Bookstore Management System PHP MySQL Project

Purpose of Project

The main purpose of a Book-store Management System is to focus on the solution of all the problems related to the paperwork for different reasons. It provides a facility to handle all the activities in one place. With the help of this application, the admin can perform a different kinds of operations at the same time and place. Bookstore management System has the ability to keep records safe related to Books.  We provide the best service on our website or focus on user choice. We will improve the new feat so users can easily understand and trust our system.

Project Background

  • This Bookstore Management System Software allows the Admin to store the book details and the customer details.
  • Easier access to information like customer information and
  • Provide a facility for storing data to reduce the paperwork.
  • In Bookstore Management System Users can buy a book and Admin shows their name and another background of the user.
  • A new idea about Project how Bookstore Management System works.
  • To make a system computerized.

Scope of Project

  • The intentions of the Bookstore Management System are to reduce overtime pay and increase the number of records that can be treated accurately; Requirements statements in this document are both functional and non-functional.
  • Correct and Accurate Searching provides the result by applying the search operation.
  • Customers can book a book with just a few clicks.
  • Give flexibility to admin to use the database effectively and utilize the word, not pad, and calculator Unambiguous and understandable by all level facilities effectively.
  • Unambiguous and understandable at all levels.

Applicability of Project:

  • For customers who want to buy books anywhere or anytime.
  • Admin is applicable for insert books, list of books.
  • The database is used for storing and fetching data from or to the database so both users and admin can fetch or read data.

Requirement Specification

As per the Bookstore Management System Requirements, it contains two (2) Modules:

1)  Admin

2)  Client

Functionalities of Admin:

  • This Module includes the mainly following tasks:
    • Entry of Category.
    • Category List.
    • Add a New Book.
    • View Book.
    • View Message which Sends by Client.

Functionalities of Client:

  • This Module includes the mainly following tasks:
    • View Books.
    • Add books to Cart.
    • Search Books.
    • View or Add items to Cart.

Hardware requirement

  • System type 32-bit Operating System.
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Linux  Ubuntu / Light ubuntu
  • Mac OS
  • 350MB RAM

Software Requirement

  • Wamp Server
  • MySQL
  • Browser
  • PHPMyAdmin

Project Analysis and Planning

The Bookstore Management System is critical to set up online orders, for customers to browse through book categories. This is a small-scale project for Bookstore Management System. The basic idea is that customers can buy a book from anywhere at any time with cash through.


  • Users can Register, Login, Logout the system.
  • View different categories and books.
  • Contact with Admin
  • Add Books to Cart
  • Order Books


  • One or more users visit the web page at a time.


  • In any browser run this webpage.


  • It performs the webpage as per User’s operating system.


  • Admin can manage the system.
  • Provide books.


  • Admin can insert a book or manage the records.

Database Design & Structure Design

Various tables used in the System are as follows:

  1. Admin
  2. Book
  3. Category
  4. Contact
  5. Register
  6. Order


  • At first look, we can say that Bookstore Management System is a perfect system but it has many limitations that are as follow :
  • This is also used to list the category and books also manage the customer and books of the Bookstore.
  • The Bookstore Management System is used to give information about the Books to the customer.
  • We faced problems like Database creation, the Flow of our system, designing front-end and back-end tools, coding, etc.
  • Only a single user can use a system at a time.
  • In this system, we cannot add a service module.
  • We learned new languages like jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, etc.

Limitation of system


 Currently, the help feature is not available. Using this functionality users can get help with the system.


Currently, the feature of online payment is not available. Users cannot give payment online.


Multilingualism is not supported in our system. Therefore users cannot work in different languages.

Backup & Recovery:

Users cannot take the backup or recover the data in this system.

Many More Others.

Future Scope of the System

Help module

Using this module users can get help on how to access the system. All functionalities of the system are described in this module. And user can easily access the entire module using this feature.

Online payment module

User can do their payment online using this functionality. In the future, we will add an online payment to make payment easier for the user.


In this system we will add the multilingual therefore users can work in different languages and understand easily.

Input / Output Design

1. Home Page – Home Page of Bookstore Management System without logged-in User.
2. Selected Category – The detective Category is selected. Shows the Books of Detective Category.
3. Book Details (Before Login) – Book Detail for Visitors. Visitors Can’t add Books to Add to Cart.
4. Visitor Login Page – Login Page for Viewers.
5. Register Page – Register Page for Viewers.
6. Contact Us Page
7. Cart Page
8. Order Page – Only Cash On Delivery is Available for Orders.
9. Home Page (Logged In) – Automatically Navigation Bar Changed. The user Can Log Out.
10. Book Details (Logged In) – Users can Add Books To Add to the cart. Removed Sign in Link.
11. Add to Cart (Logged In) – Users Can add books to add to cart. Details of books and price. Click Recalculate to Qty, Rate, and Total will Calculate. Users can order Books.
12. Search Books – Book Search Feature.
13. Admin Login Page (New Template)
14. Admin Home Page – New Template.
15. Add Category (Admin)
16. View Category – List of Books.
17. Add Books.
18. View Books – List Books for Admin.
19. View Contacted List – List of People who Contacted using Contacted Page.
20. Users List
21. Forget the Password

Download the complete Bookstore Management System Php Project Source Code, Project report, and PPT.

Hotel Online Room Reservation System Project Proposal

Hotel businesses are one of the top-running businesses all over the world. The hotel business has emerged with massive growth over the last decades. Hotel industries are also one of the main reasons for tourism growth. The section of the service industry that deals with guest housing and lodging are the hotel business. Swagath Hotel is one of those hotel businesses for whom we are going to develop a system to make reservations for customers.

Swagath Hotel business is one of the hotel businesses using a manual system for hotel reservations, bill settlement, and others. Managing the task manually can be very hard and time-consuming. There comes the role of the Room reservation System. The room reservation system helps customers to reserve hotel rooms from anywhere at any time with the medium of the internet.

The room reservation system for this hotel works as the mechanism through which guests can create a secure online reservation. The Room management system is capable of handling various activities like Guest details, Reservation details, invoice details, and many more. This system provides good information sharing to both customers and staff of the hotel. The room reservation system will be the means to eliminate the manual system which then provide faster and more efficient operation in the hotel. The Room reservation system is also considered to offer an efficient, informative, and user-friendly website. Customers will be able to easily make accommodation reservations, for different types of rooms, and select rooms within their range simply by going to the hotel website.

Problem Statement

The problem that our system might face are:

  1. Lack of hotel and hotel website
  2. Inability to match guest
  3. As guests can arrive directly to hotels and reserve rooms and if the admin forgets to set the room reserved in the system it can create confusion and
  4. If the admin does not view the guest reservation and acknowledge them guests might have to wait for a long period to assure that their reservation is
  5. Guest cannot access every detail of the
  6. The guest does not know what the surrounding of the hotel looks
  7. A technical problem like a server down may be another


The room reservation system will be involved in the following actions:

  1. To avoid manual and repetitive
  2. To keep track of available rooms and
  3. To create a database where every customer’s detail is
  4. To secure all the data and records.
  5. To provide speed reservation and registration service.
  6. To retrieve records simply whenever
  7. To authorize the users to have access to the records.
  8. To generate a proper
  9. To inform the availability of rooms in real-time.
  10. To provide the ability to reserve rooms anytime from anywhere with an internet


For our project on the room reservation system, we will be using the waterfall method as it is easy to manage because of its rigidity.

Working Mechanism of the Room reservation system

Requirement identification

Study of the existing system

The current system of hotel management is fully based on paperwork. All the records of customers and rooms which are available in the hotel are managed by the hotel management through paper. There may be some problems or delays in allocating rooms and providing services by a human. Manually handling the hotel room records, customer details, and other management is hard and time-consuming. While all the records are kept in files they may get torn out, lost, or get damaged due to water or fire. Calculations done by staff may not be accurate sometimes. And even transferring the records or finding records is a big problem and also creates a mess. The manual system of room reservation is also time-consuming as a customer have to visit the hotel first and ask for available rooms then inspect those room then only if the customer like it, he will take the room or else he won’t and for all these processes cost a lot of time.

There are also many hotel booking websites but those websites create competition among the hotels. Those websites also create confusion for customers to choose between many hotels. Those websites may also charge some fee for linking up the hotel site. Those websites may also take paid promotions from the big hotels and refer only those hotels to the customers.

Disadvantages of the existing system:

  1. Time-consuming system for making reservations and recording
  2. Mixing of two or more customers
  3. Recording of data manually is not
  4. A lot of space can be taken from
  5. It may face the problem of human
  6. Possibility of losing customers
  7. Unwanted duplication of the record.
  8. Difficulty in maintaining file security and
  9. Easy access to guest information by unauthorized users.
  10. Reusing and retrieves of guest records are extremely difficult.

Requirement Collection

Functional requirement 

    1. The administrator can check the information of users.
    2. Users have to register and log in.
    3. The system accepts the user registration only if the required fields are
    4. Users can search and book rooms according to their
    5. Booking confirmation should be sent to the user’s email and
    6. Confirmation of room reservations should be stored in a
    7. Users can also cancel the booking without any
    8. The system will be able to display the available
    9. The system allows the customer to check the
    10. Displaying their charges and other

Non-Functional requirement

    1. It is easy to use, efficient, and
    2. It will be developed in such a way that the system is available both day and
    3. Any modification like insert, delete, update, etc. for the database can be synchronized quickly and can only be executed by the
    4. System payment will be accepted via various
    5. The system must recover easily from any kind of
    6. The system must be protected from unauthorized

Feasibility Study

A room reservation system is a system that is highly feasible for these kinds of hotels. This system is being developed after a high-level study of the entire system analysis and design process which helps the hotel in every aspect. The system being developed will be flexible to support the hotel to acquire more guests. There are three types of feasibility studies we kept in our mind for the development of the system for this hotel.

Technical feasibility

The proposed system of room reservation is very technically feasible as we are going to develop the system using existing technology. The required hardware and software for the development of the system are available. The software developed for the hotel management system is used in a client-server architecture where HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used as the front end and PHP is used as the back end for this project. With every knowledge of working with programming languages, we are going to develop the system.

Operational feasibility

The room reservation system is very feasible regarding the operation of the hotel reservation. The system is just an advancement of the manual system. The main purpose of the system is to provide an online reservation service to guests which is easy to operate and staff to handle that reservation easily. The system helps to promote the hotel and also creates a user-friendly environment for room booking that saves time. The system helps in recording the details and providing invoices for both guests and the staff without having to deal with time-consuming paperwork.

Economical feasibility

The system will help reduce the traditional record-keeping style which will eventually reduce the expense of hotels for registers and files. Keeping records in a digital format is less costly yet reliable. The system also does work alone which requires two or more people to do it. The cost for the development of the system is also one time cost as the system is reliable in the long run.

High-Level Design of System

(system flow chart/ methodology of the proposed system/ working mechanism of the proposed system)

ER diagram

Figure 1: ER diagram

The above figure is of ER diagram, this figure shows the relationship between one entity with another other. Here there are 5 entities with their respective attributes. The guest entity checks for the room while the reservation of the room is made if he/she likes the room. Reservation can only be made if the room is empty so reservation is a weak entity. Payment is allowed when the reservation is made. The employee manages the reservation and also is responsible to check if the payment has been received or not.

Use case

Figure 2: Use Case Diagram

In the figure above, the guest and admin are the actors, and gives are the actions performed by them in the system. Both of them have to log into the system for performing any task. The guest has to insert their details while booking the room which will be verified by the admin when the guest checks in at the hotel. Whenever the guest makes or cancels the reservation admin has to acknowledge it. Guests always check for the rooms before making a reservation. The guest receives the bill and the admin should provide him with the bill. Admin is responsible to establish room rates and also categorize the rooms.

Flowchart diagram

Figure 3: Flowchart diagram

The above diagram shows the flowchart of the user logging into the system for the reservation. When the guest visits the website, he/she sees the home page from where he/she can log in. If the guest is not registered in the database, he/she has to register first then only they can explore the room information given on the website. If he/she likes the room they check for its availability. If the room is available, they have to insert their details to confirm their reservation.

Expected Outcomes

When the project is completed then the users can register and log in to their account in this application and can easily book their choice of rooms in the hotel. This system also helps to minimize the work of the staff by digitally storing records. It also increases the reservations of the hotel. People can book rooms at the hotel from anywhere at any time. The invoices are printed within a second with full accuracy. From this system, we expect to introduce the hotel internationally. The well-developed website creates a user-friendly environment which makes it easy to use the website.

Online Cafe and Salon Management System Angular Project

During the Internship, Students worked on various static websites which include websites of café and event management companies. My internship also includes work on the Angular project Salon management system. This management system includes my main contributions in the registration portal, login portal, password changing portal, membership and offer cards, and other registration and contacts forms. This summer internship provided me with team experience and helped me in developing my skills in Web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students have worked with the development of the front end and design of a Company’s Website and Dashboard.

Overall, the Internship program helped me in different ways to grow my knowledge in my field and also gave me insight into how to work in a team with proper coordination and in a timely manner.


Working on these Cafe and Salon Management System projects has given us a wide opportunity to think, implement and interact with various aspects of computer technologies as well as learn new skills. One of the most fruitful benefits of working on this project is that we got a proper experience of working as a team, working on our assigned tasks, supervising and correlating with others, and management of the entire team with their tasks and completing the whole project.

I would also like to express our sincere thanks to our HOD and Course Directors, because of them we got the opportunity of having this group project as a subject in our current semester, and as a result, provided us the seed of execution of such a wonderful idea into action.

Overview of Projects

  • The Salon is a salon management system that has functions like admin management, customer tracking, and product shopping from the web.
  • The Café is a static site that has been designed for the users to get acknowledgment about the café. It has functionalities like booking tables, ordering online food, and menu details.


  • The objective of the salon management system: The Salon is to keep track of its daily expenses, customer, manage staff, and Publicity of its salon.
  • Static website Cafe management system which is designed also has the main objective of reaching more and more people through the help of the internet and making their marketing more strategic in the market.

Tools and Technologies

When the idea of making a web-based application came to our mind, the first thing that was required to be done was to gather information about the things that were required to be learned by us in order to make this project come to life. Hence after some brainstorming and group discussions, we followed the following figure and according to that learned the things in order.

After conducting this brainstorming and learning the process the tools and technologies that we had to use were as follows:

For Salon:

  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • Stackoverflow (to learn about our software requirements)
  • GitHub (to learn about our topic)

For Static Website (The Cafe): 

  • Html
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap


  • Visual Studio Code

Roles and Responsibility

  • Contributed to the making of a few modules for the Salon which includes modules like registering customers, forgetting passwords, and reset
  • Also contributed to live project

Implementation Environment:

 The backbone and the main aspect of the software side of the project were to run the HTML code, perform the JavaScript and make the site more user-friendly by adding CSS. So the implementation was carried out in such a way that the correlation of different files would be done easily. Hence, the use of an IDE was a must. Initially, we thought of using IntelliJ IDEA but the idea was dropped later on and we began working with the visual studio code 2020.

Sometimes to organize we even had to use some text editors like sublime text, atom, etc. Implementation of the code was done altogether after we researched and sorted the image data that we obtained. The basic approach that we used was the partial compilation method and went on integrating the small amount of the code into larger ones, module by module.


 In the end, we would just like to briefly explain how this project helped us to excel at our own best level and made us learn a lot of new things, technologies, and team management. And also implement all of the skills that we previously acquired or learned later on as a part of the completion of the project. Moreover, this project helped us to learn about the real scenarios of working in a team for real tasks and to cope with deadlines, quality management, and each and every aspect of the project. This project gave us the motivation to think differently and express our own ideas to implement them. Also, it taught us how to deal with errors, quality-related, time-related, and other management-related problems.

Most importantly with the medium of this project, we learned Many new skills, ranging from soft skills to technical skills. Qualities related to management, problem-saving time saving, etc. were also learned by us. We tried to make an honest solution for people out there facing problems and learned how all the skills combined: with the help of a perfect team and proper management along with proper skills is the key to providing the solution to any possible problems out there. And we believe that we did a great job implementing all our knowledge, and are grateful to present this execution of one such idea.

Thanking all those who helped us in a big or a small way with this project. Every contribution that has been given is very valuable to us and is the true reason for this project to stand out as a pioneer-based preliminary project and success of this project. With that being notified we heartily present our project and welcome all suggestions or improvements with open hands.

Library Management System Using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and MySQL


The Library Management System is an application to manage various tasks such as check out and check in of books, adding the borrowers, and fine management of the books.


1. Search Books based on keywords.
2. Select the book and checkout if available.
3. Check in the book.
4. Pay fines for books checked in after the due date.
5. Add borrowers.


To implement the system, various schemas were built which are described below:

1. Book
The book table contains the ISBN, title, and availability of the book. Here, ISBN acts as the primary key of the table.
2. Book Authors
The Book_Authors table contains the Author_id and ISBN number of the book written by the author. Here, Author_id and ISBN act as the primary key.
3. Authors
The Authors table contains the Author_id and name of the author. Here, Author_id is the primary key.
4. Borrower
The Borrower table contains the card_id, SSN, Name, Address, and phone number of the Borrower. Here, card_id is the primary key.
5. Book Loans
The Book_Loans table contains the Loan_id, ISBN, Card_Id, Date_out, Due_date, and Date_in of the book loans. Here, Loan_id is the primary key.
6. Fines
The Fines table contains the Loan_id and Fine_Amount of the book loans. Here, Loan_id is the primary key.

The application is built on MVC (Model View Control) Architecture.

Libraries and Software Used

Software Used: Wamp(Apache, MySQL, PHP)
Database: MySQL
Language: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL
Libraries: Bootstrap

User Manual

There are 4 navigation links on the index/home page. The following are the functionalities of each tab:

1. Search Books

The user can search books from the database by typing the keywords into the search box provided and clicking the search button. If the keyword matches the records in the database, the result is displayed in tabular format. On clicking the row of the table, the user can proceed to checkout if the book is available by providing the card id.

2. Check in Books

First, the user needs to search for the record by providing the keyword in the search box and clicking the search button. After the results are fetched, on selecting the required row, the user can check in the book.

3. Pay Fines

On clicking the refresh button, the user can see the total summed fines of the borrower based on their card id. On clicking the required row, the user can pay the fines.

4. Add Borrower

By filling out the form and clicking on submit button, the user can add a borrower to the database.

Download Library Management System Project Using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL.

Students Solution an E-learning-based platform Project

The project Students Solution is a website that is an E-learning-based platform project and it will help the first-year students of B.Tech (All Branches). In this, we will build a Students Solution site. After creating the Students Solution site, you will be able to take notes for your corresponding subjects which were provided by the developers, and you are also able to practice your basic knowledge with the help of a quiz Which was in this website we also provide some blogs which were helpful to motivate students for deeper knowledge and extracurricular activities.

This technology helps you to provide the best notes on your subject bases and gives extra knowledge along with your course.

It provides a convenient solution to the traditional notes-making system. We follow a modular approach to learning through our website.

About the Project

This Students Solution project aims to make a website for first-year students of our university. This is an e-learning website where first-year students of our university will get ready-made notes. Our website “Students Solution” is to automate the existing manual system with help of ready-made notes, fulfilling first-year students’ requirements so that they can receive a valuable education. This means no need to worry about making handwritten notes. And they can utilize their time up to the maximum. It is a need for time to switch to e-learning.


When we joined the university we faced a lot in our very first year due to a lack of proper subject material and guidance after class. So we are thinking of developing a “Students Solution” website where first-year students of our university will get all the subject notes and materials.

To help the first-year students we are working on this project “Students Solution” so that they can feel free and study well.


The main objectives of creating the Students Solution, We will provide all the notes regarding your subject and quizzes regarding that particular subject which provide you the basic knowledge of that particular subject and we will also give vlogs to fresher’s to motivate themselves for extracurricular activities.

The main objectives are :

  • To provide a quality-based education.
  • To provide ready-made notes.
  • I-Q Test

Implementation Details

Part 1: To build a Backend of the website in which notes are to be attached.
Part 2: Develop a site for quizzes regarding that particular subject.
Part 3: To build the information of developers.
Part 4: Provide vlogs to motivate students for extracurricular activities.


  • We will add video lectures.
  • Live classes would be there.
  • We provide all the material for different disciplines.
  • The test series will be there.
  • Gaming will be there for entertainment.


Software Requirements (Minimum):

  • Windows 10
  • Visual Code Studio
  • Xampp


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

Design & Development of Educational Institutions Grievances Portal Project

Currently, there is a portal name Grievances portal similar to this. In the grievances, portal people can share their local problems and their solutions are provided by anyone. But in our portal people can share problems of any region and they are taken up by colleges of the region facing problems. This helps several institutes to work collaboratively on a large scale.


This Educational Institutions Grievances Portal Project report gives a scope description and overview of everything included in the Project Report.

The following is the overview:


The purpose of this report is to give a detailed description of finding and solving common issues with educational institutions. It will illustrate the complete declaration and purpose for the development of the system. It will illustrate an interaction, constraints, and interface between different users of the system.

System Overview:

This Grievances Portal Project takes the problems faced by students of a particular institute as input in the form of upvotes or posting a problem. All users have to log in using Google authentication facebook or any social media platform. This helps to keep the track of users participating.

The institute first has to register so that it is possible to keep a track of which colleges are participating. All the passwords of institutes are encoded using ​md5 ​and the colleges can then take up the problems about a particular locality and can do collaborative projects to solve them.

The solutions are generally provided in the form of videos which is easily understandable to the local public. But before posting solutions, the colleges have to first check for the authenticity of the problems. They can mark any solution as duplicate or bogus.

This ensures any unrelevant problems from reaching admin and the system is thus maintained. Finally, a report is generated in the form of an excel sheet that helps the admin to know the problems existing in our country. This file can be downloaded as well.

Model of Solution:


The Grievances Portal Project aims for semantic text/web page classifications. It provides a better and more comprehensible platform for posting college-level problems and finding solutions. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

Objective / Future scope:

● Define a mechanism to decide ​the count of votes needed to approve an issue
● Once voting is closed for an issue i.e. when the issue is upvoted by the number of users count of votes needed to approve an issue, then the upvote facility will be closed and the system immediately sends a notification to all the related institutes.
● There should be a way to maintain “Reputed Institutes”
● Admin should be able to see which Institutes are working on that problem.
● Each problem should have a thread on which registered users may discuss its solution or upvote or downvote the solutions also.
● The emails of users sending “bogus approved issues” may be blocked when marked as bogus as colleges​

Functional and non-functional requirements:

Grievances Portal Project website there three types of users:

● Citizens
● Institute
● Admin

All users get the same view of the website with similar functionalities but they all perform different tasks.

Functional Requirements:

User Functions

1. Sign Up
2. Can change his/her profile
3. To add an issue
4. Users may also look for issues in any region
5. Can visit a problem description directly through a URL and upvote for it.
6. Users cannot upvote the same issue more than once.
7. Will be notified through email to approve if any solution is available for any of the problems he has upvoted for.

Institute Functions

1. Institutes will have a login

2. After login they will be able to see the issues of ​their region only​ like

a. Unsolved issues (approved)
b. Issues with solutions

System Functions

1. Knows list of Institutes per district
2. Gets added issues and stores
3. Keeps a track of upvotes per issue – Once upvotes reach a ​threshold ​the issue is notified to all the Institutes in that region or district via email. (Institutes can see approved issues of their region via their login as well).

  • Problems of a district may be shown to that region instead of that district
  • Institutes of nearby districts may fall under the same region.
  • Or simply it can be forwarded to the Institutes falling in the same district.

4. Once an Institute submits a solution, the system notifies all the users who upvoted for that issue. So that they may approve the solution.

5. Will know how many solutions an Institute has provided. It means how many of them are solved issues.
6. Long pending issues should be notified to UGC who then will notify the Institutes
7. Institute should be notified when its solution is approved.

Administrator Function

Reports to be generated

The technology stack used:

Backend: PHP.
Frontend: Html, Jquery, javascript, Ajax, bootstrap.

Implementation strategy:

1. Initially, the whole template was designed to suit our requirements.
2. Bootstrap was used for the development of the template of this website (SB Admin 2)
3. All pages were then linked which made the division of work easier.
4. The whole backend was made using PHP.
5. There were various event listeners used in this system like on focus, click, change, etc., which were implemented using JS and Jquery.
6. Almost all pages had the same page refresh and reload for which we have used AJAX.


1. Our team has completed a Web Application
2. Product Design was a crucial point in the development
3. We now have a complete understanding of how a website works from start to end
4. We learned a new language – AJAX. We also strengthened our knowledge in PHP, JS, and Jquery.
5. Most importantly, we learned how to work in a team.
6. The future scope of our specified in the Goals -> Objectives section.

Development of Medical Store Management System Java Project

Project Aim:

The main goal of the development of this project on the Medical Store Management System is to manage the details of Medical Shop, Medicines and its stocks and price, Supplier details. This project manages all the info about Medical shops, Sells, Products, and Inventory. It tracks all the details about the Suppliers, Medicines, Sales, and Stocks. This is a Java web application that used database management concepts.

Project Scope:

It helps in current all works relative to Medical Store Management System. The first subsystem is a Supplier which has all the details of all the suppliers of a particular Medical Shop. The second subsystem is Medicines. The third subsystem is Reports which generates reports for all suppliers and the pharmacists. This Medical Store Java project aims at Business process automation, i.e. I have tried to computerize the various process of the Medical Store Management System.


This Medical Store project implementation is done in java language which consists of several classes as mentioned below to perform several operations.

Medical Store Management System Home Screen



Allows the administrator to login into the Medical Store Management System software with a valid user id and password

Main Menu

Allows the administrator to add a new supplier and medicine, update or search or delete the suppliers, view the supplier’s list, view the stock of medicines, view supplier-wise medicine report, to view the daily purchase report.

Add New Supplier

Allows the administrator to add a new supplier

Add New Medicines

Allows the administrator to add the new medicines

Search Supplier

Allows the administrator to search the suppliers with the supplier id or supplier name

Search Medicine

Allows the administrator to search the medicines with the Medicine batch number or Medicine name

Delete Supplier

Allows the administrator to delete the record of the existing supplier

Delete Medicine

Allows the administrator to delete the record of the existing medicines

Update Supplier

Allows the administrator to update the record of the existing suppliers

Update Medicines

Allows the administrator to update the record of the existing medicines

Supplier List

Allows the administrator to view the records of the existing suppliers

Medicine List

Allows the administrator to view the records of the medicines

Supplier Wise Medicine List

Allows the administrator to view the records of the Medicines by entering the Supplier name

Daily Purchase Report

Allows the administrator to view the records of the medicines by entering the Medicine Purchase Date


Allows the administrator to view the details of the Medical Store Management System

Download the Complete project code, Project Report, and Paper Presentation on Medical Store Management System on Github

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College Campus Students and Faculty Activities Tracker Java Project

College Campus Activities Tracker deals with the tracking of both student and faculty performance and the activities done by them in and out of the college. This project can help us to know all the activities happening in the college campus area and even get to know who has scheduled the activity. Different certificates of the students based on their performance are generated department-wise and academic year-wise.

Our Students and Faculty Activities Tracker system has two users, faculty and student.

The student will upload their certificates that they have participated in other colleges and the faculty will schedule the activity and upload the respective student’s certificates to those who have participated in the activity.

College Activities Tracker is a java web application that will allow the users (both faculty and students) to upload their documents and intimating each activity (hackathon, workshops, competitions) that they participate in and out of the college with certifications as proof.

And it should also allow the user to register for ongoing or upcoming events through the form and after registration, A successfully registered message should be sent to the user to their corresponding phone number. The faculty must be allowed to check or keep track of student and faculty performance and previews the data student-wise, faculty, wise, section-wise, department-wise, event-wise, and duration wise. And faculty should be allowed to add/update the upcoming event happening in the college.

Results Page of College Activities Tracker


College Campus Students and Faculty Activities Tracker is an application that will aid users in uploading their Documents and intimating each activity that they perform in and out of the college with Certifications as proof.

This is a centralized system that keeps track of students and faculty activities and previews the data student-wise, faculty-wise, section-wise, Department wise, Event wise, and Duration wise. It is mainly used to maintain the data for Department’s weekly report.

Modules of the Project

We have three modules in our Activities Tracker Java Project.

● Admin
● Student
● Faculty


Software Requirement:

1. Language – Java (JDK 1.7)
2. OS – Windows 7- 32bit
3. MySql Server
5. JSP

Fresh Online Grocery Ordering Website Project

Project Overview

Fresh Online Grocery Ordering Website is an online web application for automating the process of ordering grocery products from suppliers and paying for them in advance. Therefore, there is no need for the suppliers to wait for a long time and pay in cash at the time of delivery. This system also helps farmers to sell their products through this system.

The current Grocery Ordering system is not much efficient and can lead to a major waste of time as the supplier needs to wait for a long period. The main purpose to design this Online Grocery Ordering application is to provide an environment where the users will be able to order products from a supplier and pay in advance.

To what extent the system is proposed?

The proposed Grocery Ordering system automates the manual process of users the shop owners which can be used for ordering products from suppliers online and farmers visiting the shop with their products for selling and physically paying for the products with cash by introducing an online automated system that sends product requests online. The current system is not much efficient and can lead to a major waste of time as the supplier needs to wait for a long period. The main purpose to design this application is to provide an environment where users will be able to order products from a supplier and pay in advance.

Specify the Viewers/Public who is to be involved in the System?

The Viewers/Public that are mainly involved in this system include staff, suppliers, and farmers. The staff, suppliers, and farmers can also register to this system with valid information. They can buy/sell products and also include payments

List the Modules included in your Grocery Ordering System?

The system includes 4 modules. They are:

• Admin Module

Admin is the one who does the staff and supplier registration and approves or rejects the leave request of staff and farmer’s product request, publishing notifications to the users, fulfilling staff and farmer’s product requests, and can view and block and unblocking of existing users. Admin can do a secure payment for their products through the online payment system. Admin can also view their request status from Suppliers and notifications from the Staff. Admin can approve or reject the leave requests as well as admin can view the existing products and order the products and view the status of the ordered products.

• Staff Module

The staff can view the current stock and update the stock. After product stock reaches a critical value the staff can issue a notification to the admin. Staff can send leave requests and see the status of the requested leave and also
able to update their profile.

• Supplier Module

The suppliers can view and update their profile as well as their stock.
Suppliers can add new products and can view product requests send by shop owner/admin and process orders. Suppliers can get a secure payment for their products through the online payment system.

• Farmer Module

The farmer can send a request for selling their products through that shop.

Farmers can see the status of product requests send to the admin as well as can view and update their profile. Farmers also can get a secure payment for their products through the online payment systems and can also view their
request status and notifications from the admin.

Sequence Diagrams for the Project:

Farmer Supplier Sequence Diagram Online Grocery Ordering system Online Grocery Ordering Farmer Admin Sequence Diagram

Identify the users in your project?

The main users of this project include:

  • Admin who controls and coordinates the entire activities of the system including provisioning users to buy/sell their products and responding to requests from farmers.
  • Staff who manages the day-to-day activities of a grocery shop including updating seller stock and logging and maintaining transactions to and from the grocery shop.
  • A supplier who processes the order that was made by the admin.
  • The farmer who requests products online.

Who owns the system?

The owner of Online Grocery Ordering is the grocery shop in which the system is implemented. A system administrator is appointed by the organization for managing and coordinating the system activities.

The system is related to which firm/industry/organization?

Online Grocery Ordering is a grocery shop management system and it is associated with a grocery shop in which the system is implemented.

Details of the person that you have contacted for data collection?

Questionnaire to collect details about the project? (min 10 questions, include descriptive answers, attach additional docs (e.g. Bill receipts, certificate models) if any?)

1. Is there any discount streams available?
Several discounts are available for a range of products if the customers purchase products in a bulk range.

2. Is there any products available in your shop other than grocery items?
Yes, we also sell products including vegetables and fruits as well as sweets.

3. Is there any wholesale products in your shop available?
Yes, we provide products for wholesale.

4. Which among the products are most frequently sold out?
Sugar, cerials, vegetables.

5. How do you maintain the records of day-to-day transactions? What all features do you expect if this system gets automated?

6. How do you keep track of inventory?

7. How do you transport your groceries?

We use paper bags for the transportation of products.

8. What are the pricing strategies that you follow for selling your products?

It depends on the market value/price.

9. Is your supplier responsible for restocking?

Yes, our supplier is responsible for restocking, if the products meet their time limit.

10. How do the details and contacts of suppliers maintained?

The details and contact of suppliers are maintained in records physically.

Download the complete Grocery Inventory Management System PHP & MySQL Project.

Student Exams Backlog Management System Project using PHP & MySQL

The main aim and objective of the Backlog Management System project are to provide the subject Backlogs to the student in a college in a simple way with the help of PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL database web applications. This project is useful for college students and educational institutions for getting the subject backlogs in a simple manner. As a result analyzer with subject status is an application tool for displaying the Backlogs insecure way.

The Backlog Management System is intended for the students and Faculty. The whole Student failed subjects analysis system analyzer will be under the control of the administrator and the admin has full privileges to read, write and execute the failed exams or Backlogs. And admin gives privileges to the Faculty and student and the guest user to access the reports.

  • Provides the search facilities based on various factors such as subject-wise backlogs, student-wise backlogs, department-wise backlogs, and Total backlogs.
  • Backlog Management System also manages Regulation details, department details, subject details, and academic year details.
  • It tracks the information on students, regulations, departments, semesters, and academic years.
  • Adding, viewing, Editing, and Deleting operations of records are improved.

Background of the System

The background of the Backlog Management System problem is that all the records are maintained manually at the time of results being released. In this case, there may be a chance to mislead students by changing their record values. So that valuable student data/information can be stored for a longer period of time with easy access and manipulation can be done. Basically, the Student Subject Backlog Management System project describes how to manage for good performance and better services to the users.

Purpose and Scope


The purpose of this system is to maintain the details of the Backlogs of all students for their external or final examinations which are conducted by the university in the college. This system is managed by the staff of the department. Staff updates the backlog of student details along with course details for example Regulations, Department, Subject codes, Subject names, etc. The subject backlog of all students can be viewed manually. This system generates the reports of the students like subject wise, roll number wise & cumulative. In this case, faculty and students can check the details whenever they needed.


This web-based Backlog System application will manage the information about various students enrolled in this course in different years, the subjects offered during different semesters of the department the backlogs obtained by the various students in various subjects in different semesters. The application will greatly simplify and store the details. Retrieve the particular student information accurately and efficiently

System Analysis

Existing System

 In this system backlogs of all students can be viewed manually at the time of results are released. In this case, there may be a chance to mislead students by changing their record values.

Proposed System

 This proposed system maintains the backlog of subjects and details of all students. This system generates the reports of the students like subject wise, roll number wise & cumulative. When the students clear their backlogs they remove from this system.

  • Students can monitor their backlog subjects.
  • No need to maintain manual reports.
  • All the staff members can view the backlog of student data based on their requirements.
  • Staff can analyze which subjects are frequently failed by students.
Requirement Analysis

 The project is to provide Backlogs to the student in a simple way. This project is useful for students and educational institutions for getting the Backlogs in a simple manner. As a result analyzer with subject status is an application tool for displaying the Backlogs insecure way. So that valuable student data/information can be stored for a longer period of time with easy access and manipulation can be done. Basically, the project describes how to manage for good performance and better services to the users.

Module Division

This system contains two modules namely:

Admin Module

Admin performs the basic tasks of Add/View/Delete Regulation, Subjects, and Backlogs of students. And generate the reports student-wise, subject-wise, department-wise, and cumulative.

User Module

User Faculty can search different types of reports such as student wise, subject wise, department wise, and cumulative. User Student can search their Backlogs using valid roll numbers.

Conclusion and Future Work

The project “Backlog Management System” is a PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL web portal that is useful to store the details of Backlogs. This system is managed by the staff of the department. Staff updates the backlog of student details along with course details for example Regulations, Department, Subject codes, Subject names, etc. So that valuable student data/information can be stored for a longer period of time with easy access and manipulation can be done. This project is useful for students and educational institutions for getting the Backlogs in a simple manner.

This Final Year academic project generates the reports of the students subject-wise, roll number wise & cumulative. Finally, staff can analyze which subjects are frequently failed by students. In this case, faculty and students can check the Backlogs whenever they needed.