Construction Plus Java Project

Construction Plus java project explains about implementing a website which will provide information about designers, civil engineers, architects vaasthu experts, interior designers and other related information about construction. Construction plus site provides information about addresses of each and every dealer which can be searched as per the location. This site will maintain addresses of the dealer’s engineers …etc in the database. MYSQL is used for backend and java is used for front end. Users should register with the application and get ideas and plans from expert engineers based on the interest. Users should submit information like three bedroom flat , interior decoration and budget and submit to this site experts will look after the information and provide guidelines. If users are satisfied with the design and budget information they can contact engineers for further processing.

This site will also provide option for users for free ad postings like classified website. Users can post details of  homes for rent, selling properties, real estate …etc. There are also premium accounts available where mediators should pay amount to website for providing source for dealing with clients.

Using this site clients can check hardware material costs through online and compare different companies costs and choose the best option for their budget. 

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