based software token system that is supposed to replace existing hardware and computer-based software tokens is proposed. The proposed system is secured. For each and every transaction, a dynamic password token is generated which avoids theft, phishing and hacking attacks. 

Authentication of Online Banking using Mobile phones has both advantages as well as disadvantages too. Its future developments include, a user friendly GUI. The proposed work to be implemented on various mobile phone platforms. Bluetooth and WLAN features on mobile phones can be used for cheaper token generation. Single factor authentication methods, such as passwords, are no longer considered secure in the internet and banking world. 


The increase in number of carried tokens and cost of manufacturing and maintaining them is difficult for both the client and organization. Mobile devices and certainly mobile phones are currently widely spread. Many clients carry a mobile phone now at all times.

The proposed system has two ways of implementing, either using a free and fast connection-less method or a slightly more expensive SMS based method. At last it has been concluded that both the methods have been successfully implemented and tested, and are shown to be robust and secure.

download Project Report  of CSE Secured Authentication for Online Banking using Mobile Phones java project . 

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