Latency Reduction in Cell switching Network A Java project

Latency reduction in cell switching network java project explains about a speculative transmission methodology in centrally scheduled cell switch to increase performance in computing applications. This project covers details introduction to speculative transmission system, existing system drawbacks, proposed system details and hardware and software details.

In centrally switched cell switch network there is delay in between request and arrival of packet in network which is called control path latency. Centralized scheduling switching network consists of two components control path latency and data path latency for maintaining minimum latency. Speculative transmission system reduces average latency by reducing waiting time for transmission in certain conditions. Any algorithm can be easily incorporated with this system to provide reliable delivery mechanism. Using this module mean delay and speculative transmission can be derived and control path latency can be increased up to 50%.

Existing system uses Brikoff-von-newmann switching technology which follows N time time slot which takes lot of time for new packet transmission. Serialization and de serialization techniques causes propagation delay.

Proposed system will solve existing system issues. This applications front end part is implemented in java platform and SQL Server is used for back end.

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