Web Based Sales Order Booking System Java Project

Web based sales order booking system project is implemented in java platform using oracle server. Main aim of this software application is to provide new and easy method of booking and sales system for sugar industry accounting and statutory. This application works on client and server technology. On client side clients are provided with user friendly GUI. This application is divided in to different modules

Data entry User module.

Data verification module.

Data approving module.

Each module has its own privileges and permissions. Using this system it will be easy to process documents and time taken for completing task will be fast.

In existing system industries are still working on manual process where time and money is wasted. Lot of man power is required and there may be chances of losing of data or records and data retrieving from old records takes lot of time.

In present system there are no chances of losing data, data is stored in data base and it will be fast and easy to retrieve old records in few seconds.

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