Detecting Maliciously Mails In Compromised Router

Detecting malicious mails in compromised router project explains about how packets are missed in compromised network and provides solution to handle malicious packets in the network. This paper covers how routers are hacked to reduce efficiency of application and details of existing system, proposed system advantages and hardware and software requirements.

In this project we look at detecting malicious manipulating stream of packets. This paper provides simple solution for dropping malicious packets which are sent by some victim. It is a challenging task to differentiate malicious action for missing packets, because network congestion can lead to same result. In existing network packet loss is caused when buffer exceeds its limit. In order to sort out this problem previous system uses threshold value as base. When threshold exceeds it limit packets are dropped which is fundamentally unsound and provides a scope for malicious attacks.

Proposed system is designed with compromised detection protocol which will look at measured traffic rates and size of buffers. Advantages of proposed system include traffic validation mechanism, a distributed detection protocol.

download Detecting maliciously mails in Compromised Router.

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  1. In project, you implemented interfaces like SourceConfigIF , ConfigIF & ReceiverConfigIF …
    But m unable to find these Interfaces … Could you please give me Proper Packege name so that i can import it,,

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