Online Web Based Project Management and Tracking Project

Online Web Based Project Management and Tracking Project plays an important role in tracking the timings of the employee and how much time he is working and the entry time and exit time   when a employee cross the gate number of times. And maintain like a small database about the timings of the employee.

The developed Online Web Based Project management system  has been successful in automating all the functions of employees and various departments of  Spoorti Software Solutions the proposed system has helped the department to reduce its time spent on various data maintenance tasks, reduced the time spent in report generation, and helped it in providing better and user friendly services to its employees.

The System also provided various metrics to analyze the employee performances to the department. It helped the department to dynamically add questions to the database.

It provided a mechanism through which the administrator can save the existing database to file about the performance of an employee.

The management is now able to select best employees in a better and efficient way and judge the employees in a better way.


  • Development of application in public IT.
  • Addition of some more categories
  • Globalization of Site

Globalization of Site:

We may globalize the site.

Addition of some more categories:

Addition of some more new categories may take place.

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