Advanced FEC Coding Techniques for Reducing Packet Loss

Advanced FEC Coding techniques for reducing packet loss project report explains about new coding techniques to reduce packet loss in network system. This paper covers introduction to packet loss in network, existing system details, proposed system advantages and hardware and software requirements.

This paper details on new model with analytic approach for increasing FEC coding standers for reducing packet loss in network. Slandered of FEC coding used in existing network is not efficient so there is need to develop advanced FEC coding to reduce packet loss. Frame work is used to provide accurate packet transmission. This system works on both single session and multi session scenario and provides easy ways for multi session scenario. Advanced FEC Coding covers coding parameters like interleaving depths, block lengths and channel coding for gaining high performance.

Existing system gives less importance to coding for increasing accurate packet transmission. Analysis shows that packet loss problem is caused due to lack of efficacy in coding. It is tough to calculate performance in multi session scenario. These are list of existing system details which created a scope for new method.

download Advanced FEC Coding Techniques for Reducing Packet Loss Project Report.

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