Robo Waiter Robot Project Synopsis & Full Report



This project reports on Robo waiter the first robot for serving food in hotels and restaurants and the same robot can be used in the hospital for serving the food.

As it’s very difficult to serve food in big restaurants where restaurants having 100 tables, so we have designed a robot named RoboWaiter which can serve the food from the kitchen to table.

First, the user will order the food from the android app and the order will be received by kitchen master once the food is ready to master will keep the food on Robo Waiter by selecting the table number. This robot waiter robot will travel to that particular by line tracking.

This Robo Waiter project is a good and innovative topic for final year ECE students.

Block Diagram:

  • Input Switches
  • Motors
  • MSP 430G
  • Line sensors
  • Motor driver
  • Battery pack
  • Voltage regulator


In this project , e have studied and implemented a RoboWaiter Robot using a Microcontroller for hotel automation in place human serving food. The programming and interfacing of microcontroller has been mastered during the implementation.


Smarter versions of robowaiter are used to deliver mails within office building / theater and malls and deliver medications in a hospital.