Online Recruitment System an Java Project.

The project “Online recruitment system an java project” has designed an online website wherein jobseekers can register themselves at the site, apply for jobs and attend exams. This system can be implemented at a global level. This website is very useful for prospective candidates who can upload their CVs and apply for jobs they wish to join.Online-Recruitment-System1-an-Java-Project.

This site is also useful from the recruiter’s point of view as the company can post their staffing requirements and check the profiles of various candidates. These recruitment methods are designed to get the best candidates for the job. This system makes it possible for the managers for managing staff and also for promotion decisions as well as succession planning. 

Online Recruitment Java Project description:

The project online recruitment system is designed with a modular approach. The three main modules of the project are administrator, jobseekers and company. The first module is the administrator who has absolute authority over the entire system. he can have a view of the registered users and also has the power to delete them. He can edit the web pages and update them periodically. The company details also can be viewed him.

The second module is the jobseeker who can register on the site and after registration purposes will be directed to his home page. He can update his profile, change the password and check the examination details. The final module is the company module and it can register, conduct the exam online and approve/disapprove of the candidates. Also results are provided.


It is said that online recruiting will emerge as an upcoming trend in the years to come. This system designed can be enhanced in the future as per the requirements. Information can be easily updated on this site and is pretty flexible and easy access of information can be done on this web site designed by the project.

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  1. Hello, can i please have the full source code for this? I have got only the documentation which i downloaded!

  2. please give complete project of online recruitment system
    with source code and documentation of java.its tooo urgent please mail it

  3. Hello, can i please have the full source code for this? I have got only the documentation which i downloaded!please send me urgent sir.

  4. I want to say something about this project. In this project doesn’t display proper knowlegde about the same.

  5. hello Sir/Mam ,

    can u please help me with full code of online requirement system .please do send me as soon as possible .

  6. Hi! “Online recruitment system an java project” looks like a very good project, can i get the source code of this project. I really need it.

  7. please i will love to know if i can get help from the site on the java application of the online recruitment system is working

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