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Train Ticket Booking & Management System Project

Taking into account all the mentioned details, we can conclude that the Train Ticket Booking & Management System Project is an inevitable part of the lifecycle of the Travelling. It automates numerous daily operations and enables smooth interactions of the users. Developing the Train management system software is a great opportunity to create distinct, efficient, and fast delivering ticket Bookings. Implementation of Train management system project helps to store all kinds of records, provide coordination and user communication, implement policies.

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Online Authentication C++ Project

The main aim of this online authentication C++ Project is to improve the Privacy of the accounts on Open Source Platforms. In this project, we will be designing a C++ code for checking the authenticity of user's access to online documents. This application was developed with Object-Oriented concepts.

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Women Security Band – Smart and Handy Security Device for Women Project

Women Security device is a device that will help women to walk freely in the streets anywhere and at any time. The goal of the women's security device is to protect women from getting molested in different ways like rapes, sexual harassment, abuse, etc.

Online Judge – Online Assessment of Programming Assignments Project

Online Judge Objective : To create an automatic testing system that checks programming assignments/problems wherein teachers add problems and students submit programs. Abstract : The online judge will be a [...]

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