Retro Robot Internet Banking System a Java Project

The internet is becoming a very popular place for the purchase and selling of goods brings online banking into every home. Thus internet banking makes it very convenient to handle money. The traditional banking method involves manually going to a bank in order to perform some transactions. This is not feasible every time and is a cumbersome process.Retro-Robot-Internet-Banking-System-a-Java-Project

The project “Retro robot internet banking system java project” provides an understanding of the banking activities in the supply chain. Here, automation of banking services is done through Internet. Advanced techniques that can be implemented in real life scenarios are depicted and a thorough analysis of the roles in the supply chain is presented.

Internet Banking Java Project Description:

For the project Retro robot internet banking system to be implemented, the consumer should have a valid id and a password for login purposes. After successful login, the user can view the list of accounts he has with the bank. He can select the account he requires and then proceed to that account where he can view his account details as well as the transactions that he has done earlier. He can then carry out transactions between  accounts.

 If the transaction he has done is successful, the he will receive a notification about it. In case the transaction fails, a message is displayed as to why the failure occurred. The user can request the bank for change of address, cheque books, etc. he can also view his monthly and weekly statements. In case of any help, he can click on the help link.


The project designed above is only for the valid users of the bank. A robust and a proven DB2 UDB are feeded into the system for reliability and integrity of data. Online banking makes use of the SSL protocol which provides secure transmission of confidential data. SSL is an industry standard and is certified by IBM.

download Project Report of CSE Retro Robot Internet Banking System a Java Project.

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