Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea Full Report

Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea

Seminar Title:

Windows Networking

Introduction to Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea:

There are many operating systems that are developed today which have their own security features. Most commonly used operating system is Windows. Windows are available in different versions Windows 98, 2000, 2003, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7  the latest version with advanced features is Windows 8. All these operating systems are having features like file sharing, encrypting, printing, security, administrative control with different protocols like TCP/IP, NetBIOS, IPX/SPX  which also supports different Networking hardware’s. Continue reading “Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea Full Report”

Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

Paper Presentation Title:

Morphological Image Processing

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Morphological Image processing:

 Morphological Image processing explains about the comparison of two images and their geometric pattern in terms of their values. Morph is related to the biological science that is used to deal with structure of plants and animals. Continue reading “Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing”

Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing:

Mobile computing is fast growing technology ,paper presentation on Mobile Computing explains in detail about this topic.Now a day’s cellular technology is the most widely used technology. It works on the frequencies that connect to millions of the users. Earlier analog technology was used that was based on the wires to connect but they are limited to the home. Then in 1990s GSM technology came that introduced the mobiles, and it becomes the mode of communication from anywhere and at any time. They use the frequency between the 890-915 MHz and 935-690 MHz for the receptions. Every cell consists of number of channels and they are needs to register to the nearest base stations.

Mobile Communications Overview Block Diagram:

Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing with Full Report

Users can do data communication, it means that they can share information, or they can share file, send Mail, connect to the internet and WWW. They provides variety of networks to access data communication like PSTN, ISDN, or ATM. They all are partly analog and digital. They either do packet switching or circuit switching. In circuit switching data are sending from one user to other user and they have to follow the specific path. If in case the link that you are busy then your message cannot be redirected and that might create delay. While in case packet switching they utilize the network efficiently, they break the message in to small parts and they are sending in to packets. In mobile phones user can move from one place to other place and they can talk while walking also.

Circuit Switched CDPD Diagram:

Circuit Switched CDPD

Mobile computing-CDPD technology:

Today mobile communication is dominated by the CDPD technology. In this system if your communication idle then you are not charged for that. This reduces the cost of the communication and slow transmission.

While CDPD networks allow it users to connect the users to connect with fixed link. They always connect to the existing network and transmit the data with the help of circuit switch.

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Mesh Networking Seminar Report

Mesh Networking Seminar Report covers in depth information on this topic here we explain about basic out line of the topic.This topic explains about concept of networking in which each node needs to capture its data but also they disseminate their own data. They are depended on the other nodes and then they send the data in to the network. They are designed with the help of routing or flooding. When we send message on the network then message travel on the path by jumping from one node to others nodes and in this way they reach the destination.

The connection we create must be continuous and they must be connected to each other. Mesh Network is something like MANET, or ad hoc networks. To resolve the problem of continuous network we have to use self-healing based algorithms. It does not allow to break even single node and it make the connection reliable. These types of networks are used in the wireless networks.

A mesh Networking Example:

Mesh Networking Seminar Report

Different Types of Network in Wireless Mesh Network:

Zigbee: it is the high level communication that uses very low power.  They are based on the IEEE standard that used radio signals for communication. They are used in different applications. They are developed for personal networks. They can be used in the light switches, meters, or home appliances that will operate on your message send by from cell phone. They are not expensive like other WPANs such as Bluetooth. They are developed for short range communication. They can send data at the speed of 250 kbps.

Wi-Max: they are also the wireless networks. They are wireless broadband networks that work like telecom operators. They send signals using high towers. It is also called 4G. They send the data at the speed of 75Mbits per sec.  

Wi-Fi: they are wireless network that are limited to the building or college campus. They can be used in the mobile and the Laptops for internet connection. they can also be used in the other device that have Wi-Fi feature.

This Mesh Networking Seminar Report is submitted by computer science students. Students can also find paper presentation on this topic.

Content in Mesh Networking Seminar Report:

Types of mesh Networks

Mesh Network exmaple

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Just Dial Web Portal CSE Seminar Report

Just Dial Web PortalIntroduction to CSE Seminar Topic on Just Dial Web Portal:

It is the web site that provides services to its user on SMS and phone calls. It was formed in 1994. It works in across 25 cities in India. It received over more than 25 million calls every year. Due to this it become the no.1 search destinations related to anything. Now it has expanded to very large area.  Now it works in almost 1300 cities in India and it have 25 million users that have connected to

It has more than 4000 employees working for and it has around 1,00,000 tie ups with different big and small companies that provide information to the it receives more than 5 lakhs calls every day, to give information to the users related to their query like business, services etc. you can call any time at day or night and at free of cost, no charges are applied.

It has around more than lakhs of customers that are always live as they provide 24×7 services. They have opened their branches across 11 cities in India. Due to this achievement it has been ranked top 50 websites in India. They also work mobile users. They offer good jobs to the student with nice salary and with basic qualifications. You can also work part time as well as full time. For that you need to register to the and you have to pay for the first time about rs 5000. That you can online through debit card or net banking.

Advantages and disadvantages:

they provide variety of option for different products. It is available any time. Less cost and you can send SMS also. But this is slow you might need to get faster net connection for that. It hasn’t done any technological advancement in their services.

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