Intranet Chatting System Project in Java

The aim of the Intranet Chatting System Project in Java from HCL CDC, Hyd is to use the power of the internet is such that it integrates together LANs located across diverse application into a single large communication network that spans the globe of the organization.

This Engineering Final year student project was coded with Java server pages and Apache Tomcat server, The client should have client software such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to retrieve information as well as to chat on the web (WWW).

World Wide Web (WWW) is referred to as Netsurfing. And it is supported chatting Single User and Conference (Group) Chat, text, image transfer and file transfer.

 Tools Used:

  • IDE: NetBeans6.9
  • Language: Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Server: Apache Tomcat¬† 6


  • Taken all requirements.
  • Analyze the entire project with design documents.
  • Flow charts design.
  • Coding with JSP Server side scripting language and debugging the project.
  • Testing with possible ways.
  • Execution and deploying into the Web Server to works successfully.

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