Download Air Ticket Reservation a Java Project Report


SEA Airlines is a leading travel company offering leisure and business travelers the widest selection of low fares as well as deals on lodging and vacation packages. DOWNLOAD-AIR-TICKET-RESERVATION-A-JAVA-PROJECT-REPORT

The site was created to address the need for an unbiased, comprehensive display of fares and rates in a single location for consumers. SEA Airlines search results are presented in an easy-to-use Matrix that displays a vast array of travel options for you. 

SEA Airlines is the first and only travel site with a seasoned Customer Care Team that monitors nationwide travel conditions for our travelers around the clock, every day. SEA Airlines is a site, which helps the flight travelers. Its mission is to offer flexible leisure travelers a quick and easy way to get better deals on airline tickets. 

All purchases made on SEA Airlines are not final and can be cancelled, refunded or changed. 

If we want, you can also receive your updates by calling Arabian Travels toll-free number and using your personalized PIN. When customers prefer a specific travel itinerary, they offer the widest range of flight options and fares. SEA Airlines is a site, which helps the flight travelers. Its mission is to offer flexible leisure travelers a quick and easy way to get better deals on airline tickets. 

Through partnerships with leading travel companies, it can negotiate special prices that can’t be found anywhere else. About the site; it provides a link to the login page. The existing system is the manual entry of up keeping of the details of the persons who are registered already. And it is very difficult for each person to come to the office. 

Users can also inquire about the tickets through phones. It is very difficult for the user to remember all the details that they received through phones. And it is also very difficult to calculate how many people are registered in a month by hand. This requires quite a lot of time and wastage of money as it requires quite a lot of manpower to do that. 


The proposed system has got many advantages. People from different parts of the world can register very easily. 

The new system is more personalized. It is made in such a manner that all the new users can understand all the options in it very easily. It is made in a quick and easy referential manner. This system helps the user to go through the rates quoted by different travel agencies and select the convenient rate that is suitable for him. 

Access to all important matters are not always locked and can be opened easily at the time of urgency. The advantages of the proposed system are that security is maintained in the new system. Securities for all important data are maintained confidentially. 


The project report entitled “AIR TICKET RESERVATION” has come to its final stage. The system has been developed with much care that it is free of errors and at the same time, it is efficient and less time-consuming. The important thing is that the system is robust. Also, provision is provided for future developments in the system. Hence, the entire system is secured.

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