Harmful Mail Scanning a Java Project

Harmful mail scanning project report explains about developing a software application which can scan mailing information and identify suspicious mails which contain information like bombs, attacks and suicides and store these mails in to database. Administrator can access these mails and identify user location based on ip address and take required action. This project report provide details about modules implemented in this project, hardware and software requirement, system architecture, system design and sample code.

This application is developed in five modules

   Login Module

    This module provides login option for users and administrators for accessing colors mail system. After registration users can use colors mail features.

           Registration Module

            This module is for new users who are not at using colors mail, in order to use colors mails first users need to fill registration from and submit to administrator.

Administration Module

                      Admin module provides setting option for administrator for listing out keywords which are to be scanned, in this module admin will analyze scanned mails or harmful mails information.

Encryption Module

                   This module provides keyword encryption option for administrator and update encrypted data to database which are then managed by admin.

User Module

         After registration users can log in to their account using log in and password and access then access this module for sending mails, reading mails and sending attachments.

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  1. can i take your this idea for my TY (final year)Project topic.As i only need some help from u if i got stuck somewhere in logic of the program or syntax errors so plz help me to implement this project as my final yr proj..

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