Online E-Commerce System Project Using HTML 5, CSS 3, NodeJS and ExpressJS


  1. To develop an online e-commerce system that will provide a platform for customers and sellers to meet and sell and purchase items. The Online e-commerce system shall accomplish the following as of achieving the major goal:
  1. To build a user-friendly business website, where users will be able to search for any product which is available nearby or anywhere in the world. By using an Online e-commerce system, it will be easy for sellers to sell products and save time and money. Doing business through this application will help to reach a maximum of customers and sellers. Creating a panel where a seller is able to upload their product’s full details and a customer can view and make a purchase as per their wish.
  1. To implement the system and check if it actually is able to provide benefit to the people.


The scope of this application is to build a user-friendly e-commerce website, where users will be able to purchase any product which is available on the website. By using the e-commerce system, it will be easy for sellers to make a sale and save time and money. Doing business through this application will help us reach a maximum of sellers and customers globally.

General Objective

To develop an online e-commerce system that will provide a forum for sellers and customers to interact with each other, and sell and purchase items.

Specific Objectives

  1. Create an online platform where sellers post items for sale through the online system.
  1. Create a panel where a customer can view products from a seller and make purchases and do payments through online payment systems, and later submit reviews about the service.

ER Diagram:

Data Flow Diagram:

UML Diagram:

Modules Description

Sign Up

1. It is used to register or to create a new account for a particular website.
2. It also allows the user to be a part of the website and also provides all the services of the website.

Log in

1. It is used to open a session with an account that is already created.
2. It is successful when your credentials (i.e., username and password) match with what is already stored in a database. This is called authentication.
3. It makes the site personalized for you.


1. This module gives an overview of the website.
2. It shows the website’s business, values, and commitments and its management.


This module allows the users to ask any queries related to their property or anything.


This module is used for searching the posted auctions

Add Product

This module helps in posting Auctions

Product Function

1. Enable the customers to view posted products in their locality and also globally.
2. Enable the creation of accounts and logging in to the accounts
3. Enable users to log out of their accounts
4. Provide an interface for the seller to view the transactions, and add sellers and products to the system.
5. The seller should also have accounts where they will receive customer orders and respond to them.


  • Login and new registration
  • Search: The search page will help users to search for the desired items using the search box.
  • Contact: This module will help users to contact the seller in case of any queries or issues that arise.
  • Add Product: This module will help the seller to add new products to the system


This NodeJS-based website is a reliable web application that saves time and money. This must be implemented in most of the information technology industries. It is user-friendly software, through which users can easily interact and easy to search for and buy products. This turns out to be great usage.

With the rapid growth of the internet and the world wide web, everything is going online. This website is developed by keeping in mind the easiness of interaction by the users so that they get a very user-friendly environment while surfing the website. Such compatibility of this website enables it to attract users to visit the website more frequently

The system is capable of maintaining details of various users, sellers, and products and storing all day-to-day transactions. The central concept of the application is to allow customers to search, compare and purchase products using the internet. The information pertaining to the products is stored on a NoSQL database on the server side. The Server process the customers and the orders and stores them in the database. 

Future involvement with the project

We will keep on improving our project in the future by adding more and more modules in the system as per the needs of the users. 


Our project was limited in time and cost which is a limitation. If provided with more time and cost, we would have done better using the better infrastructure.

We developed the project on a local offline server, though we could have used an online one if provided with more cost.

Hardware & Software Used


1. HP Notebook
2. i5 10th Gen CPU
3. 8GB RAM
4. 512GB SSD


1. Visual Studio Code
2. Postman
3. NodeJS
4. ExpressJS
5. Google Firebase
6. AWS
7. HTML 5, CSS 3 & Javascript.

React JS & Firebase Project on Promote Your Products Platform

Design & Development of Promote your Products Platform React JS Web Application is an advertising platform that focuses mainly on Small Scale Industries. This will help the industries to promote their products free of cost which help them to explore new opportunities and grow their business. The front end is Developed using React JS and Sass (an extension of CSS) which helped the site to be more interactive for the user. The backend is based on Firebase which stores the user and the company data securely.

We also provide added security to our users by authenticating them via mail and SMS. We have also added dark theme mode which is surely in trend these days. The users can interact with various industries and can even use alters to narrow down their choices.

The review and rating system also helps the users to share their views and can help others to choose what’s best for them. In conclusion, our Promote Your Products Platform site wants the business to grow and to help them broaden their horizons.

Introduction to Project Page

This React JS & Firebase Project website is a platform for the industries to advertise their products. This platform’s main focus is SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES. Various industrialists can join our initiative for free and the promotion of the product is free of cost.

This will be a Web-based Application designed in REACT powered by Google Firebase. Firebase is a Backend-as-a service(Baas). It provides the developers with a variety of tools and services to help them grow their user base.

The user of our platform can securely SIGNUP for our site as it is completely secure. The industries can look for the products they want and choose from the best. With the rating and the review system, users can decide what’s best for them. The data of the user will be safely stored at the Firebase Backend. We have also given the user the alter facility where they can choose the specific industry they want to interact with.

Overall this is a Promote Your Products Platform that allows THE SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY to grow all together and expand its reach. This will help them to interact with more people which will in return expand their horizons.

WorkFlow of the Project:

Promote your Products Platform website Workflow

Project Category

This is an Internet-Based Multiple Pages Web Application with a secured Backend.



By registering the company on our Promote Your Products Platform, the business people will be able to add products: their name, description, and image which will help them to create a catalog for the company and thus will provide them the platform to promote their products.

This website is entirely free of cost. The companies only need to verify their mail id and phone number after which they are good to go. Since our site is perfectly authenticated and secured, the user will need not worry about privacy. They will receive OTPs through a protected system and hence their data is perfectly safe.


We also provide the facility to review and rate the services provided by the companies. In this way, a person can easily compare certain industries and can choose what’s best for them. The review can only be given by the person who has verified their mail ids and phone number. In this way, we can provide our consumers with genuine ratings.

Problem Formulation

We already know about the platform that already provides such a service. They provide a vast network for the promotion of their products. But the one major problem with these sites is that they charge money for the services they provide.

Very limited Small Scale Industries can avail such opportunities as some prefer that it’s not feasible for them to spend such an amount of money on promotion. So in conclusion, the Large Scale Industries are only benefited from the already available system, and as such no digital platform is available for Small Businesses.

Identification/Reorganization of Need

Since Ludhiana is a hub of industries, most of the families here own one or another kind of business. So we are pretty familiar with the problems faced by the small-scale industries in this sector. We have seen our families paying like Rs 40,000-Rs 60,000 to such platforms for their promotional products.

But after even paying such an amount of money, the outcome is not that fruitful. Business owners, get queries from places that are very far away, and those companies who contact them are not ready to pay for all such long-distance arrangements. So in this way, all the time is wasted. Since we have seen this problem closely, we can provide a better solution for this.

Existing System

For the existing system, we have an example of TRADE INDIA and INDIA MART. So let’s take an example if you go to these sites and you try to and a product, you will get suggestions for it from a place that’s like a thousand miles away and it’s not affordable for you to import that product. So in this case rather than giving you the facility which might be near you they provide suggestions that are not useful for you. In this way, you the consumer, and the manufacturer of the service both are losing.

The consumer is not happy with the suggestion and the manufacturer or the service provider who spent thousands on the promotion of their products doesn’t end up getting the order. So we can say the existing platform is not that reliable.

Proposed System

Since we had already gone through the drawbacks of the existing system, we can conclude they are more feasible for LARGE BUSINESSES.
But the main focus of our Promote your Products Platform website is SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES. We are providing them with a free, reliable, and secured platform to promote their products. On our platform, the manufacturers, service providers, and consumers can come all together to help each other grow.

On our site, the company can register themselves and display their products. We also give the power to the consumers to review and rate the services provided by the companies. This thing will help not only the future buyers but also allow the companies to improve themselves.

Unique Features of the System

Secured Site: Our Promote your Products site is fully secured and hence our consumers can easily trust us with their private information.
Phone and Mail Verifications: We authenticate our users by sending them verification OTPs on the registered email and phone number.
Responsive: our site is fully responsive and it can be viewed on any browser
Password using hashing: The password set by the users are not visible to us as we use hashing, thus providing them full privacy.
Dark Mode: The toggle button on the right side will help the user to toggle between light and dark mode.


  • React
  • React Native
  • JavaScript


  • VS Code (Ide)
  • Node Js
  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • Firebase

Supporting Dependences:

  • Redux
  • Node-Sass
  • Material UI
  • Firebase-Tools
  • React Router Dom

Package Manager:

Npm: Node Package Manager
Yarn: Yet Another Resource Negotiator

Hardware Requirement

Operation System: Windows 7 or higher, MAC, Linux.

Conclusion and Future Scope

This Promote your Products Platform will work perfectly for the Small Scale Industries and will fulfill their needs. This platform will also help them to expand their business and interact with other people and explore a lot more. With the feature to form their catalog, it will help industries to give a detailed explanation about the services or products they over which helps to attract more customers.

The Rating and review system will also help the users to give their feedback and also help others to choose the best. Overall this platform is better Small Scale Businesses and will help them.

Home Safety and Security System Using IoT Project

The main objective of the Home Safety and Security System Using IoT project is to implement a home safety and security system with the following features:

  • Monitoring and detection of leaks in LPG gas
  • Unauthorized opening of door/window

Hardware Requirements:

The hardware for the project consists of:

GISMO-V board with:

  • ESP32 dual-core 32-bit processor with Wi-Fi and BLE
  • MQ6 sensor module
  • Magnetic switch assembly
  • 0.96” OLED display with 128×64 resolution

Cloud Platform:

In this project, we are going to use Google’s firebase as a cloud database. It is a No-SQL database in which data is stored as Key-Value pairs.

To access the database the following credentials are required

  • Host URL
  • Database authentication key

These credentials are put into the ESP32 firmware to access the Google Firebase.
The keys used to store the parameter values in the project are:

  • IOTLAB/HSSS/Gas_Leak
  • IOTLAB/ HSSS/Window_Open

Mobile App:

  • The Modular rapid mobile app development utility is used for the development of the mobile app. The utility has two modes, a Developer mode, and a Blocks mode. Different functional blocks are available in developer mode, they are – User Interface, Sensors, Connectivity, Firebase, and so on.
  • In the Blocks mode, a timer with timing set to two seconds will fetch the LPG gas concentration and magnetic switch status values from the Firebase database and fill it in the appropriate place in the UI.
  • To access the Firebase dataset its credentials will be placed in the Firebase component of the Modular app.

Mobile App development of Home Safety and Security System Using IoT Project

Results and Conclusions:

With the help of the MQ6 sensor and magnetic switch, we monitored the leakage in LPG gas and also the window/door open status.
We can get notified with the help of the mobile app.

Download the complete Home Safety and Security System Using IoT Project code, report, ppt, design document, and SRS.

Development of Student Book Finder Mobile App Project

In this project, we are creating an android mobile application, basically, a Student Book Finder Mobile application will provide us with a platform to access the books we want to read at the ease of our fingertips. All the users will be having their separate accounts on this app which will be connected to their email id.

Any book that the user wishes to read, will be entered by him in the search box which works based on query input. The query may be an author name, the book name, or the subject to which the book is related, and will also work on specific keywords input. Apart from searching the books online, the user can save the book he/she likes in the favorites bar.

The Book Finder Mobile App is suitable in the present scenario as the world is being digitalized then why not the education system? On the profile of the user, one can easily view the books he/she has read.

The Book Finder Mobile App will be completely efficient and transparent to the reviews of the people on the book and its price. To get more details about the book one can click on the book and get further grave details.

This Book Finder Mobile App will be using The Google Book API for providing all the books. Further, the FAQ section provides all the necessary details that the user may need about the app.

The app also has a complete User Interface attached to the firebase a perfect login system with an email id and password and a forgotten password too.

This mobile-based application stands for the need of students at any time at their fingertips without any barriers in place.


The objective of the Student Book Finder Mobile App Project is to be a source of Virtual education allowing its users to search for the book of their choice according to the criteria set by them on the search page, read the book, add it to their favorite section, see the reviews of the book and decide which can be a better source for their knowledge and store them at the storage of their profile’s cloud.

This student project will be transparent and efficient in searching all the books it could as available on the Google Book API. Furthermore, new books will be added automatically as they will be updated on the API.

General Introduction to the Topic

Student Book Finder Mobile App Project, an android application is a user-friendly app, with a well-developed User Interface, a login module using the email address and the password, and a signup system for new users provides the user with the ability to search for any book one wants to read.

Besides the user Interface of the Login system, we have also created a navigation bar to provide various other features that the app provides,

It has various fragments the profile page, the favorites column, the About us section, the FAQ section, and an option to Sign Out from the account recently logged in. We have abstracted the android application using the Google Book API which supports us in enabling the various books to the users they are searching for.

We felt the need of developing this app looking at the current scenario where it is impossible to learn or get a book from the library and so the user can access the book from the app store the book whichever one likes on the cloud storage available for the profile.

For testing our application, last we will connect the app with the Google Book API and will allow a user to create a new account and access all the features of the app. This is all our app does and will be the outcome of our project on completion.

How does the App work?

  • As soon as the user enters there would be a splash screen displaying the app name and the copyrights reserved.
  • Then there would be a login page for the user to enter the email address and the password as set if the user has already signed up. For new users, there will be a sign-up page.
  • After logging in, there will be a search page having a search bar, an opportunity for users to enter any keyword related to the book.
  • As the app will be connected with the Google Book API the resulting books found will be displayed on the page itself.
  • According to interest and the choice of the user, the user can click on the book and know details about the book(the price, the author name, the reviews of the book, what the book is all about, and even maybe the pdf copies of the book if we can)
    The user will have the choice to read the book then and there on the spot or can add it to the favorite section.
  • The favorite section will store the book till the user wants it.
  • For any help or details about how the app functions, one can visit the FAQ section.
  • After the work is done the user can sign out from the account.

Software Requirements

Android Studio
Database: Firebase
User Interface Design: Android Application

Visit and Download Student Book Finder Mobile Application Project code, report, PPT, and execution steps

Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Project


The purpose of developing a Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Android Mobile App is to digitalize the traditional way of taking attendance. Another purpose for developing this application is to generate the report automatically at the end of the session or in the between-session for a particular student on a regular check basis.


The following Android Mobile App project has much scope both in present as well as future. In the present situation, the system can be accessed on android mobile devices. Any android device which has the access to the server on which the project has been deployed can use the application i.e. the Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System project will work for a particular institution. But later on, the project can be modified to operate for many institutions.


  • Front-end: XML
  • Back-end: Java
  • DATABASE: MySQL, Firebase
  • SERVER: SQLite Server
  • Tool- Android Studio


This android based mobile app project is a classroom attendance management system and the objectives are:

1. Manual work for information retrieval on attendance becomes less like the work.
2. Easy access for students because they can view their attendance and make up for the shortage of attendance accordingly.
3. It is also time-saving as manual work is less.
4. There is less chance of error.
5. It eliminates duplicate data entry in time and attendance entries.
6. Weekly or Monthly attendance reports can be generated for a particular student.
7. Easy maintenance of students and faculty data by admin.
8. Data redundancy can be decreased as data is now stored in one place.
9. Data is now much more secure.
10. Easy access for teachers as they can now view their student’s attendance reports easily.



Admin and Faculty will login in into the system with username and password, if username and password are correct admin/faculty will be prompt to proceed option otherwise an error will be shown

INPUT: username and password
OUTPUT: student detail information


Admin can insert, update, and delete course details.

INPUT: Course name
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete student info, and enroll students in particular courses.

INPUT: name, Roll No., DOB, Course
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete teacher’s info and assign a course to each teacher.

INPUT: Name, Address, Email, image, course, DOJ
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Faculty can take attendance on a particular day over a student’s name by marking him present or absent.

INPUT: Absent/Present
OUTPUT: A confirmation message


Admin/Faculty can create a student attendance report/chart between any 2 dates

INPUT: starting date, ending date
OUTPUT: attendance report/chart