E-kart Website WordPress Theme Project


In today’s day to day life purchasing of products by visiting stores has become a tough job. As a standing in a queue for making the payment of the product has become difficult for customers. To overcome these difficulties, we are coming up with E-kart.

E-Kart is an e-commerce website which helps to choose a wide range of products through your desktop or smartphone rather than visiting the outlets. It is developed using word press which is an open source blogging platform and content management, the basic e-commerce functionality in word press can be achieved through Magento. It is been developed to handle accurate stock and also to overcome a payment gateway problem. E-Kart ensures that it accepts a review from our genuine buyers.

Word press power stats save the tracking information and analytics data in the backend. E-Kart uses “Machine Learning” analysis to know the exact number of customers visiting our site track user engagement, it also shows us the product with high demand in that particular to understand the seasonal market demands for seasonal product supply.

The Modules used in the project are

1. Admin
2. Customer


Admin will login into the application with the default username and password. Admin can add and edit the products and product details. He can also view the orders placed by customers and reviews by customers. Admin can also view the abandoned cart products and featured products. Admin can also view the payments.


The customer can view the application by registering or without registering as a guest user. But the guest user has limited functionalities compared to the registered user. Registered customer must log in with the username and password after logging in he can select the products and add them to the cart. After the product is selected customer needs to provide some additional details like shipping address after that the payment will be initiated by the customer, after successful payment the customers will get 3 emails listed as Order copy, Delivery Details Copy and Thanks Copy.

In this application, we used 2 Plugins namely in this application they are

1. Akismet
2. Recomendo

Existing System:

In the Existing system, we are experiencing high crowd in the stores which make for us select the products and making the payments also takes a lot of time in some reputed stores.

Proposed System:

In Proposed System the admin will maintain a wide range of products at affordable prices for customers and it makes easier for those who buy in the application. If a customer leaves the product in the cart without buying and exits the application then the customer will get the mail after particular threshold time.

UML Diagrams:

Use case Diagram for Admin:

Use case Diagram for Customer:

Sequence Diagram for Admin:

Sequence Diagram for Customer:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

College Information Management System (CIMS) Project Synopsis

The project College Information Management System (CIMS) deals with the maintenance of information over a network within the college. The college system has gone through a vast transformation particularly in the last decade. While adopting, IT seems to be the best choice towards enhancing efficiency, it becomes necessary for college systems to face the challenges imposed by the e-vulnerabilities.

This product ensures instant and secure information maintenance in colleges.

This project is capable of maintaining the following details:

Student: The traditional process of admission requires a student to collect the admission forms, fill them and submit them at the college. CIMS enables the student’s to enroll them in the college. The student’s performance is also maintained and can be securely recovered by the college administration.

Staff: The admission process of staff requires them to fill out the application and submit to the college.CIMS maintains the complete details of the staff like department, attendance, and payroll.

Library: The library management enables the book registration process, book transaction process, to know the book status.

Attendance: CIMS maintains the complete attendance details of the student and the employee

Courses: The course details like presently offering, new courses etc are maintained by the system. Fee details like course wise, subject wise, are also maintained. Individual subject details like date of commencement, maximum marks, pass marks are also maintained.

College information: college information like history, calendar, holidays, timetable, news, and announcements are maintained.

Apart from this College Information Management System project allows the information available over the college internal network and provides information access to the entire spectrum of campus users that includes college staff such as administrators, faculty, librarians, etc. CIMS also avails the web interface to provide the college information on www. This allows the students and other users to search for information about the college online. The web also allows the students to register online for the college. Hence this project helps a college function in a very smart way. Due to the lack of time, CIMS does not enable to work on multi-branched educational institutions. It can be easily be implemented.

Project work description

This project of CIMS addresses all the vulnerable aspects and meets the requirements of various fields like college administration, staff and student enrollment, library management, latest happenings, course details, etc.

The system was developed in Java using swing, AWT packages, exception handling and event handling with interaction to a database in MS Access.


This College Information Management System project is subdivided into the following modules or partitions.

• Employee
• Student
• Library
• Course
• Attendance
• Latest happenings
• Payroll management
• Web page

System Design Phase:



Student Admission:

Student application:

Staff Admission:

Payroll management:

DFD for Employee & Leave:

DFD for Advance and Attendance:

Library Management Systems & Library Transactions

Latest happening:


When the package is started a dialog box is displayed by asking for a password on the correct entry of the password the user is allowed to enter into the main menu frame. A colorful welcome wish is displayed on the front window.

It has the following options:

  1. Employee details.
  2. Student details.
  3. Library management.
  4. Payroll management.
  5. Attendance.
  6. Web Page.
  7. Course information.
  8. Latest Happenings.
  9. About college


This window is used to maintain the Employee details.

On clicking the Employee menu item, it gives a window, which allows the user to add, view, modify and delete the employee details by clicking their corresponding buttons.

This module deals with the input of data from the user and storing the data in the database.

While adding an employee, the employee code is generated. The user has to enter the personal details, select the designation and select the department name etc.


This window is used to maintain the Student details.

On clicking the Student menu item, it gives a window, which allows the user to add, view, modify and delete the student details by clicking their corresponding buttons.

This module deals with the input of data from the user and storing the data in the database.

While adding a student, the student ID is generated. The user has to enter the personal details, select the designation and select the department name etc.


This window is used to maintain the Library details like the following:

  • Transaction [issue, return].
  • New Book registration.
  • Searching for a book.

On entering the Library details, to add the information of a book the user has to enter the book code, book name, author, publication, edition, date. The user also has the options to view, delete the book details whenever required. All the above-mentioned features have been extensively handled.


This window is used to get the monthly Pay slip of an employee.

On entering the Pay slip window, the user has to supply the employee code. The system will calculate the net amount by calculating all corresponding calculations.

The calculations are displayed in their corresponding boxes and now pay slip is ready to take the printout by just clicking the print button.                                                                                        

Course details

This window is used to know the details about the courses, which the college is offering like the course ID, course duration, course fee, and any other information. It also gives the user the freedom of entering new courses, which the college will offer.

Latest information

This window will help the user know about the happenings in the college like the following:

  • Calendar
  • Time-table
  • News and announcements
  • Holidays
  • Notices

By choosing any of the above options the user can know about the related. He is also given the freedom of editing any changes to the data. 


This window will have two options like

a) Student

b) Employee.

When we choose one it will show the details of the attendance of the selected candidate.

Web page

When we click this option the web page of the college will open and it has all the features, which the stand-alone application has.


This will show a window, which has a text field that shows the college history.


This package has established a model for College Information Management.

This package is completely computerized and maintains the details of all students and employees like Student and Employee details, Leave, Advance, Admissions, Course details, Library Management, Attendance Specification, Latest Information, college web page, it also generates reports for all employees and students as needed, like Salary Summary, Department Wise Salary and Total Leaves took by an employee, marks obtained, attendance, library transactions, etc. by a student.

This package is so designed that all calculations are automatically generated for college management system.

Logistics Automation and Management System Java Project Synopsis

Project Analysis:

The main aim of this project is to provide a complete logistics based management system. This Logistics Automation and Management System application consists of following modules

  1. Application Module
  2. Central Admin Module
  3. Online Admin Module
  4. Application Sync Module
  5. Multi-Phase Automation Management Module

Module I:  Application Module:

The application module provides the solutions for the branch installations and corporate installations. The features of this module are

  • Route Based Trips Management.
  • Door Pick Up Support
  • Door Delivery Support
  • Location Based Door Delivery Loading Sheet
  • Entire Customer Details at All Branches

Module II: Central Admin Module:

Central Admin module is the administrative module to be operated by the Head Office of the company. Here are the various options are provided to control the Application module. The features of this module are

  • Paid, Payable, Partial Pay Feature
  • Operational Accounts
  • Centralized Administrative Controls
  • User-friendly Local data Backup
  • User Initiated Local data Restoration
  • Centrally Controlled Invoice Rate Settings.

Module III: Online Admin Module:

The Online Admin Module controls Branch Creation and Editing, application user creation and their permission management etc. The features of this module are

  • Versatile Branch Commission Setting
  • Admin Controlled User Management
  • Consignments Temporary Unloading
  • Temporary Trips Management
  • Branch Locked Customers
  • Multi-Branch Customer.

Module IV: Application Sync Module:

It serves as a communication tool between branches and head office. The features of this module are

  • Duplicate Customer Merger
  • Customer Credit with Limit
  • Multi-Phase Automation
  • Multiple Companies through Single Interface
  • Automatic remote Data Backup
  • Automatic Online Data Restoration.

Module V: Multi-Phase Automation Management module:

This module provides the advantage of allowing phased automation of branches and later adds new branches with previous data backup. The features of this module are

  • Inter-Branch Intranet Synchronization
  • Auto Bug reporting System
  • Automatic Application Updates
  • Extended web portal
  • Online Customer Support
  • Online Booking enabled
  • Intelligent Consignment Tracking.

Software requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Technology: Java/J2EE (Servlets, JSP, JDBC)
  • Web Technologies: Html, JavaScript, CSS
  • Web Server: Tomcat 7.0
  • Database: Oracle 10g Express Edition
  • Software ’s: JDK 7

Hardware requirements:

  • Hardware: Pentium based systems with a minimum of P4
  • RAM: 1 GB (minimum)

Student Social Networking Site Synopsis

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

This Web Page defines the requirements for the Student Social Networking Site. The College Student seeks to develop a web portal, to be able to link the students with the colleges / universities. The Student portal will be a platform for students to submit their details and for colleges around the world to be able to view the profiles. This would also help students to network and interact to be able to make their choices. The Student portal may provide useful information on programs offered by Universities globally and help Universities seek the right students. Also include list of training programs through distance learning & also vocational training programs. Target Audience would be Students, Executives, working men, colleges and Universities.

1.2 Document Conventions

The document is to have georgia fonts and should be in size 11 and have to be maintained in the Project repository in the doc’s folder in branches.

1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

The audience for the Project is the system architects, designers, project manager, coding and testing team.

1.4 Project Scope

The Student Social Networking Project has to be completed in 4 phases:

The milestones for development will be as under:

  1. Completion of the Initial framework, with working prototype: The prototype runs on LAMP platform. It should be a completely working module with all functionalities as defined in the Business Requirements document. All code and documents to be maintained in a Project Code repository on a server as per the Config management document.
  2. Completion of the user interface with all pages: The content shall be provided and the User interface design as well as the pages needs to be done.
  3. Integration and testing followed by Load, Performance & Security Test results: The testing needs to be done and Documentation to be created and full source code has to be transferred to Godaddy Web Server.
  4. User Acceptance Testing and changes and making changes as per review: UAT and all tests to be done from clients end and all documentation including admin & user docs like Help docs has to be created. Any changes as part of UAT to be completed.

1.5 References

The Student Networking Site shall have resume management, networking, forums, skill development, video conferencing, personal space and so on.

1. http://www.monster.com
2. http://www.shiksha.com

2. Overall Description

2.1 Portal Perspective

The Student Social Networking Portal will help the students submit their profile and search for the right programs.

2.2 Features

The features shall be as per the site map described.

2.3 Operating Environment

The server hardware would be IBM and OS would be Linux based.

2.4 Design and Implementation Constraints

The key constraint here is training of the administrators. The interface should be completely user friendly that’s self administrable.

2.5 User Documentation

The deliverables shall include a Admin manual for the CMS and a Help section for the Users.

2.6 Assumptions and Dependencies

One of the key assumptions is that all the students will be checking the College / University sites and we have to see if they can browse and come back to this site.

3. System Features

The portal should have generic features like:

1. Dynamic
2. Robust Security Feature
3. video resumes
4. Upload and downloading of applications & other docs
5. Forums.
6. Registration for newsletter to get updates from colleges
7. Facility for users to submit research papers
8. Reports publication on the web
9. Online survey on colleges
10. Smart logic to calculate result and display
11. Calendar with upcoming events with details
12. Online registration for events and for each university/college
13. Each user will have his own space
14. Uploading, approving and display of testimonials by students
15. Offer testing & assessment platform to the colleges
16. Communication module for interaction
17. Registration of user and signing up for newsletters, training and international seminars from the portal on approval
18. Faq available to address to common question
19. Site map will be available for quick navigation to the required information
20. Multi lingual support will be available throughout the site – babel fish
21. Terms and conditions of using the site would be available
22. Flexible admin control paned for creation content and maintenance by the colleges
23. User friendly design for better look and fill.
24. Custom validation for correct data entry.
25. Training Module
26. Managing Ads Module for Super Admin
27. Workflow management
28. Application Management
29. Communication Module

4. Interface Requirements

4.1 User Interfaces

The home page will be along the looks of facebook.com, with a similar navigation.

4.2 Software Interfaces

The Student Social Networking Site would be on Single-sign on.

4.3 Communications Interfaces

There will be a conferencing interface wherein a Video conferencing needs to be implemented. This will have a link on the portal and this would run on a Red 5 server. The SMS API’s shall be provided.

5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements

5.1 Performance Requirements

The Student Social Networking Site has to be built taking 100,000 (Hundred thousand concurrent users).

5.2 Safety Requirements

The Student Social Networking Site shall have to be secure as personal data of the members should not be accessible. A Penetration testing needs to be done after the site is completed.

5.3 Software Quality Attributes

The Student Social Networking Site has to be adaptable, scalable, searchable, maintainable, portable, reliable, reusable, robust, testable, and have ease of use.

6. Other Requirements

The Student Social Networking Site should have a counseling module for Chat support based discussions.

Human Resource Management System Project Synopsis

The main aim of the Human Resource Management System software is to maintain all the sections of the organization easily. The application should be able to store, monitor, and access huge amount of data with better performance and which should be error free.

The developed PHP project should help full for the Manager and HR members for smoothing and automatic manipulation of data and maintenance of files, records and huge amount of data and also wide circulation of the software.

Human Resource Management System is a distributed application, developed to maintain the details of employees working in any organization. It maintains the information about the personal details of their employees, also the details about the payroll system which enable to generate the pay slip.

The application is actually a suite of applications developed using PHP.

This project is having three main modules :

  • Admin
  • Employee
  • Visitor

This Human Resource software application has been developed using the powerful coding tools of HTML, CSS, JavaScript at Front End and PHP, MySql at Back End.