Multi Service Browsers Java Project

Multi service browser java project is about performing search operation suing speech. This application is already in market; Google is using this application for mobiles. This project will be the best option for computer science students. 

Web is the collection of large number of pages and documents. Every page is linked with many other pages on the web where users from all over the world can view these pages can follow. These links are called as “hyper links” and the text is called as “hyper text”. Browsers main functionality is to find out these pages and submit to the user based on the search result. These browsers are developed using different languages like java, vb, html, java scripts and c++…Etc.     

when user search using browser it will display requested page using URL (uniform resource locator’s).Browser will resolve URL then it requests Local Name server(LNS) for ip address else it will request pages from Domain Name Server to find ip address.

This process is done using TCP connection. After TCP connection is released browser will display requested page.

Multiple service browser  performs same functionality as that of regular browser but using speech to text conversion. When user speaks out for a search request speech is converted to text. This project will very help full where keyboard is not comfortable like in mobile. 

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  1. i wnnna use Multi Service Browsers Java Project from your web- site,but in the code
    con = DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:odbc:SUS”,”PLMS”,”PLMS”);

    can i use root instead of PLMS

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