Automation of Student Attendance Management Tool Project

Abstract: The Automation of Student Attendance Management system maintains an analytical record of students, in accordance with the minimum attendance required by the faculty, for allowing students to sit for the examination. The front end of the project is being made using Netbeans IDE 8.2, in Java language; whereas the backend is being created and …

Bus Ticket Reservation and Management System Project using Java and Swing

1. Introduction 1.1    Purpose The purpose of this document is to describe the Software Requirement Specifications of a Bus Ticket Management System. It aims to lay down guidelines that have to be followed while developing the bus ticket management system. It also includes a description of the software and the IDEs used. 1.2    Intended Audience …

Design & Development of E – Agriculture Java project

The main objective of this E – Agriculture Java project is to build a website that will help Indian farmers to make the effective cultivation by providing information on crops and make a path to earn more money from Indian villages by selling their products to different cities online and by registering their crops to get their suitable price for their crops.

Hospital Database Management System Project using PHP & MySQL

Hospital Database Management System Project using PHP & MySQL developed under Database Management System Course study, It is DBMS based application that can handle different workflows related to a hospital using MySQL and PHP. The main aim of developing this project is to develop an online web-based system that registers, stores and alters the data related to the day-to-day hospital operations.

Baking Website – Online Store for Bakery Products Java & MySQL Project Source Code & Report

INTRODUCTION A Baking Webpage allows users to check for various bakery products available at the online store and purchase them. This Webpage consists of a list of Bakery products displayed in various categories with their unique descriptions which attract people. If a user likes a product, he may add it to the shopping cart. If …