Solar Inverter using Super Capacitor

The project aims at developing a solar inverter, which helps farmers to control devices like irrigation water pump, fencing etc. Solar energy is used to power up the battery. The system has a provision for ON/OFF the solar battery charging according to farmers wish.

The project makes use of a solar plate. The solar energy obtained is stored to a battery. This AC is fed to loads like water pump, devices. The system also uses super capacitor to increase the battery life.

Future Scope: This project can be extended in a way such that the output from the solar plate is increased. This can be done by increasing the dimensions of the solar plate.

Conclusion: The project concludes a design of “Solar based inverter” such that the inverter was designed and from solar plate generates solar energy and utilizing this energy for load.

The objectives of the project:

1. Storing solar energy.
2. Design of inverter.
3. ON/ OFF control for loads.

The project focuses on the following areas:

1. Pulse generation techniques.
2. Solar cell working principle.
3. MOSFET working principle.

The major building blocks of this project are:

1. Solar panel.
2. Pulse generator.
4. Step up transformer.
5. ON/ OFF switch.
6. Super capacitor
7. Rechargeable battery

Block Diagram:

A plug-n-play Internet enabled platform for Real time image processing

Existing System:

In the A plug-n-play Internet enabled platform for Real time image processing existing system, they have used a Cellular based technology which is very unreliable for the image data transmission over the web. As the network speed is very less, so we cant observe the results at rapid speed.

Proposed System:

Proposed A plug-n-play Internet enabled platform for Real time image processing System will be included with an advance algorithm based on Ethernet protocol, where will develop a server hosted on the raspberry pi board, and using Image processing algorithm the desired image will be processed and whenever the image processing is done immediately the results will be displayed on the webpage.



Raspbian OS, Opencv, web server


ARM 11(Raspberry pi), Ethernet router, USB camera


Web based results, Remote location accessing


Easy to access, live image feeding

Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless prerequirements

You need these software’s/ settings to see the data in PC for this Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless pre-requirements project.
step 1.
you need to install any serial monitor software (we recommend to use arduino software)
download link .
step 2
you need install cp2102 drivers in laptop.
after installing the both softwares in laptop open arduino software select the com port in tools.
Inline image 2
next you need open the serial monitor in arduino software and make the following changes for 1st time.
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
select  NL and NC and baud rate 9600.
 next switch on the transmitter unit you will the date .
 NOTE : – IF Receiver module is unpluged then again you need to open the serial monitor in arduino software freshly else you not be able to see the data.

Density Based Traffic Light Control System Report

In this density based traffic light control system project we presented an micro controller based traffic density controller for solving issues in existing system.

Density Based Traffic Light Control System

Now a day’s traffic controlling in the urban areas is becoming very difficult due to enormous increase of automobiles. So in order to rectify this problem we presented a nice way to regulate the vehicles in crowd and a junction area which eliminates the involvement of humans in its operation.

In recent days the wireless technologies were changing the entire criteria of the appliance control system and they acting as an crucial prospect in automation, due to the implication of the micro controller in the controller strategies the intelligent and the commanding prompts done by the human were easily performed by these fabricated chips in very less period of time at high levels of accuracy.

Youtube video link to view circuit diagram block diagram

Proposed system:

The prototype in this project is a four junction setup; an infrared receiver is placed quite opposite to the infrared transmitter at the each junction nodes.

Interference between the transmitter and the receiver causes a interrupt signal which activated the relay and the micro controller acts whenever a considerable amount of the vehicles deposited at the respective nodes. The micro controller sends the abrupt timing signals to the traffic lights based on the varying intensities of the vehicles.

Download Density Based Traffic Light Control System Project Report


  • Traffic supervisor with high accuracy and reliability.
  • Regulates the dense traffic with is less operational speed.

Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial robotics Project Report highlights the importance of the manipulating robots in the present day advanced modified manufacturing techniques in industries. Apart from the conventional manual manufacturing process these automated techniques plays a vital role in performing repetitive tasks and their by increases the productivity levels.

Here in this paper we particularly concentrate on the aspects like implementation and the applications of these industrial manipulators with its future enhancements.

Introduction of robotics:

Robotics is nothing but the science and technology which deals with the design, construction and implementation of multi functional manipulating electro mechanical devices which can perform tasks repeatedly.

What is automation:

The science dealt in the manufacturing of self acting and self moving machines i.e. development of the sequential program which can access the electro mechanical devices effectively.

Different kinds of automation:

Till now automation is classified as three types firstly fixed automation secondly flexible automation and finally programmable automation.

  • Fixed automation- adopted in bulk productivity areas where an efficient and constant high production rate is required i.e. nuts and bolts manufacturing.
  • Flexible automation – whenever there is a requirement of variations in the production of the components flexible automation is implicated i.e. manufacturing of nuts and bolts of different kinds.
  • Programmable automation – an program of instruction where made in the areas where there is a need of variety of products of lesser quantity with greater flexibility.

Download Industrial Robotics Project Report.

Wireless Live Human Detection Robot Project

A Wireless Live Human Detection Robot Project is autonomous self controlled electro mechanical device witches can perform intelligent actions in real time applications. And these can work with or without the presence of humans and can operate at the places that man cannot even enter.

The only thing is it follows the human activities, in this project human detection robot we use a human sensor for object sensing mechanism. With increasing high speed technologies in robotics had paved a path for new robotic control techniques and evolution of new strategies. Using these we can implement new high performance faster robots control devices.

Human Detection Robot Components Explanation:

This project consists of infra red sensors used to sense the human bodies and these sensors are controlled by the low power and high performance AT89S52 micro controller, the motor movements are monitored by the micro controller based on the signals from the sensors and the relay signals.

Here we a rectifying unit having a step down transformer, full bridge rectifier, voltage controller for converting 230v ac to 5v dc regulated supply, and an helical gear motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is used for the robot movements, and an electromagnetic relay facilitates the controlling operations  for the micro controller.

Download Wireless Live Human Detection Robot Project Report 

These systems had advanced passive infra red sensors for sensing robot motions, the mechanical design and the working phenomenon is clearly explained in project Report with circuit diagram and block diagram.

Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission

In Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission Project we presented a new revolutionary concept of power transfer based on wireless technology, in this we transmit power from one place to other by means of micro waves rather than transmission lines.

Electrodynamics Project

Project Over view:

This is an era of wireless communications revolution we implemented the next generation power transmission system which is also known as micro wave power transmission system or wireless power transmission system, this concept had raised with intent to reduce the losses in transmission and distribution of electricity.

Here in this particular project we transmit energy from one circuit to other by an electromagnetic coupling known as electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic induction principle states that the change in magnetic field in the primary coil can induce current in the secondary coil, with this method we can transmit or receive energy up to certain distances, Transformer, electrical brush are the examples for the inductive coupling.

The various wireless technologies like inductive coupling and air ionization techniques with comparison of modern laser based power transmission techniques.

Electrodynamics Project System Advantages:

The systems are advantageous because these are comfortable, less risk, shock proof, more environmental friendly, and these are operated at 1 MHz which is a safe limit for humans. But these are transmitted over consisted distances so for far field transfer we implement laser techniques that are discussed in later sections.

As far as applications these systems can be applicable in consumer electronic devices, industrial, robotic applications, direct power transmission for underground systems, power supply for industrial transportation, automatic wireless charging commercial electrical vehicles, security and safety applications.

Download Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission Project Report

Useful Links:

Electro Dynamic Project Report on Suspension Electro Magnetic Suspension

Wireless Power Transmission PPT

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Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial Robotics Project presents an brief idea about the applications of robots in industries, the term robotics is defined as the science and technology which deals with design, construction, operation, and implementation of the robots, and the industrial robots are nothing but the robots which are used for industrial applications, these are the electro mechanical programmable machines that can do works in preventing hazardous conditions.

Industrial Robotics Project

These are highly accurate and consistent, multi functional machines; these devices are interfaced with the computers for monitoring.

Industrial Robotics Abstract:

The main objective of this paper is to place an automated industrial robot in the place of humans in hazardous conditions where man cannot able work. The successful operation of the robots is totally dependent on the programming and the technology used in this programming, so functional programming is an interior function for every robot, recent days robots are controlled by micro computers are highly automated mechanical manipulators.

In industrial automation we control the mechanism of the equipment through a computer based electronic network, but here the robotics involved in programmable automation strategies which had abilities like humans and often termed as anthropomorphic, these robots are programmed to move and performing operations like picking tools and placing them in right position, and doing manual operations so this conditional program is sequentially implemented by the control system within the robot.

List of Content in Project Report:

In this paper we had presented information regarding selection of a robot, elements of robots and their classification, physical configurations, robotic movements, sensors, robotic grippers. A testimonial is presented in this paper and desired controlling parameters were obtained.

Download Industrial Robotics Project Report

Development of color sensor using wireless camera based on MATLAB image processing

The main aim of this Development of color sensor using wireless camera based on MATLAB image  processing project is to develop a color sensor using a camera that can be implemented using MATLAB based Image Processing. Color is the most common feature to distinguish between objects, sorting and recognizing. This technology can be used in Packaging industries where the objects moving through a conveyor belt have to get separated. This system provides such an automatic detecting of specific colored object which presented in front of video camera. The video will be transmitted to the PC. At PC section, this can be seen on PC and further processed through MATLAB. It detects the RGB values of an object that is present in front of Camera.

The video from the camera is transmitted to PC with MATLAB.   The detecting system of object has many advantages such as advanced performance, high reliability, etc. The detection unit reaches the maximum threshold level, this project can be further extended in many ways like can take the photos, displaying pictures, reading and projecting of the data on walls with help of  projector. 

The objectives of the project include: 

  1. Detecting object color by using image processing.
  2. Image processing through PC with MATLAB.
  3. RGB image processing. 

The major building blocks of this project are:

  1. PC with MATLAB
  2. AV transmitter and receiver. 

Software’s used: 

  1. MATLAB. 

Block diagram:


color sensor using wireless camera

B.Tech & Diploma EEE Projects List

B.Tech/ Diploma  EEE Mini & Major Projects List

1. Electrical Equipments Controlling Using PC

2. Power Monitoring System (Voltage, Current, Pf, Active & Reaction)

3. Chopper Based DC Motor Speed Control

4. Wireless Energy Meter using RF Communication

5. Circuit Breaker (Single Phase)

6. Transformer over Load Alert through Voice Announcement

7. Bi- Directional Dc Motor Speed Control System

8. Energy Management with RF

9. Speed Control of Exhaust Fan Using RF Remote

10. Power Grid Control through Pc

11. Three Phase Load Safety Implementation with Phase Fault Detection

12. Pc Based Transformer Monitoring & Protection

13. Digital Frequency Meter

15. Automatic Load Sharing Of Transformers

16. Temperature Dependent Dc Fan Speed Control Using Thermistor

18. Protection of Appliances From Over Voltage

19. Automatic Changeover Switch for Uninterrupted Power Supply

20. Automatic Power Meter Reading Using GSM Network

20. Feeder Protection From Over Load

21. Closed Loop Speed Measurement of Dc Motor

22. Design of Digital Energy Meter

23. Temperature Adjustable Heating System Using Power Electronic

24. Four Channel Fault Annunociation for Industries

25. Wireless Based Electrical Device Control

26. Electrical Apparatus Control System in A Plant Using RF Wire

27. Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Using SCR

28. Single Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier Using SCR

29. PC Based Dc Motor Speed Control Using PWM

30. Thermal Plant Boiler Temperature and Water Level Monitoring

31. Digital Speedometer

32. Controlling Of Incandescent Bulbs Intensity by Using Microcontroller

33. Speed Control of Universal Motor by Using SCR

35. Microcontroller Based Advanced Automatic City Street Light Co

35. Power Saving Iron Box

37. Lead Acid Battery Charger With Over Voltage Protection

38. Variable Frequency Cyclo Converter

39. Temp Based Speed Control of Exhaust Fan Using Triac

40. Microcontroller Based Home Security System

42. Voltage Level Based Appliances

43. Back to Back SCR’S To Control Speed of Universal Motor by RF

44. Wireless Speed Control of DC Motor Using RFID Communication

45. Booster Converter

46. Pc Based Substation Monitoring and Controlling Using RF

47. Speed Control Of Universal Motor By Using IGBT

50. Smart Card Based Electrical Equipments Access Control System

52. Multi Zone Temperature Monitoring With Voice Announcement System

53. Fire Monitor System Using Microcontroller

54. Programmable Static Relay Using Triac

55. Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter

56. Monitoring & Automation of Agricultural Field Environment (Te

57. Multi Channel Voltage Scanner

58. Pc Based Different Industrial Parameter Measure Using ADC

59. GSM Based Dc Motor Speed Control

60. Servo Motor Control Using IR RF