Aadhaar Secure Travel Identity A Java Project

Adhaar secure travel identity java project is for CSE final year students who are interested in developing government related projects.This projects main idea is to provide unique id for every citizen in India which will be an alternative for different security identification like passport,driving license.Initially citizens should register to get a UID.

Using this system citizens can travel abroad with out having passport. Security check will be done through online service just by entering unique identification number of the citizen. 


This application will be very help full for every department mainly crime department.  Using this application government can inform different authorities like travelling,security …etc about any person with in seconds.

When ever any one enters uid of the person information will be displayed. Basing on that information security measures can be taken. This site will provide photo identification with finger prints and eye scanning so chances of escaping will be impossible.


Citizens can use this  Aadhaar scheme for applying license. Total information for approving license will be generated just by using UID of the person. Basic on this information test licence is approved and then final licence will be issues. Date,time and location is stored into database.


Developing this application need new platform and design which is not available in present senario. So new design should be implemented in order to implement this application.

As in present situation many countries are looking to implement this application. One among them are india. So there is lot of scope for future development.This application can be developed in java platform and server side scripting is done using java.Cosmetic server side scripting can be done using java coding and HTML/Web developer for client side scripting.

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  1. hii
    I need the full source code of aadhar secure travel identity project …. its is vr imprtnt for me…. pls pls send me source coed if nybdy hv…. on ma id.. [email protected]…. if nybdy want to sell den i vl purchase this project .. thanks nd pls revert as soon as possible

  2. Hey its very interesting project.
    & I thankful to you coz its really helpful for me and my mates.

  3. Hey, I need a source code of this project plz.
    plz i have very need this source code or any other docs related with aadhar project plzzz mail me

  4. Please help to me to run this project.
    What all software’s are required to run the project.
    I’m using windows 8.1 does that software work in this version of windows.

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