Traffic Signal Management A CSE Java Project

Traffic signal management a cse Java project is one of the regularly used applications in our daily life. This project explains about how to control traffic using color signal systems like blue, red, range. As we see this project is a real time application which will be better for students to do this project. TRAFFIC-SIGNAL-MANAGEMENT-A-CSE-Java-Project.

TSM project is developed under java environment which can provide user friendly GUI applications.TMS Project has lot of scope for further development. Applications are developed in modules.                       

  This software has its foundation on the concepts of Java and its associated functions. We use Java software because any module in the project can be made user friendly using the java GUI applications. 

The main asset of the project is to avoid any sort of Accidents. 

This application will be useful for further development of projects like Pedestrian crossing light with loudspeaker for the blind and LED traffic signals which controls traffic as well as speed of the vehicles using sensors.

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  1. sir i am doing project on traphic signal mangement and i want to know that what are the basic thing to generate it

  2. my title is An artificial immune system based traffic signal control system for the effective transportation in smart cities of india please help to develop the project code in java language

  3. kind request to send codes for building TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM integrated with surveillance.
    kindly send me i am using JAVA environment to build it advice what else probably can i use.

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