Quiver Consistent Object Sharing for Edge Services Project Abstract

Quiver Consistent Object Sharing For Edge Services projects main idea is to provide service proxies at the end of every internet and provide service for clients using mutable objects. Using quiver it will be easy to access shared proxies for providing consistent access to shared objects. By migrating objects to proxies and allowing them to perform operations on those objects will improve performance by involving geographic locality. Migrating objects to different proxies will help to host all these operations with a good benefit.

Existing System: 

  • In existing system for every object updating on to server is a time taking process. Each object should be updated after proxy is authenticated with centralized server.
  •  Consistency is not maintained in Connectivity between proxies and servers.
  • If there is failure in proxy or connectivity data in object will be lost.
  • Existing system works for only single object operations with a weak consistency semantics.



RAM                       :    512 MB DD RAM

MONITOR              :    15” COLOR

HARD DISK         :      20 GB

FLOPPY DRIVE   :      1.44 MB

CDDRIVE              :    LG 52X

KEYBOARD         :     STANDARD 102 KEYS

MOUSE                  :    3 BUTTONS


Front End              :  Java, Swing

Back End               :  MS Access

Tools Used            :  JFrameBuilder

Operating System  :  WindowsXP

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