Social-Eyez an Social Media App Minor Project Synopsis


A Social-Eyez is a social media app that facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks. In our project, we are working to build an app that caters to the above requirements. the app will contain many features like user authentication, content creation(uploading images), interactions in the form of the like button, comment button, etc. the app will be made using Flutter Framework. Among many apps build on this framework, Google pay is a prime example as it is built using this framework.

In the initial Phase, our target is to build the application for Android OS and then take it to another platform like IOS. this application is going to be a live project and our team will keep on integrating new features from time to time. We will start will basic structure and features and then scale it up according to available resources.


Social media is a part of our life now and there are only a few platforms that are dominating this space. Meta is the shark in the tank, it is the parent organization of Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp China has its own alternative apps like WeChat and Weibo. India is still heavily dependent on these apps. This Project is a humble effort to give Indians their own social media app and eventually realize the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat apart from this our app will include many other features which are lagging in Instagram like:-

  1. SOS (Save Our Souls) feature. it can be triggered in the event of an emergency.
  2. Social and News combined.


Social-Eyez will try to give a platform for its user to interact and connect with each other. The main objectives of our app in the long run are:-

  1. Community Builder: One of the many reasons to use Social Media is that it acts as a Community Builder! 
  2. Exchange of Ideas: Social Media has been one of the most successful and popular ways of exchanging ideas! 80percent of people have their accounts on one of the many social media sites thus, making it more logical to validate my point! You can exchange innumerable ideas and can apply them too!
  3. Engagement of users: 
  4. Biggest Marketing Platform: Social Media is now one of the largest media where you can market all your product right from the needle to the largest machines! There’s nothing impossible now!
  5.  Monetization:. One of the major advantages to use social media is that they provide us with the facility to monetize.


  •  User authentication. 
  •  Writing posts with image attachments. 
  •  Becoming followers of other users. 
  •  Reacting and commenting on posts. 
  •  Notification about the latest posts from followed users. 
  •  Searching for specific posts.

Facilities required for Social-Eyez

Technologies that we’ll be using in this project will be Flutter Framework, Dart Programming, Git, and Visual Studio.

the main development of the Application will be done using Flutter Framework. it is a slightly new framework backed by Google. Firebase will also be used. it is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) app development platform that provides hosted backend services. Firebase supports Flutter.

Visual Studio will be used as a code editor and Git will be used for version control development.

Hardware requirement: 

1. Laptop

2. Smartphone


  1. Shakleen Ishfar “Leaf: Flutter Social Media App”
  2. Stanislav Termosa, ”An Introduction to Flutter: The Basics ” introduction-to-flutter-the-basics-9fe541fd39e2/
  3. Introduction to Dart Programming, 2 April 2018

Raspberry Pi Project on Intelligent Door Access Management System

Today the world has been far more advanced in technology than in the last 3 decades and with that, there are advances in the technologies that help to keep our homes safe. With the help of IoT now we can track our house even when we are on vacation.

The significance and the purpose of our Door Access Management System are to make the user’s home much safer by increasing security and giving the user full control of the system.


Background of Project

When we are at work, we may have an important meeting and may not be in time to receive our guests and they may need to wait outside. The same may happen if we are on a vacation and to safeguard ourselves from Intruders.

The duty of an Engineer is to provide solutions for the problems faced every day with upcoming technologies and we have come up with a model which will help to solve them.

Statement of the problem

This project will create a smart doorbell messaging system so that when a guest clicks on the button, obtains an image of the user via a camera peripheral, uploads the image and event data to a Googles Firebase cloud, and sends a message with some message to notify that a guest has arrived.

Aims and Objectives of the project

The main objective of the project is to make a Smart door system. The other objectives are: –

  • To include an access button to allow the user to open/close the door


The main components of the Intelligent Door Access Management System are as follows:

  • Raspberry pi 3    
  • Push-button 
  • Logitech Camera                                                     
  • Stepper motor


The first step was to make an interface between the Push button and the Camera using Raspberry Pi so that when the button was pressed the camera would take a picture. The next step is to connect the camera to the Firebase Cloud to upload the images in the Firebase Storage and send the image’s URL to the Firebase Database.

Next using Android Studio, a Mobile application was designed to retrieve the image from the Firebase Database. Using Node JS push messaging is also added along with the mobile app such that when someone is at the door a notification pops out. They can Open or Close the door using the buttons in the app. When pressed the data is sent to Firebase Database and retrieved by the Raspberry Pi which then operates the door.

Flow Diagram

Block Diagram of Door Access System

Bill of Materials:


Cost (in Rs.)

Logitech camera


Raspberry Pi 3B


Micro-Stepper motor


Push Button







Future scope

  • Face recognition can be implemented to allow family members /regular guests
  • It can be integrated with a burglar alarm and inform the police of intruders 


The project “Intelligent Door Access Management System” has been tested real-world scenario and the door is opened or closed by the commands given by the user

Development of Student Book Finder Mobile App Project

In this project, we are creating an android mobile application, basically, a Student Book Finder Mobile application will provide us with a platform to access the books we want to read at the ease of our fingertips. All the users will be having their separate accounts on this app which will be connected to their email id.

Any book that the user wishes to read, will be entered by him in the search box which works based on query input. The query may be an author name, the book name, or the subject to which the book is related, and will also work on specific keywords input. Apart from searching the books online, the user can save the book he/she likes in the favorites bar.

The Book Finder Mobile App is suitable in the present scenario as the world is being digitalized then why not the education system? On the profile of the user, one can easily view the books he/she has read.

The Book Finder Mobile App will be completely efficient and transparent to the reviews of the people on the book and its price. To get more details about the book one can click on the book and get further grave details.

This Book Finder Mobile App will be using The Google Book API for providing all the books. Further, the FAQ section provides all the necessary details that the user may need about the app.

The app also has a complete User Interface attached to the firebase a perfect login system with an email id and password and a forgotten password too.

This mobile-based application stands for the need of students at any time at their fingertips without any barriers in place.


The objective of the Student Book Finder Mobile App Project is to be a source of Virtual education allowing its users to search for the book of their choice according to the criteria set by them on the search page, read the book, add it to their favorite section, see the reviews of the book and decide which can be a better source for their knowledge and store them at the storage of their profile’s cloud.

This student project will be transparent and efficient in searching all the books it could as available on the Google Book API. Furthermore, new books will be added automatically as they will be updated on the API.

General Introduction to the Topic

Student Book Finder Mobile App Project, an android application is a user-friendly app, with a well-developed User Interface, a login module using the email address and the password, and a signup system for new users provides the user with the ability to search for any book one wants to read.

Besides the user Interface of the Login system, we have also created a navigation bar to provide various other features that the app provides,

It has various fragments the profile page, the favorites column, the About us section, the FAQ section, and an option to Sign Out from the account recently logged in. We have abstracted the android application using the Google Book API which supports us in enabling the various books to the users they are searching for.

We felt the need of developing this app looking at the current scenario where it is impossible to learn or get a book from the library and so the user can access the book from the app store the book whichever one likes on the cloud storage available for the profile.

For testing our application, last we will connect the app with the Google Book API and will allow a user to create a new account and access all the features of the app. This is all our app does and will be the outcome of our project on completion.

How does the App work?

  • As soon as the user enters there would be a splash screen displaying the app name and the copyrights reserved.
  • Then there would be a login page for the user to enter the email address and the password as set if the user has already signed up. For new users, there will be a sign-up page.
  • After logging in, there will be a search page having a search bar, an opportunity for users to enter any keyword related to the book.
  • As the app will be connected with the Google Book API the resulting books found will be displayed on the page itself.
  • According to interest and the choice of the user, the user can click on the book and know details about the book(the price, the author name, the reviews of the book, what the book is all about, and even maybe the pdf copies of the book if we can)
    The user will have the choice to read the book then and there on the spot or can add it to the favorite section.
  • The favorite section will store the book till the user wants it.
  • For any help or details about how the app functions, one can visit the FAQ section.
  • After the work is done the user can sign out from the account.

Software Requirements

Android Studio
Database: Firebase
User Interface Design: Android Application

Visit and Download Student Book Finder Mobile Application Project code, report, PPT, and execution steps

Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Project


The purpose of developing a Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Android Mobile App is to digitalize the traditional way of taking attendance. Another purpose for developing this application is to generate the report automatically at the end of the session or in the between-session for a particular student on a regular check basis.


The following Android Mobile App project has much scope both in present as well as future. In the present situation, the system can be accessed on android mobile devices. Any android device which has the access to the server on which the project has been deployed can use the application i.e. the Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System project will work for a particular institution. But later on, the project can be modified to operate for many institutions.


  • Front-end: XML
  • Back-end: Java
  • DATABASE: MySQL, Firebase
  • SERVER: SQLite Server
  • Tool- Android Studio


This android based mobile app project is a classroom attendance management system and the objectives are:

1. Manual work for information retrieval on attendance becomes less like the work.
2. Easy access for students because they can view their attendance and make up for the shortage of attendance accordingly.
3. It is also time-saving as manual work is less.
4. There is less chance of error.
5. It eliminates duplicate data entry in time and attendance entries.
6. Weekly or Monthly attendance reports can be generated for a particular student.
7. Easy maintenance of students and faculty data by admin.
8. Data redundancy can be decreased as data is now stored in one place.
9. Data is now much more secure.
10. Easy access for teachers as they can now view their student’s attendance reports easily.



Admin and Faculty will login in into the system with username and password, if username and password are correct admin/faculty will be prompt to proceed option otherwise an error will be shown

INPUT: username and password
OUTPUT: student detail information


Admin can insert, update, and delete course details.

INPUT: Course name
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete student info, and enroll students in particular courses.

INPUT: name, Roll No., DOB, Course
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete teacher’s info and assign a course to each teacher.

INPUT: Name, Address, Email, image, course, DOJ
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Faculty can take attendance on a particular day over a student’s name by marking him present or absent.

INPUT: Absent/Present
OUTPUT: A confirmation message


Admin/Faculty can create a student attendance report/chart between any 2 dates

INPUT: starting date, ending date
OUTPUT: attendance report/chart

Women Security Band – Smart and Handy Security Device for Women Project

Objective :

  • To design and develop a smart and handy security device for Women.
  • To alert people in its vicinity and relatives of the victim about the attack and also get help from emergency services.
  • To track the user using google maps under crucial situations.
  • The module developed should be capable to work automatically under crucial situations.

Introduction :

Women Security device is a device that will help women to walk freely in the streets anywhere and at any time. The goal of the women’s security device is to protect women from getting molested in different ways like rape, sexual harassment, abuse, etc. There are existing apps or devices to provide security to women but there are drawbacks to these existing apps or devices. So to overcome such drawbacks and provide security in an enhanced way we are going to propose the women’s security device.

Technical Details :

Following modules/sensors to detect the crucial situation:

1. Pulse rate sensor:

Pulse rate will be the major parameter for the security device because
whenever the person is in danger person’s heartbeat gets increased. So using this parameter we can consider that person can be in danger.

2. Temperature sensor:

This is the second parameter that can be considered when the person is in
danger its temperature starts decreasing so this can be considered as one of the parameters to detect that the person is in danger.

3. Motion sensor:

This is the third parameter we can consider as when the person is in danger due to
fear or anxiety person’s body starts shaking or shivering. So this can be considered as another parameter to send alarm message or call to relatives.

4. Voice Recognition.

We will be using this parameter as well to detect dangerous situations. We will be recording the “HELP” word and when the person shouts when is in danger then by detecting and comparing it with the already recorded word and if it crosses a certain limit of intensity range then we can consider it as a dangerous situation to send alarm message or call to the relatives of the person.

Using the above sensors will provide input to our device
Also to track the user and send emergency messages to listed
contacts and to the nearest police station two modules are used

Problem Statement

To develop an easy-to-carry system that will work automatically without any manual inputs to provide security for women.
Importance of the project.

The expected outcome of the project

A wearable security device that will be user-friendly and feature train the device according to different users. Module to add and remove authorized people for sending alerts to them. Location will be considered while sending alerts.

Functional Requirements:

The user of the Bracelet:-

1. System would Identify the critical situation and normal situation automatically.
2. System would get emergency help automatically when the victim is under attack.
3. System would Blink the LED for 10 secs when a critical situation is detected.
4. Track the nearby victim/friend/relative in an emergency using Google Maps.
5. System would alert the vicinity people.
6. System would get emergency help when the SOS button is pressed manually.
7. Add the contact numbers of friends/relatives on the application to ask help for in an emergency.
8. Login with the already provided unique number using the mobile application.
9. Save the button on the System to write those numbers into GSM.
10. Reset button on the System to reset all previously saved numbers into GSM.

Other than the victim/ User of the Bracelet:-

1.Log in with a verified mobile number.

2. Track the nearby victim/friend/relative in an emergency using Google Maps.

External Interface Specifications:

1. User Interface:-

The user of the Band:-

1. Login.
2. Add the contact numbers of friends/relatives.
3. Tracking the victim using Google Maps.

Other than victim/ User of the Band:-

1. Login.
2. Tracking the victim using Google Maps.

2. Database:-

Firebase Cloud will be used for real-time database storage.

3. Google Maps API will be used for tracking the user.

Technical Specification: There will be one android app and a smart band.

Languages & Technologies:

Languages: C, C++, JAVA, Firebase database
IDE: Arduino, Android Studio

illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate Android App


The main theme of the project “illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate” is to help illiteracy people, nowadays every individual is using a smartphone then what about illiteracy people who don’t know even how to make a call on a smartphone, how to save and select contacts, only this category of people are unable to use a smartphone efficiently, so we thought to help them by providing an android application which makes calling operation very easy for the illiteracy people by clicking on the image of the person it directs to calling operation. Like this they easily recognize the person’s image, for this education is not required while saving contact we can save with an image with this operation we would like to add some other operations like sharing images, and files.

With this illit wear android application, the smartphone will reach every individual in spite of literate or illiterate and we would like to develop this application by using android studio why because in the world 90% of people are using the android phone when compared to ios, the cost of android mobile is less when compared to ios mobile.


To design an android application that helps illiterate people


illiterate people should not face problems while operating basic features in smartphones.


To build an application that makes users recognize the images for calling, sharing data on a smartphone

Existing System

The application will only deal with the name of the contact person. In this case, illiterate people will face a problem with calling a person.

Proposed System

Our application helps people to recognize a contact person with an image and also helps to share images via the internet without any difficulty.




System Requirements

  • Android Studio
  • Minimum java (JDK 1.7)

Output Results:


With this application, the smartphone will reach every individual spite of literate or illiterate.

Here Students can download the illit wear – Made easy for the Illiterate android app complete project documentation.

Medical Advisor Android App by using Java & SQLite

This project is an android based application, especially for the medical sector. This application will be used by users to get medical information about different physical health conditions. This is a standalone application.

The primary aim of this project is to facilitate the user with medical help online providing drug and medical information to the person. Medical Advisor apps are changing the way users handle their personal health care.

Existing System:

The existing system is the online app that facilitates the user with the drug information and the specified clinical prescription to the user. It functions with the user entering the search information regarding the desired disease he wants to know about and the app returns the specified results about the input given by the user the existing system also contains the details about the specialized doctors around them. Basically, it’s an information app for the diseases to be known to the user.

Proposed System:

 In the proposed system, the app facilitates certain features for the user. It basically helps the individual with the clinical assistance online by giving medication and also medical information to the individual about the particular medicine. This app allows you to track any kind of blood donation program around you. the user just has to enter the details as asked in the program and you have to hit the search button and the results are returned.

This project provides you with an insight into the design and development of the health advisor app. For instance, a recent study found that the risk of hospitalization for patients with no or poor knowledge of prescribed therapies is more than double in cases of certain diseases.


 Number of Modules As this is a standalone application, so this application will be available for users.

Users can perform the below operations:

  • Users can search about different diseases.
  • The user gets nearby hospitals based on their location and also specialized doctors working in it.
  • Users can also get details about wellness problems.
  • Users can get blood contribution programs near them.
  • Users can get medical details about physical health.
  • Users can also get medicine descriptions, chemical composition, effects, and side effects.
  • Users also can search for medicines based on their specified illness.

Software requirements:

  • Front end: java
  • Back end : XML
  • Software: android studio
  • Database: SQLlite

Here you can download the entire Medical Advisor Android APP by using Java coding & SQLite Database Source Code, Complete Project documentation, and Paper Presentation.