Gated Communities Java Project,Code and Paper Presentation

Gated communities(java Project)  are neighborhoods enclosed by walls or fences, and providing services to members in that community. In those services we can provide online food services, marketing, travel agency…..etc. Some gated communities may even have their own places of worship.

Gated communities exist throughout the United States. Gated communities are designed to providing services and maintaining the database about the homes and apartments are located. There are a number of reasons that individuals from all walks of life may choose to live within the enclosures of a gated community.


Gated communities are not reserved for the upper class and the wealthy or for the most affluent of cities. Gated communities can be found in many towns in every state. In USA Today, it was estimated that nearly seven million families lived in gated communities, and four million of these families lived in a community where it was impossible to gain access without some sort of security clearance.

Residents of gated communities may own their own home, or they may rent from someone else. Residents of gated communities represent all different racial groups.

Scope of the system 

This final year cse project can be used by any gated way community which wants to maintain the database and utilize the various services provided by the application. In order to reduce the manual work and view the services which are provided by our website. 


 Objective of the project 

  • The main aim of this Gated community computer science project is to create a web application which maintains the Database and the information about various services which can be useful for various gated way communities.
  • Vast information is maintained in this system so as to provide all the details of services.
  • Online service is purely an web application and lot of efforts is put to make it as user friendly.
  • Reduce the wastage and time of the users/visitors by going and enquiring manually.


As mentioned above, the existing system is facing the problems as the person needs approach the location to report his problem/complaint. So the GCS system can overcome this problem so that the users can post their queries and get them solved with in a quick time.

download Project Report, project Code and  paper presentation  of  Gated communities(java Project)  . 

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  1. do i run the system..i use xampp and a windows laptop..i want to learn how to run the kind of confused on which file to click b4 it displays the website offline

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