Automating the Irrigation Process by Analyzing the Soil & Weather Conditions

This is Automating the Irrigation Process by Analyzing the Soil & Weather Conditions Project.

The main aim of developing this Smart Irrigation System IoT project to provide easy irrigation methods to the farmers as per the Soil & Weather Conditions.

In this project, we are using GSM Module (SIM300 Module), this is used to receive text messages from the Android app and it gives the message to the Arduino UNO board.

The Job of the Arduino board is to read messages from the GSM and it will process the output for the motors and it will also tell us the status of the soil moisture, temperature, and humidity in the agriculture field.

Smart Irrigation System IoT project

This project 2 Modes

In Auto mode, it detects the soil and if it is dry The motor will be on and If it is wet then the motor will be off.

and can swich on/off the pestiside motor also.

In Manual Mode, the farmer can switch on the motor manually with the help of the Android app.

Whatever the messages We send via an Android app, The GSM receives and it sends to the Arduino UNO board over serial communication.

from this Arduino we have 2 Relays, Relays are nothing but electromechanical switch. This Arduino giving a signal to the relay board.

The below is the working procedure of the Smart Irrigation System project.

Eye Blink and Alcohol Sensor Based Vehicle Accident Prevention System

Accidents are the most common cause of death for the peoples who drive vehicles. Accidents happen, even to the people who are careful, but many accidents may be avoidable if simple precautions are taken. One of the major reasons for the accident is drink and drive. We can avoid these accidents by providing the eye blink and alcohol sensors to the drivers. The eye blink switch responds to the voluntary blink of the eye and requires minimal calibration. It discriminates between voluntary and involuntary blinks.

Existing System:

Most of the accidents occur due to lack of concentration and tiredness of the driver. The number of accidents increases due to lack of preventive measures.

Proposed System:

In this system, to overcome these problems we make use Eye-blink and Alcohol sensors to monitor the status of the driver. In one application when the driver is tired, the eye-blink sensor compares with the predetermined count in the microcontroller and if it is abnormal, the microcontroller generates an alarm signal and the alert message is displayed in the LCD. In the meanwhile, the motor gets stopped.

In other application, if the driver is in a drunken state, the alcohol sensor detects the abnormality by comparing the predetermined values in the microcontroller and the alert message is displayed on the LCD. Meanwhile, the motor gets stopped ant driver is in a safe condition.


  • Can be used in vehicles for safer driving.


Hardware Requirements:

  • Microcontroller Unit and Power Supply.
  • Eye-blink and Alcohol sensor.
  • Alarm & LCD.
  • Relay unit. 

Software Requirements:

  • Embedded C.
  • Keil Compiler. 


  • Cost effective.
  • High safety.

2018 – 2019 ECE and EEE major projects List


Welcome to 1000 Projects ECE Projects Section., These are the below advanced Electronics and Electrical Projects List which can useful for ECE and EEE students for their final year projects submission.

  1. Face recognition based attendance management system using Raspberry Pi
  2. Finger scanner and facial recognization based door security system using Raspberry Pi.
  3. Smart garbage bin municipal operations.
  4. Agri-bot: Agriculture robot.
  5. Pipe inspection robot with live video streaming over android application
  6. Smart trolly for easy billing using a raspberry pi.
  7. Product sorting machine with color identification using a raspberry pi
  8. Advance surveillance robot using a raspberry pi
  9. Intruder alert system: IOT based home security with E-mail and photo using a raspberry pi.
  10. Web application based home automation using a raspberry pi.
  11. College notice board display over IOT.
  12. Smart toll plaza with RFID based door opening system and balance alerting over the message.
  13. Vehicle security system with engine locking over IOT
  14. Smart travel luggage bag.
  15. Accident identification based alerting location over GSM and GPS.
  16. Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing between Platforms (Movable and flexible railway platform).
  17. Greenhouse monitoring and Weather station monitoring over IOT
  18. Smart assistive device for deaf and dumb people.
  19. Semi-autonomous Garbage collecting robot.
  20. Solar power based grass cutting and pesticides praying robot.
  21. Smart Wearables: Emergency alerting with location over GSM for women.
  22. Automatic car washing and drying machine with conveyor support.
  23. The real-time voice automation system for the college department.
  24. Patient health monitoring over IOT
  25. Automatic gear shifting mechanism for two-wheelers.

Advanced Vehicle Security System Project Synopsis


This main & objective of this proposed project work is an attempt to design an advanced vehicle security application that can identify vehicle accident detection and fire detection alert can send the details over GSM to authorized persons.

In present existing security models, there is no such automation system which will send alert to the user when an accident is meet or if it gets caught with fire. It is very difficult to identify the vehicle in this situation.

We are proposing the new security system for 4 wheelers, which will have given security to the vehicle. In this system, the vehicle will have Position sensor and bump sensors inside the car to detect the vehicle accident and we have a temperature sensor to detect engine overheating and alert the user in the car with buzzer sound and an alert is sent over GSM module.

The entire security system is controlled with Arduino UNO board. This complete system is designed taking into consideration the low range vehicles to provide them extreme security.

Required Components:

Temperature sensor
12V Battery
Motor Driver
DC Motors
Arduino Uno
Bump sensors
GYRO module

Block Diagram:

Smart Home Automation System ECE Project

The main aim of developing this Project is to automate our Home easily. In this project, we control 2 AC Load Devices, 2 Bulbs, Small exhaust Fan. Here we have temperature monitoring device and Methane gas detector device.

With the help of the Kit, we can control all the appliances in the home through the android app and moreover LPG gas detector in the house where sensor senses the gas and it will automatically on the exhaust fan, and when Temperature in the house increases it automatically switches on the exhaust fan.

The temperature can be displayed on the LCD Screen in the Project. In this project we are using Aurdino board, 4 channel relay Module, Bluetooth for controlling the devices and LM 35 for the Temparature sensor, Smoke sensor, 16by2 LCD Display and samll plug box for connecting the 2 ac loads.

We have an android app to control the lights, fans, the temperature in the home.

Working Video of the Project: