Presentation on Automatic Walking Machine


  1. Introduction of Machine
  2. Objective
  3. Methodology
  4. Literature Survey
  5. Material Solution
  6. Schematic Diagram

Introduction Of Machine

  • Different types of Machines are available for traveling Min. distance in city. Like Activa, Yo Bikes.etc.
  • But Mostly they are going to costly because of petrol’s prize and Due to Automobile’s Heavy Parts.
  • We found the Problem of this kind That’s why we are invented the Mechanism which is Known as automatic walking Machine.
  • It is the machine which is Run or Powered By Motor or Drilling Machine, Which is transmitted to Warm Gears which is connected to Mechanism of Links.
  • Mechanism of links looks like Lepord’s Back side legs.
  • All-over machine frame may be made from Steel or wood.
  • üMechanism May be made from wood material.
  • It is electrically powered machine where no need of Fuel.
  • Capacity Of This machine will be 70 To 80 kg.

IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic

Seminar Title:

IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic


IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump is the device that is used in the cardiac applications. They are used in the medical field for the operation like heart transplant, coronary artery bypass surgery. They are also used in the pharmacotherapy for helping the ventricular functions. They are used in the therapy that increases the cardiac functions of the patients. It also improves the oxygen supply by increasing the speed of the blood circulations in the arteries.  They use for the patients who have dysrhythmias and myocardial ischemia.

Component of AN IABP

IABP consist of two parts one catheter with balloon and the consoles that is used to regulate the inflation to the balloon and the deflation also.Catheter tip contain pressure device that in attached to the one end and gas reservoir that is attached to the other end. We can time it for inflation and deflation for the cardiac cycle. Its main aim is to improve the perfusion.

IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon

Indications For IABP Therapy:

They are used in the ICU or in the cauterization lab. This balloon can be inserted in both either right or left artery, after that they are threaded to 1cm or 2cm. we need to pass appropriate volume of He and CO2. Helium used are the lighter in weight and density and they can travel faster in the circuit of the balloon. While CO2 are slow so they have one advantage they can less harmful and as embolism is deceased and also decrease the rupturing of balloon.

They are used for the patients who are receiving chest pain again and again at the time interval, this method can be used for this, and it will reduce the symptoms. It also has many other features such as it reduces the heart rate and pulmonary artery diastolic pressures and it increases the gas flow in the vitals organs.

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Fundamental Principles for Safety in Automobiles Mechanical Seminar Topic with Report

The topic fundamental Principles is related to the cycle of the round circle process of the heat energy where heat energy is generated and is exhausted outside the object. This fundamental system is mainly process in the braking system of the vehicles. This principle gives the driver of the vehicle to get a safe drive of the vehicle by applying breaks whenever needed. The working of the breaking system is fully done in the mechanical companies like the Toyota, Maruti. The main function of the brake system is to convert the energy from one place to another.

There are some of the familiar forms of energy that are used in the mechanics to generate the operations between the brakes like the chemical, electrical and the mechanical form of the energy. The chemical from the batteries are converted to electric energy and this energy is then converted to mechanical energy that goes to the engine so that the vehicle can run easily. There are two types of the fade of the brakes like the Mechanical fade and the lining fade.

Mechanical fade takes place when the drum of the brake gets highly heated and starts expanding from the situation of the lining brake. Lining fade takes place when both the drum brakes and the disks brakes generate a friction of the materials and elements that are highly heated while breaking it.

The DOT called the department of the Transportation has some of the different sub types contained in it. There are total three different types of grades like the DOT 3 called as the Polyglycol which has the minimum boiling point of 401 degree farad. DOT 4 Polyglycol has the minimum boiling point of 446 degree farad, DOT 5 made from the silicon has the minimum boiling point of 500 degree farad. The standard mechanical companies are using the DOT 3 for better generation of the braking system.

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Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topic on Smart Cars With Report

Science is far from preparing machine as moving as the human cerebrum. On the other hand, the quest for computerized reasoning has made a ton of progress forasmuch as the first robots. Unique mechanics prepares researchers to generate mechanisms equipped for of an extent of human-such as movement, while a significant number of researchers now look to the bug planet for motivation for tomorrow’s thinking machines. This paper points at several fundamental ideas of driving that is vehicle proficiency, driver solace & eco neighborliness.

The destiny is not something that we enter’ but we make. Along these lines, the Smart autos simply don’t mean autos that run on computerized reasoning. It’s a mixture of works gathered to make a gem. Visualize an auto with heightened productivity, an auto that can simplicity the driver anxiety, expand the wellbeing & at long last be eco-accommodating, when so much goes in one bunch we get the brilliant autos. Counterfeit consciousness (AI) is the insights of machines and the limb of machine science that plans to make it. The investigation and plan of insightful executors, “where an adroit operator is a framework that recognizes its surroundings and takes movements that boost its risks of luck.

I-auto is the most recent developing slant utilizing point as the base of operation. The majority of the time, savvy autos is mixed up with half breed vehicles; shrewd autos are vehicles that utilize the most recent mechanics plus point & different ultra current mechanics to straightforwardness human control over vehicles. Self-ruling voyage control is a discretionary journey control framework showing up on some more upscale vehicles. The framework goes under a significant number of unexpected exchange names as per the producer.

The aforementioned frameworks utilize either a radar or laser setup permitting the vehicle to abate when going at a different vehicle and quicken again to the preset speed when activity permits. ACC engineering is considerably viewed as a crux part of any fate cycles of smart autos. Laser-based frameworks are critically easier in expense than radar-based frameworks; be that as it may, laser-based ACC skeletons don’t discover and track vehicles well in ill-disposed climate conditions nor do they track extensively foul (non-reflective) vehicles exceptionally well.

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Ultrasonic Techniques for Hidden Corrosion Detection MechanicalSeminar Idea

Introduction to Ultrasonic Techniques for Hidden Corrosion Detection Seminar Idea:

Ultrasonic technique is used for the detection of the corrosion that is hidden. Corrosion is very major problem because it affects the air craft’s and their wings or joints and industry at large scale. The corrosion is also present under the paint which very hard to detect so the detection of this type of corrosion several methods the applied on the metal so that it does not destroy metal but it is removed.

Tests that are carried out on the metal are of various types. One of them is non destructive test (NDT) which includes some process which is described as X ray inspection, liquid penetration inspection, ultrasonic inspection, visual inspection, eddy current inspection and magnetic particle inspection.

This method is used for the detection of the corrosion in aircraft wings or joints. Ultrasonic inspection is carried out on the planes. This process is very much time consuming because it scans the plane perpendicular to the surface. This process is also not good in detecting the cracks and disbands in the plane or at the wings.

So these are the drawbacks of ultrasonic inspection and these drawbacks are overcome by guided ultrasonic waves. This method is very good solution for the detection of the defects and corrosion and find out the hidden defects and multi layer defects at a very fast rate. And this can be done by selecting velocities of different modes or by analyzing the wave of the mode. This report will describe about the method involve in the gilded ultrasonic inspection. The wave mode is selected by using the tone burst method and then its pitch and echo is tested after that they are launched by some angle. Through this the corrosion in multi layer is detect very easily and this method is very helpful for detecting corrosion.

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Microelectro mechanical Systems (Mems) Mechanical Seminar Report

We are in the modern technical world which is composed with the involvement micro electronics in every aspect of our daily life, this leads to the development of an revolutionary concept micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) this multi- disciplinary concept creating new dimensions in science and technology, combining silicon based microelectronics with micro machining technology had drastically reduced the cost and increased the reliability of electronics, these mechanical elements are minimized into minute electro-mechanical elements using of micro fabrication  techniques i.e. crystal growing, wafer making, deposition of film, oxidation principle, lithography, etching, MEMS are fabricated using either modified silicon and non-silicon fabrication technology, and these elements fabricated on an single chip, these extremely complex electromechanical systems are controlled by integrated microelectronics,  and these MEMS are categorized in the form of sensors, actuators, micro sensors and micro actuators.

This can convert energy of one form to another form,

MEMS had enormous impact in the fields of bio technology, defense, Wireless optical communication systems and medical sciences. They plays major role virtual reality systems,  MEMS had intensive applications like accelero meters, smart roads, Micro robots, micro pumps, surgical instruments, pressure monitoring systems, Inertial navigation , surface monitoring systems, these MEMS are relatively low cost , high accuracy and with high degree of sensitivity, low noise performance, high speed in operation, safe and comfortable having long life period. Utilizing these systems will increase the system performance in to greater extent.

Are Recently these MEMS are intensively used in automobile industry, automatic air bag security, Rollover detection, Active suspension, mass flow sensor, Silicon nozzle for fuel injection.

 This paper addresses the fabrication of MEMS, applications, challenges facing in recent times, limitations; every industry cannot make use of this MEMS technology because it is highly commercial apart from this aspect MEMS technology is boon for the mankind.

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Study of Steam Turbine Back Pressure Type Mechanical Seminar Report

Introduction to Study of Steam Turbine Back Pressure Type Mechanical Seminar Topic:

In generation of power turbine has a very important role. In thermal power electricity is generated by producing steam on burning coal and to manage steam we use steam turbines in thermal plants. A steam turbine is nothing but a heat engine in which by expanding the steam through nozzle steam energy is converted to kinetic energy. By impinging resultant kinetic energy on rings of moving blades mounted on rotor which is a rotating element, KE is converted into force. Moving blades deflect the jets of steam.

 Steam turbines may use in power plant, in process industries and for transport. Steam turbine can be defined as a mechanical device which converts thermal energy of pressurized hot steam to useful mechanical work. During expansion of steam, steam undergoes multiple stages so the steam turbine takes much of its thermodynamic efficiency. Steam turbine contains fixed and moving blades which substantially designed so that they can withstand the applied steam pressure.Steam turbines found wide use in marine applications like for vessel propulsion systems. For aerospace applications in the field of power generation gas turbines are using instead of steam turbines.

     In this paper we are going to describe the types of turbines are high-pressure (HP), low-pressure (LP) and astern turbines and their uses, advantages.The configuration of these different steam turbines is different even though several components in these turbines are common.

Heat from the steam is extracted by the steam turbines and by expanding it from high to low pressure, steam turbine transform it into rotational energy resulting in mechanical work.Small and medium steam turbines have wide range of applications in power generation and also as drivers for mechanical services. When these coupled with gear scan be used to drive fans and reciprocating compressors. Steam turbine finds many advantages than steam engine is discussed.

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Multi Level Car Parking Polytechnic Mechanical Project Report

Introduction to Multi Level Car Parking Polytechnic Mechanical Project:

Increasing population is the most facing serious problem in our country. Today India is the second largest populated country in the world that is India having 16% of the world’s population.

When the last census conducted on 1991, 1st march, the country’s population was 846.30 million but currently country’s population estimated around 950 millions.

In the last 50 years the population growth has been increasing rapidly. This rapid growth in population is termed as population explosion.

The rapid growth rate in population is because in the recent times the industrial and technological revolutions had taken place.

By the beginning of the twenty first century, world population is estimated to reach 7 billion. Though several other countries experiencing population explosion, because of the increasing pressure on the country’s limited resources population explosion is major problem and much more severe in our country.

If the population increases then it mainly impacts the land. Day by day agricultural lands and forest areas become occupied by the people.

In offices and for big shopping complexes parking becoming a major issue. As the parking demand growing unexpectedly and significantly engineers are trying frequently to develop different planning strategies of parking.

If the surface area is not sufficient then modular steel car parks gives proper solution when multistory parking is unable to build.

With Modular steel car parking we can expand upwards. In this Modular steel car parking ceiling is made of concrete and tarmac and assembling vertical and horizontal elements in a modular way. With different sizes and shapes we can build more modular units of parking.

In this project of multi-level car parking we are going to give a proper solution for the parking of vehicles technique of Modular steel car parking and can be more useful for the complexes having small surface area.

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Mechanical Project Report on Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction

Introduction to Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction Project:

Software named CAD in the past decades was used to create a 2D spectrum programs and conversion it to the 3D spectrum. The hardware used here to execute this program is the mainframes to the desktop of the system computers and the laptops. The storage of the system computers have now become an increment steps from the mega bytes to giga bytes too. Connections and communication between the servers and the computer has now advanced to the availability of the modems which allows us to access the internet service.

Now a day’s computers are made micro that it is also named as the Pocket Mobile Computers abbreviated as the PDA. Now talking about the hardware used here is the Windows CE operating system or the Palm computers. This PDA has a normally screen resolution as 240 X 320 pixels. This resolution has a limitation of 2D or 3D detailed information that can be displayed. Standard method of designing the data on computers where never a proper choice. While the devices like the Palm top has an 8 MB of virtual memory and other devices too have as their brands.

 The characteristics of the palm and the pocket pc are these both gadgets are similar in size and as well as shape too. These both can also be carried inside one pocket at a time. As like the desktops system computers this PDA also has a configurations of the hardware like the Processor type, Clock speed, storage space, peripheral interfaces etc… 

This device gives the graphics of the 3d View which can even be showed on the Pocket Personal Computers. These devices are developed by the CIS2 documents and files by using various protocols. These pockets PC are of limited size and which can also show a 3D view in the upcoming future days. In the next coming approximate seven to eight years it will made a experimental survey that will show  view of the PDA  at various sites.

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Micro Electro Mechanical Systems PPT Presentation

Introduction to Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Presentation:

Micro electro mechanical systems which are abbreviated as the MEMS are the combination of electrical and mechanical devices and structures by the specific standard scale. The work of the MEMS is to perform the mathematical tasks which are critical for the conventional technologies. These devices are used in various other streams like automobile, medicals, aerospace’s, communication purpose and much more. The well know department called the NASA uses this technology at a very high scale.

Micro electro mechanical systems help in saving the power and also reduce the price which direct targets the advantage for the cost purpose.  These devices are mainly used in space craft’s where topic of temperature matters. There are three types of micro electro devices mainly the sensor, the actuator and last the smart MEMS. The sensor transfers the non electrical commands and codes to electrical output, and the actuator does the opposite of that of the sensor converting electrical to non electrical and the smart MEMS is the fusion of the electrical circuits.

 Some of the MEMS devices used normally are the Micro Heat Pipe which is used in space to give high temperature paths, Silicon Satellites which are which are also known as nano satellites which is used for constructing and testing the architectural design and development. Silicon satellites are more classified into the sub types named as the Micro satellite, nano satellite, Pico satellite and the Femo satellites.

 Micro electro mechanical system has now a day become the devices that keep the world in the development stages and for specially for the stream of science space and technology. In the upcoming future this MEMS will work on maintaining the protocols because it results to be the better device for such work purpose and also these micro electro mechanical systems will become very important in the need and use same like the random access memory chips used now a days. 

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