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LSTM based Automated Essay Scoring System Python Project using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

Introduction Essays are a widely used tool to assess the capabilities of a candidate for a job or an educational institution. Writing an essay given a prompt requires comprehension of […]

Intelligent Access Control for Safety Critical Areas Project using IoT Analytics and IBM Cloud Services

Purpose of the Project Access control is done by using a smart Analytic device. It verifies the entry of the person. The Smart device verifies the persons entering into the […]

Employee Work Appreciation based on Customers Feedback Project using IBM Cognitive Services

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT The purpose of the Employee Work Appreciation based on Customers Feedback project is to appreciate the employee’s work based on the feedback given by the customers […]

IoT based Attendance System Project Using Blockchain and JAVA MySQL

The success of this IoT-based Attendance System app will ensure that many more parents and organizations will be motivated to use this common platform. It becomes complicated when strength is […]