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Welcome to 1000 Projects Civil Engineering Projects Section. Here We Provide a Complete Civil Engineering Master Of Technology ( Projects With a Specialization In Structural Engineering.

These are the below Civil Structural Projects available. Call or Mail us for more details about these B.E/B.Tech / M.E/M.Tech Projects

  1. Analysis of Jacketed Reinforced Concrete Columns under Axial Load using Finite Element Method
  2. Dynamic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Infill Subjected to Blast Loading according to IS 4991-1968
  3. Finite Element Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
  4. Parametric Investigation of Water Tank Design using Genetic Algorithms
  5. Impact of Shear Wall Placement on Lateral Load Performance of Building Frames
  6. Examination of Structural Behavior of Cable-Stayed Bridges with Different Deck Profiles
  7. Design and Analysis of Affordable Multi-Story Buildings using STAAD Pro
  8. Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Residential Multi-Story Buildings
  9. Seismic Analysis of Multi-Story Buildings with Symmetrical Plans in Earthquake Zones III
  10. Analysis and Design of Water Storage Tanks.
  11. Seismic Response Investigation of Multi-Story Buildings
  12. Analysis of Piled Raft Foundations with a Geo-Structural Approach
  13. Experimental Study of Concrete-Filled Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) Tubes
  14. Comparison of Analysis and Design between a Composite Structure and a Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structure
  15. Comparative Study of Optimizing the Super-Structural Design of Multi-Story Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  16. Comparison of Seismic Performance in Irregular Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  17. Design and Analysis of a G+12 Building with and without Floating Columns
  18. Assessment of Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Frames using Non-Linear Dynamic Approach
  19. Non-Linear Time History Analysis of Tall Buildings with Mass, Stiffness, and Vertical Irregularities
  20. Analysis and Design of Cooling Towers using STAAD Pro and ETABS
  21. Design and Analysis of Composite Steel Girders for Road Bridges
  22. Analysis of Box Culverts with Different Aspect Ratios of Cells
  23. Outrigger Structural System Analysis
  24. Analysis of Multistable Structures using Commercial Software
  25. Comparative Analytical Study of Seismic Response in Steel, Concrete, and Composite Buildings
  26. Analysis of Durability Parameters of Geopolymer Concrete using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS)
  27. Analysis of Piled Raft Foundations on Winkler’s Linear Spring Bed using SAP2000 with Piles Modeled as Nonlinear Springs and T-Z Approach
  28. Comparative Analytical Study of Seismic Response and Cost of Multi-Story (G+12) Reinforced Concrete, Steel, and Steel-Concrete Composite Buildings.
  29. Analyzing the Impact Loading Response of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Finite Element Analysis
  30. Examining the Buckling Behavior of Self-Stressed Concrete Columns Reinforced with PVA through Finite Element Analysis
  31. Assessing and Improving the Durability of Concrete Structures
  32. Evaluating the In-Situ Compressive Strength of Concrete with Brick Chips using the CAPO Test
  33. Comparing Structures with Different Infill Materials using ETABS
  34. Investigating the Flexural Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP
  35. Studying the Strength and Durability Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete
  36. Upgrading Corrosion-Damaged FRCM Structures through Retrofitting
  37. Utilizing Alkali Resistant Glass Fibers in Concrete
  38. Enhancing Concrete with Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber
  39. Designing RCC Bridges for Resilience against Flash Floods
  40. Developing Ultra High-Performance Concrete for High Strain Rate Impact Resistance
  41. Experimenting with Permeable Concrete using Recycled Aggregates
  42. Analyzing the Failure Mechanism of Steel-Concrete Composite Interface with Finite Element Analysis
  43. Assessing the Stability of Precast Retaining Walls with a Performance-Based Finite Element Approach
  44. Enhancing Confinement and Ductility of Circular Columns
  45. Investigating the Influence of Nano Silica and Nano Alumina on the Packing Density of Cement Paste.
  46. Simulating the Penetration of Projectiles on Concrete Panels Using Abaqus
  47. Investigating the Effects of Changing Box Cell Configuration in Double Box Cell Type Bridges
  48. Evaluating the Performance of Steel-Concrete Composite Bonded Specimens Under Slant Shear Loads
  49. Designing Multi-Storeyed Buildings Based on Performance
  50. Real-Time Monitoring of Steel Bar Corrosion in Concrete Using Piezoelectric Sensors
  51. Analyzing and Retrofitting RCC Buildings for Seismic Resistance Using Various Techniques
  52. Assessing Seismic Performance of RCC Box Girder Bridges with Different Support Conditions
  53. Analyzing the Stability of a Gravity Dam Using MATLAB Programming
  54. Examining Stress Concentration Issues in Girder Bridges
  55. Studying the Seismic Response of Horizontally Curved Bridges with Skewed Abutments
  56. Investigating Cost-Efficiency of Buildings in Different Indian Geographical Locations by Utilizing Concrete Wastes
  57. Analyzing the Types, Behaviors, and Designs of Retaining Wall Structures with Software
  58. Testing and Utilizing Concrete Block Technology Materials
  59. Utilizing Waste Foundry Sand in Concrete Paver Blocks
  60. Investigating the Remedies and Effects of Floods on Bricks and AAC Block Walls in Residential Buildings
  61. Seismically Analyzing Floating Column Buildings
  62. Examining Aerodynamic Instabilities in Cluster Buildings
  63. Optimizing Truss Bridge Cost through Analysis and Use of Hollow Sections
  64. Comparing the Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Square and Circular Steel Base Plates on Leveling Nuts using ANSYS
  65. Studying the Effect of Nano Silica and Nano Alumina on Ultra High-Performance Concrete
  66. Investigating the Effects of Corrosion on Reinforced Concrete with Steel Fiber and Mineral Admixture Additions
  67. Performing Finite Element Analysis of a Beam with a Corrugated Web for a Jib Crane
  68. Examining the Mechanical Behaviors of Confined Circular Columns
  69. Investigating the Mechanical Behaviors of Rectangular Beams
  70. Analyzing the Multi-Support Excitation of Steel I Girder Bridges Under Spatially Varied Earthquake Ground Motions
  71. Modeling Concrete’s Response to Blast Loading
  72. Investigating the Effects of Partially Replacing Cement and Sand with Biomaterial and Glass Waste in Concrete
  73. Assessing the Performance of Metal Foam Composite Panel Shear Walls
  74. Designing Pound Control for Elevated Bridges Under Seismic Excitation
  75. Examining the Response of Transmission Line-Tower Coupled Systems to Multi-Support Excitations
  76. Analyzing the Response of Underground Tunnels to Uniform and Multi-Support Excitations
  77. Modeling Soil-Track Interactions to Study Ground Vibrations for High-Speed Trains
  78. Studying the Stochastic Response of a Curved Dam to Spatial Varying Earthquake Ground Motions
  79. Investigating the Properties of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement with Sugarcane Bagasse Ash.

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