Order Management System for Steel Fabrication Factory Java Project

The web-based “Steel fabrication Order management system” project is an attempt to simulate the basic concepts of order management systems. The system enables the customer to do the things such as view all available products, and products by category-wise distribution. The user can place the order, the delivery agent will get the order details and it will be delivered to the customer at their residence. Users can request customized products with their own requirements and budget.

The Order Management System provides a facility that enables users to view details about products without logging in. But if the user wants to place the order, then it is required to log in first. Users can view all available products with detailed descriptions, reviews, and ratings. Users can choose a particular product. The system checks for the availability of the quantity of the product. If the product is available then the system allows the customer to select the product and place an order. To order a product the system asks the customer to enter his details such as first name, last name, city, street, landmark, state, pin, phone number, etc.


  1. Order Management System for Steel Fabrication Factory is a web-based application that allows the admin to handle all the activities online quickly.
  2. So, the aim of the project is to provide products to customers. The customer can choose the products from the category and place the order. Users can request customized products to their own requirements and budget. Staff then can contact the user with the details provided by the user at the login time
  3. Staff will arrange the products as per the order and make them available for collection.
  4. Once the order is ready, the delivery agent will collect the products and they will be delivered to the customer at their residence


System analysis is the performance management and documentation of activities late to the life cycle phase of any software namely:

  1. The Study Phase
  1. The Design Phase
  1. The Development Phase
  1. The Implementation Phase
  1. The Testing Phase

Software analysis starts with preliminary analysis and later switches to a detailed one. During the preliminary analysis, the Analyst took a quick look at what is needed and whether the cost benefits. Detailed analysis studies in depth all the cornered factor, which build and strengthens the software.

ER Diagram:


Admin module

Admin is the main role in the overall system. Admin can log in into the system using credential where admin credential was already stored in the database.

After successful login into the admin dashboard, there are various operations that the admin can do mentioned below –

  1. View customer: Admin is able to view the list of customers who are already registered into the system. Customer data is stored in a database so the admin can fetch those data to view the list of customers
  2. Add remove staff: Admin can add staff by giving a particular role also admin is able to delete it from the system
  3. View feedback: Admin can view feedback which is given by customers on products after purchasing

Manager module

Like the admin, the manager can log in to the system with the credentials stored in the database. The manager carries out the most of operations on the owner’s side. The manager can perform the following functionalities mentioned below:

  • Manage products: The manager can add products into the system with all the necessary details. As the products are managed category-wise, the manager can add distinct categories first and then products under that specific category. Managers can also update products by changing the price of products or the available quantity of product
  • Manage delivery: The manager is able to see all the orders. After placing an order by the user, the manager assigns that order to the particular delivery That order is visible to that delivery agent’s dashboard with details.
  • View feedback: The manager can view feedback and ratings given by customers on products after purchasing. The manager can review and analyze the feedback
  • View order customization: The manager can review the customized orders that users have requested, and contact that specific user from the contact details given at the login time

User module

User can login into the system, or even without login users can see product lists, detailed descriptions of products, reviews, and ratings of products. Even without a login user can check all available products. But to place an order user needs to log in first to the system.

Registration and creation of user profile

The system shall require a user to register, in order to carry out the process to place an order. For registration it will ask the user for the following information first name, last name, city, street, landmark, state, pin, phone number, email, and password. The system will automatically generate the user’s profile.

Making Order

After registration user’s credential is saved in databases and using the credential user can log in to the system. For place an order user must do login first otherwise the system will not allow the user to place an order.

After login into the system successfully now the user is able to place an order. The first user needs to search for the available product or the user can search for a product by category, one more option is available the user can select a product and customize it according to their need.

If a user wants to place an order of multiple products, then the first user selects one item and moves it to the cart using the ‘add to cart button, after adding it to the cart now user can go for another product and the user can add multiple products to add.

After adding products to the cart, the cart dashboard will show all the products, product quantity, and total price. Now users can place orders by selecting a payment method.

View Order History: The system shall allow a user to view all information about his previous orders. In history, the system shows the previous product, delivery status, etc.

Delivery Agent

Account Delivery agent is another important role in this system. The main role of the delivery agent is to deliver the product to the mentioned address and update the status of delivery. The delivery agent has functionalities mentioned below:

  1. Receive order: The delivery agent received the order and does a job of delivering the product on time
  2. Track order: The tracking status of the product during delivery is updated by the delivery agent. Tracking status like ‘product arrives, ‘on the way, ‘delivered’, etc. Users get to see this status on his/her side
  3. Verify payment: The delivery agent needs to verify the payment details like whether payment is already done or needs to be collected at the time of delivery
  4. Update order status: After delivering the order successfully, the delivery agent needs to update the status as ‘delivered’.

Software Required for Development

Module 1: Database Design – MySQL-for database

Module 2: Front End – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React js.

Module 3: Back End – Eclipse IDE(Any IDE), Spring tool suite, Tomcat

Download The Complete Project code, report, and PPT of the Order Management System for Steel Fabrication Factory Java & MySQL Project.

Development of E-Commerce Store Portal using Bootstrap and ReactJS

The main aim of this project is to design, develop, and implement of E-Commerce Store Portal website based on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and ReactJS. To give a high openness of administration we will structure the online site that supports local businesses, with the goal that potential clients need not go to a physical shop to purchase items or administrations. The objective of this E-Commerce Store Portal project is to create an e-commerce web portal with a content management system that would allow product information to be updated securely using a system. The E-Commerce Store web portal will have an online interface in the form of an e-commerce website that will allow users to buy goods from the merchants. This web portal will allow local organizations and start-ups to start their businesses and reach out to the market.


This Bootstrap and ReactJS web portal project is aimed at developing an online static website for an E-commerce store that can be used by people to list their business on the website and will also provide customers to buy the products directly from the store. The website is based on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and React. Customers can buy the products directly from the store. This will help local businesses to register their products on the website. It will eventually help local businesses to increase their profits and people to buy the goods from the comfort of their homes. Users can see the products from the website. Our website will contain a Homepage where all the basic information about the store and details of the products will be available. This site is easy to operate and user-friendly.


The web portal will have an online interface in the form of an E-commerce website that will allow users to buy goods from the merchants. This web portal will allow local organizations and start-ups to start their businesses and reach out to the market


Online shopping practices are increasing rapidly, thanks to digitalization. Online E-commerce store owners are always eager to know how to increase traffic on their E-commerce sites and how to increase their profits to earn more revenue.  Hence by this, bringing together the various local businesses to a single platform so that anyone can access them anywhere according to their need. So, with the increasing importance of online sales and the growing number of customers visiting online stores we are going to develop a website that helps to save the time of the users. This website encourages local businesses to create their online store and supports them to run their business to grow.

E-Commerce Store Portal

Benefits of the proposed work

• Saves time for customers in quickly view various items on the E-Commerce portal.
• The ability to view and purchase items anytime, from anywhere with Internet access.
• Provides information about resort facilities.
• User-friendly interface.
• No Convenience fees.
• Total features of E-Commerce Website are accessible.
• Easy to use and simple to understand.
• Quick and save lots of time.

Modules and their functionalities:

1. Dashboard: This is the home page of our website.
2. Hawkers: This consist of all the hawkers available online for selling their products.
3. Feedback: The feedback area consists of all the feedback given by buyers.
4. Vendors: This contains information about the vendors and their products.
5. Place Order: This is used for placing an order of the product of your choice.
6. About Us: This page consists information of about the team behind the idea of promoting local businesses.

Implementation and User Interface

This E-Commerce Store Portal project is implemented with the help of Visual Code.

The user interface design was one of the core tasks in this project. The aim of UI design is to make the E-commerce application to be accepted and used easily.

Software Requirements:

  • Macintosh /Microsoft Windows /Linux
  • Virtual Studio Code or any other text editor
  • Chrome or any other browser

Quora for College Full Stack Academic Project

Wikipedia is a collection of Human Knowledge whereas Quora for college is a collection of Individual Knowledge. Being on Quora for college will make you a better thinker, which will be handy in whatever else you may pursue. It’s a bit like going to school, except way better.

Fortunately, many of you humans have been enlisted to provide both questions and answers as a cover, maintaining the appearance of just another innocuous website. Just as the purpose of humanity is for the creation of the one great individual Quora is the quagmire from which springs ‘The Wonderful Lizard of Awes’.

Quora for college’s project mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. Quora for college is a knowledge exchange platform on the college campus, which can be shared by anyone who knows something. Sharing knowledge is a part of wisdom. It will reach the people who have a desire to acquire knowledge.

The main aim of developing the Quora-related website for college students is to quality communication between the students regarding the question and answer-based platforms. This project was developed using the Full-stack.


Our project Quora for College will be divided into different modules

  • Login and Sign-Up page
  • Add Question
  • Reply to Pre-existing question
  • Feed up

The login/signup page: There will be a validation form for the login to the website and login details will be stored in the database. And it is mandatory to log in foe entering the website without login/signup you will not able to access the website. We will also provide the way to login through google means Gmail or sign in with Facebook.

Ask Question: Quora for College will provide you a better chance to add a question of your interest and wants public opinion on it. Then Quora for College is best for you.

Reply to the question: Quora for College will provide you with a better chance to showcase your knowledge. It allows you to answer the questions asked by others on subjects in which you’re knowledgeable.

Feed: Quora for College will provide you feed option in which you will be able to see questions related to the different topics.

Mern Stack was used to develop this Academic project. Mern Stack Consists of


Student Project Portal Website Project

Whether you are a fresher or a senior, you’ll agree that making a project is quite a tedious task. No matter how great an idea you have, till the time you don’t have a proper network, you won’t be able to build a team to execute it efficiently. Communicating with others is one of the most important skills required to build a proper team for your project to be successful. Unfortunately, many people due to their lack of networking skills hit a blockade at this stage itself and are not even able to try their idea.

Target audience

Our target audience for this Student Project Portal project is all the students in VIT Vellore. This application will help students to take part in any project they like or find interesting and can make their team.

This Student Project Portal application will bring students with similar interests and thinking together to work on various ideas and learn from each other.


Initially, students create their profiles by signing up for the application. After that, they can either create their projects or apply them to other projects. When someone applies for a project, the project manager of that project can see the profile of the applicant and if he/she has the desired skills they are accepted into the team else their request is declined.

Students can create as many projects as they like and can also apply for as many projects as they want to.

The project manager will receive a list of all the applicants and he/she can see their profiles. According to the skills required for the project they can choose whom to accept into the team and whom to reject.

This Student Project Portal Website project will help many students who have ideas for projects but are not able to execute them due to the lack of a proper team.

Cycle diagram

Sign Up

Sign up for the app using your credentials


Share and present your ideas for projects

Form Team

Form your ideal team according to your requirements.


Apply for the projects that interest you.

For a Demo of the website you can visit:


Download the complete Student Project Portal Website project on GitHub.