Steganography a Java Project


    Intrusion of private data is successful due to the fact that it is in a form which can be easily read and understood. This information can be transmitted without permission and modified used and misinterpreted to represent an individual or maybe used to attack. One of the techniques is presented in this project title “Steganography a Java Project”. This is a technique to hide information in the digital media.Steganography-a-Java-Project

             It has an array of methods especially designed for hiding the message and prevents it from being discovered. This method can be used in copyright protection for digital media, audio and video. The secret information is fed within the host data and is made imperceptible thus fostering reliable communication to a receiver.

Steganography Java Project Description:

    This project Steganography encompasses not only imperceptibility but also has the provision of undetectability by any steganolysis tool. In this project the information hiding is done on an image file. It includes information about the file and image file where the user would want to save the image and extrude it.

      In this program, the user has two options i.e. encrypt and decrypt. He needs to run the application. If encrypt is selected, the application allows the user to select the image file, information file and other options to save the file. If decrypt is chosen, then the application only asks for selection of image file and path specification for saving the file. Encryption is for hiding the information while decryption is used for obtaining secret information.


    This project is very interesting and also presents a secure way of transmitting hidden information. The LSB approach is lucidly explained in the project. A stego-key is also applied to the system foe embedment of the message onto cover image. A lot of image formats can be used in this project. This will be the foremost methods for security in the digital world.

download Project Report of CSE Steganography  Java Project.

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