Secure Email Transaction System a Java Project

Communication is the backbone of any business. Without exchange of data, communication is impossible. Thus traditional applications for electronic data exchange wouldn’t be enough. In this project “Secure email transaction system a Java Project” theoretical ideas of cryptography have been incorporated in the project for the direct sending and receiving of emails through RSA encryption system application.Secure-Email-Transaction-System-a-Java-Project


The project secure email transaction system is an innovative email system that entitles high level protection for emails. The users of the system are assured of a safe and secure correspondence.

The Java Mail Application programming interface (API) supplies a set of abstract classes that define objects which constitute a mail system. The API defines terms like message, store, transport; it can be further extended and sub classed to provide new protocols and also add functionality when it is necessary.

This Java Mail does not properly allow authenticated user message number attribute, which makes it easy for authenticated users to view other’s messages. This particular drawback of this system is overcome by using high end security methods. This is done by implementing RSA encryption algorithm that provides a private and public key pair.

Though the growth of technology knows no bounds, the risk of security is also a major threat. If an email is sent from one end to the other, if this is intercepted it could be misused in the wrong way and cause a lot of damage.

The system introduces a very new idea which brings forth methods of message transactions and a better way to exchange data. A dual layer encryption is built in this system. Complex algorithm application in this system encrypts the message and embeds the encrypted data in an image technique using steganography. The standard email is also incorporated in this system.

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