Intra Communication Software a Java Project


The main aim of the project “Intra communication software a Java Project is to develop software that enables communication with people in the same organization through an online system. In this project, conferences are conducted between the employees and online decisions from the employees of different branches will be enabled. This is advantageous to a company where branches are there throughout the country.

This system is so developed that it provides solutions to the superiors of the company. Selected users are grouped together. Multi-conference is also supported. This system is developed in a client/server environment and can maintain conferences, meetings etc on the net. If a single person is selected from the list then chat between both of them is enabled. 


The project Intra communication software described here has mainly four modules. This is the admin module, user module, conference module and report module. The admin module is specifically dedicated to the administrator of the organization. He uses this module to control all operations like the creation of employees, and providing permissions.

The user module is for the employees of the organization. Through this module, the employee can do some operations like the creation of chat rooms and participate in employee conference using in chat rooms. The conference module is used by the administrator and can create chat rooms to facilitate chatting. The various chat rooms can also be viewed. In the reports module, the administrator will generate different type of reports and it is controlled by administrator.


The project discussed above can be feasible because of the hardware and software components are not expensive and can be manufactured easily. Hence the feasibility of the system is high and can be easily set up. The software used is easy to install and easy to use.

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