Online Rental System or Universal Rental Capture .Net Project

Download the complete Online Rental System or Universal Rental Capture .Net Project code, Full Report, PPT.


It will make web implementation different for different cities. Instead of delivering products from a single rental exhibition, these visits act as mediators between the user and the owner of the rental exhibition. There is no prohibited sale to our customers on our website. Rental show owners want to launch their product on our website and then they can easily register on our website with personal information and credit card numbers.


The application provides the supplier with additional repair services to repair or remove their products. Customers do not need to register on our site with just one request and location instructions on our site. We are responsible for communication between customers and suppliers and maintain the database. It also has an ecological module that accepts customer feedback. The application provides another function in “Transport Services”.

There are many online rental systems. But not all products are available in one place. At the same time, many are trapped in the same city. This means that the car rental system is only implemented in online transactions with cars. At the same time, many of them do not provide the right relationship between the customer and the supplier. At the same time, existing rental systems are limited to a supplier, which means that products are available in the rental space.

 Existing System:

If someone wants to buy a house in a particular city from their home, how is that possible? If you go to another city, but if you want to rent a product before you reach your goal, how is that possible? So the answer to these questions is through our website.

There are many marketing systems online. But not all products are available in one place. At the same time, many are trapped in the same city. This means that the car rental system is only implemented in online transactions with cars. At the same time, many of them do not provide the right relationship between the customer and the supplier. At the same time, existing rental systems are limited to a supplier, which means that products are available in the rental showroom..

Draw backs:

  • It is limited to individual products and cities.
  • Tune There is no good relationship between user and supplier.
  • Products are limited to a room in the exhibition rental area..


A basic system is a web-based system that customers can use anywhere in the world. The system can deliver more products in stores in different locations.

The direct market enters into the system with this system without a targeted approach. You can pay to advertise your rental product by announcing your credit card number.

The proposed system can accept all types of rental products, compatible with the system broker so that sellers upload their product images to the system. The customer communicates directly with this product image and receives relevant information about the rental product.

The proposed system receives an online request from the customer to have the trading system deliver each product for its intended purpose. Here plays an important role. The administrator can obtain product information for each product and specific vendors using this system..


  1. Registration
  2. Advertise product
  3. Data base maintenance
  4. Searching and Booking the product
  5. Verify Bookings and Intimate to Vendor
  6. Authentication

Vendor Registration Module:

Marketers complement the web by providing personal information and the type of success. 

Advertise Products Module:

Once you have entered the link to the sales page, you will sell your product and add a product form and provide relevant information about the product, such as identification tag, availability date, rents, etc. and save the product image..

It consists of following sub modules:

  1. Update Product
  2. Delete Product 

Update Product Module:

The supplier can update existing product information, such as rental agreement, date of preparation, etc. through product identification. 

Delete Product Module:

The seller can destroy his existing product by identifying the product. 

Data base maintenance Module:

Information provided by the company, such as product information, personal information, etc. And client-supplied data, such as answers and book information, will be stored in a database of webmasters.

Searching and Booking the products Module:

The customer, when he arrives at the place where he or she is looking for a product, if he or she receives the required product, just fill out the booking form and use the database..

Verify Bookings and Intimate to Vendo Moduler:

The administrator after logging into the site verifies the client for the latest books. You must then send all the book information to the seller.

Authentication Module:

Authentication is nothing more than to guarantee system security. Here everyone has to log in to the system login page. The login page blocks users with UN approval. The user must provide their login details such as ID and password to access the system. For this reason, the system protects all users’ data. When a user enters an ID and password, they verify the user’s presence in the database. If there is a user, they can be treated as a valid user. Otherwise, the request will be postponed.

Software Requirements:

Database : SQL Server 2008

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2012

Code: C#.Net

Download The below attached Full Project Source Code, Project Report, Output screens.

Development of Online College Yearbook Java Project

The main aim & objective of development of Online College Yearbook java project is to provide an online platform to the college management, Staff and student alumni.

With the help of this project Students & Staff can able see the tasks & achievements done in previous years.

Statement of Problem:

Every year, for each institution it is a part of the curriculum to showcase the tasks, achievements completed by students and teachers, manually, it is not suitable and chores take longer time to prepare.


For the IT department, in our college we want to develop a website which helps in uploading, updating the required information in any form.

This provides accessibility, privacy and is user-friendly as well. With each academic year passing by, new information can be added as per requirement.

Scope of Work:

This project Development of online college yearbook is developed based on MySQL, Java, HTML, and CSS.

Mainly this project focuses on providing information regarding the achievements of the IT department every year.

The below youtube video is the total output demo of the online college yearbook project.


This Java project consists of 3 major modules


  • Admin Login with Username & Password
  • Add & View Teacher Achievements
  • Add & View Student Achievements
  • Logout


  • Teacher Register with his/her details
  • Login with Username & Password
  • Update Profile
  • View Achievements
  • Logout


  • Register
  • Login
  • Update Profile
  • View Achievements
  • Logout

Activity Diagram:

UML - Activity Diagram

Other Related projects on the College Management System:

Output Screens Details:

Home Page:

Development of College Yearbook Home Page
Home Page

Registration Page:

Development of College Yearbook User Registration Page
User Registration Page

Login Page:

Development of College Yearbook Login Page
Login Page

Admin Home:

Add Teacher Achievements

View Teacher Achievements

College Yearbook View Teacher Achievements output
View Teacher Achievements

Update Teacher Achievements

Add Student Achievements

View Student Achievements

Update Student Achievements

Teacher Home Page

Teacher Update Profile Page

View Teacher Achievements

View Students Achievements

Student Home

Update Profile

View Students Achievements

View Teacher Achievements

View Teacher Achievements Page
View Teacher Achievements

Download the below attached Project Source Code of College Yearbook system.

Software requirements to run/execute the project:

  • JAVA (Servlets, JSP)
  • NetBeans 8.1
  • JDK 1.7
  • MySQL 5.5
  • SQLYog
  • HTML
  • JavaScript and CSS

Dance Studio Web Project Synopsis


This project Dance Studio is an online website which provides a platform for all age groups to learn and excel in the most amazing and loved field called Dance. It has various famous choreographers available to train the candidates.

It also provides a safe and fun environment that allows every individual in developing skills. Here candidates are given opportunities to take part in various competitions in the studio.

It has some features like:

  • Candidates can register online for their desired dance forms.
  • It has two types of service which are at the studio and at home.
  • There is a limited number of registrations are done under each choreographer.
  • This studio also gives rewards and appreciation for all the winners and also provides a costume for all the candidates.
  • It displays calendar blocked (if two or more candidates register for the same choreographer, at the same time for different locations).

The registered candidates will receive confirmation SMS with required details of choreographer on the registered mobile number but the registration gets canceled if the candidate fails to submit the form within 30 minutes.

Hence, valuable suggestions and comments of all candidates are solicited. The feedback will certainly help us in further improving the studio in the future.

Software Requirements : JAVA, MYSQL, HTML

Student Repository System Java Project


žThe main objective of this Repository system application is to store all the details of the students permanently by using the one-time registration process.

žThe students can register their details at once and they get one unique id which is useful to fetch their details to any application automatically.

Present Working System

žIn the existing repository system, the students have to enter their details every time whenever they required for filling the application.

ž It is time-consuming and sometimes there is a chance of misplacement of data.

To Be Proposed

žIn the proposed repository system the students no need to enter their details every time.

žBy using their unique registration id the details are automatically fetched to the application only extra details required are to be entered.

žThe students can update their details in the existed profile whenever they required.

žIt is the user-friendly environment and less time-consuming.


The proposed repository system has two modules:


  • žAdministrator can store and manage all the details of registered students.
  • žProvides the functionalities that the student can fetch their details whenever required.
  • žAdmin maintains the entire application who is responsible for the activities that are performed in the system.


  • žThe student can log in into the system with their login details.
  • žThey can add, delete and modify the existed details in the system.
  • žThe student gets the notification any activity is performed in the system.

Repository system is a Java-based project, Its like one time registration application in this students can register all their details one time and they will get one id using that if they can apply any application form like job purpose, certificates purpose like that they can utilize that id, if they enter that id automatically the details related to that fields fetched and extra details to be filled by the student.

and one thing is the photo and signature are also to be saved in a file and those also to be fetched automatically whenever required.

This project developed by using Java, NetBeans7.4, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Employee Management System Project Synopsis

Project Description: Employee Management System is a program to automate or computerize all employee management operations.

Generally, every company has different departments (for example, Accounts/Admin/Human Resource/Technical/Vendors etc). For our project, consider the following departments. Due to the limited time, for our project, we will not be implementing the features of Vendors department.

Employee Management System is open to admins, HRs, Managers, and regular employees. Among all users, only the admins have all privileges to access all the information of EMS. So the admins will insert, update, remove the employees, departments, generate reports and whereas other users will have limited roles. Once the user’s login they can perform few tasks specific to their role.

Employee information can be modified by either Admin, Managers or by the employee himself/herself. Suppose if we want to keep track of a list of all changes made to an employee profile, we need to maintain logs.

Reports for employee management system are categorized into different types based on roles.

Note: To make concepts simple, assume that we are storing all the information in binary files.

Project’s Detailed Description:

1) Objective/ Vision:

This project is aimed at developing Employee Management System that allows to automate or computerize all employee management operations

2) Users of the System:

  • Admins
  • Regular Employees
  • HRs
  • Accountants
  • Managers

3) Functional requirements

  • Create initial setup which includes: Generating company information (includes creating departments, company history, CEOs information etc..) Generating employee information (adding/deleting/updating employee information, feedback’s, salaries) Generating unique employee ID for each employee
  • User management
  • Role-based user menus
  • Generating Reports

4) Non-functional requirements

  • Simple UI
  • Generic Coding

5) User interface priorities: console
6) Reports to be generated:

  • Reports for Admins
  • Reports for Regular Employees
  • Reports for HRs
  • Reports for Accountants
  • Reports for Managers

7) Technologies to be used:

C, and binary Files for storing data

8) Tools to be Used:

Dev C++

9) Final Deliverable must include:

  • Create initial setup mentioned as above
  • User management
  • Role-based user menus
  • Reports