Smarter Work Strategy a Java Project

The project titled “Smarter Work strategy a Java Project” is designed in a large and powerful way combining the capabilities of management components. The database is termed very reliable because IBM has taken charge and initiative of creating things using smart grids. The last few decades have seen the investment of millions of dollars on AMR systems and most recently on AMI systems.Smarter-Work-Strategya-Java-Project

Though both the systems are pretty useful, they are single-application systems that weren’t developed with the idea of being integrated with other devices and applications. Thus a replacement for these systems is required. This project designs to serve this function.


ABC Corp engages nearly 10,000 employees across various cities for taking readings from the consumer’s EB meter. This system is done to calculate the rent of the electricity units consumed by the consumers. Thus this project Smarter Work strategy is formulated to design a smart solution so that the working hours of the employees involved can be calculated.
Thus in the system designed above, the employee has to provide his username and password at the login fields. If this matches then the user can submit his working hours on a daily basis and this is stored in the database. If this does not match, then he has to first finish the registration process, obtain a user id. This user id can be used to log in at the home page.


The project successfully satisfies all the needs of the EB corp. in relation with their billing problem. The sophisticated IBM tools have also been incorporated. Thus, an efficient way of calculating and dispatching electrical bills of millions of consumers of EB Company is designed. More steps could be added to make the project more user-friendly by the addition of other links and websites.

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