Online Book Store a CSE Final Year Java Project


 The project “Online book store a CSE Final Year Java Project” has been designed for the sole purpose of selling books on a single platform. The website of the book is wherein the books that are mainly sold off are computer and technical books. The customers can access this bookstore via the worldwide web or in simple words the internet. For a particular book they require, they have to simply search through a database and then place the order. Payment can be made through credit cards. Online-Book-Store-a-CSE-Final-Year-Java-Project.

This bookstore has software that serves a link between two commercial websites. Those commercial websites are and The bridge enables users to search through the inventory of these real bookstores and it displays search results like price, title and the availability of books.

Online Book Store Java Project Description:

In the project online book store a web based interface which is a graphical user interface. A form is present to fill in input queries and this information can be used to search the database. The interface of the user then passes this input to the control function. This is implemented in Java. The control function’s main role is to process the input generated at the user’s end and then carries out the search operation in the database. The result is returned to the user’s interface.

 The control functions have bridges by which links are provided to search through external real online bookstores. The query is generated based on the user’s input and passed on to the commercial bookstores available on the web. The bridge also handles response from commercial bookstores and passes on this information and displays it to the user in HTML forms.    


The project has used various software’s to design the project. HTML language is used for web page design and implementation. Oracle is used to design the database and for the bride connections Java technology is used.

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  1. sir, i devalop online booksales with mobile sms project,so we send java source of your project to my mail

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    i need online book ordering system project
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  3. can u send me module, aspecialy functional requirement for online book saling project to my mail. plz it is so helpful for my project

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