MCA Projects

MCA Projects available here are implemented in, java, Visual basic and C++, php . MCA final year students can use these topics as reference for mini and major projects. Students can download list of MCA Projects with documentation for free download.

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Design & Development of Educational Institutions Grievances Portal Project

Currently, there is a portal name Grievances portal similar to this. In the grievances, portal people can share their local problems and their solutions are provided by anyone. But in […]

College Campus Students and Faculty Activities Tracker Java Project

College Campus Activities Tracker deals with the tracking of both student and faculty performance and the activities done by them in and out of the college. This project can help […]

Fresh Online Grocery Ordering Website Project

Project Overview Fresh Online Grocery Ordering Website is an online web application for automating the process of ordering grocery products from suppliers and paying for them in advance. Therefore, there […]

Student Exams Backlog Management System Project using PHP & MySQL

The main aim and objective of the Backlog Management System project are to provide the subject Backlogs to the student in a college in a simple way with the help of PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL database web application. This project is useful for college students and educational institutions for getting the subject backlogs in simple manner. As a result analyzer with subject status is an application tool for displaying the Backlogs insecure way.

College Vehicle Security Management System CPP Project

The purpose of this College Vehicle Security Management System project SRS is to provide a detailed description of the development and operation of the college campus in and out management. It will illustrate the purpose and complete declaration for the development of software

Students and Teachers based College Notice board System Java Project

In the Students and Teachers based College Notice board System, we are providing role-based access rights to different users, that are students, teachers, and administrators in a college. In our College Notice board System Java project, the students and teachers can view all the Notices such as examination notices, marks notices, announcement notices, training and placement notice, schedule notices, etc

Online Medical Store or Pharmacy Shop Java Project with code

Here download the complete Online Medical Store or Pharmacy shop Java Project with code, Abstract Seminar, Project Report and how to run project user manual. The main aim of developing this project is to buy medicines online.

Movie Ticket Booking / Reservation System Java & MySQL Project Source Code & Report

Web-based Movie Ticket Booking/ Reservation System for cinema halls and multiplex movie theaters which can be accessed over the internet. Presently most movie lovers book their tickets via Paytm or Bookmyshow mobile apps and websites. This web project will automate the reservation of movie tickets and inquiries about the availability of the seats. This online java based application includes email confirmation for the movie tickets with seat numbers and movie time. This project was developed using Java & MySQL.