Java Project on Airline Reservation System

This project is for the CSE Final year students who can implement the airline reservation through the system. Airline reservation systems java project were introduced for the simple standalone systems to control flight inventory, maintain flight schedules, seat assignments and aircraft loading.


This projects main idea is to implement a automated system which can reduce manual errors  using airline reservation process and make it convenient for the customers to book the flights as when they require such that they can utilize this software to make reservations, modify reservations or cancel a particular reservation. The name of the software is “AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM”.

The system is complete software for Airline Reservation System, which is more efficient, reliable, faster and accurate for processing.There are few projects on airline reservation system, developed under different platforms with different features.Combining all these features into single project will be a good practice.

The Key Features of this Java Project are-:

    * Web-based reservation engine with a user friendly graphical interface

    * Individual and group level authorization access

    * Reservation supervisor overriding

    * Integrated departure control system

    * Passenger communication features

    * Comprehensive management reporting capabilities.

The primary aim of the system is to speed up the transactions and User friendliness. The main advantage of this system is the reduction in labor as it will be possible so search the details of various places. Every record is checked for completeness and accuracy and then it is entered into the Database and the data security is provided by the system.

There are 5 modules in this Airline Reservation Java Project.

  1. Administrator Module.
  2. Reservation Agent Module
  3. Passenger Module.
  4. Payment.
  5. Cancellation

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  4. Hi, I’m a student taking a JUnit class, and looking for interesting project to test. Could you send me the source code for Airline Reservation System please?

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