Text To Speech Converter Java Project

Text To Speech Converter Java Project is a web-based application for converting text documents into audio files that are played with media players with effective speech for listening. 

In our software,  we have focused on “SEMESTER RECOGNIZATION SYSTEM” which is beneficial for students as they can know about their subjects and respectively search best books according to their semester & branch.

In this project, we can record different types of files like documents, PDF files, and power point presentation into speech automatically and the file will be generated in WAV audio format. 

This project is tested for semester reorganization system which is used for converting books into audio files and uses it in phones.

This application is implemented in java platform.

download Text To Speech Converter Java Project Code.

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  1. i want the pause and stop button code…… My system is working properly bt in pause and stop button it gives error………………. plz send d code

  2. Please send me code for text to speech only in java…I need that code in my project.
    Thanks in advance.

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This Text To Speech Converter Java Project developed by using the Software & Hardware technologies.

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