Structural Engineering Project Topic on Steel

    Structural Engineering Project Topic on Steel Introduction:

Building be using steel material has become a major trend in all over the world because of many advantages that steel provide. Steel material has many properties that made him better than using concrete in building. Such like easy of formation as it is a very ductile material, also it is lighter than concrete and it also save time and in coast. 

Structural Engineering Project Topic on Steel

   The process of design using steel material is similar to other processes, it begins with study the design problem in all its dimensions, structurally, environmentally, coastally and its useful. Then the process of design begins by settling models and do calculations and feedback. Then finally get to the appropriate design by making trials. 

   In our project in designing the stadium covering platform for An-Najah university we take all factors into consideration. Several models have been made and the selection depend mainly in weight, so we take the lightest weight we get ( which is 1.4 Ton for each truss ), without neglecting the importance of all other factors. 

Problem definition : 

   Our problem summarized in which that we want to design a cover for An-Najah university stadium platform by using steel material ( grade 36), the structural model that we are allowed to use is ( TRUSS structure ). Several factors must be taken into consideration such as covering from the sun’s rays, drainage facility and other important factor. The most important factor is weight that we must take the lighter weight for economical purposes. 

   The determinants of the project are determined in the project paper.