Development of Electricity Information System BCA Final Year Project

This is the BCA Final Year Project website related to electricity information systems developed with PHP and MySQL databases. In which users can see the problem related to the electricity in a particular area. Users also can complain about electricity-related problems like a complaint about the transformer, electricity problems at home, wire damage and overload …

Credit Card Application Portal Java MySQL DBMS Mini Project

Problem Statement: The credit Card Application Portal provides a platform for Users to avail of a credit card by filling in the relevant details. Further, it enables them to manage card services in the application portal. Description: The Credit Card Application Portal not only enables users to avail of a credit card but also allows …

Student Database Management System Bootstrap Project

The Student Database Management System project DBMS uses technologies like MySQL, WAMP, and PHP for storing and accessing the database also HTML, CSS/and BOOTSTRAP to maintain the GUI of the project. The Student project DBMS mapped the various real-life entities of the institution like departments, teachers, and students and gave us a model through which we can efficiently store, manipulate and retrieve our data.

Hospital Database Management System Project using PHP & MySQL

Hospital Database Management System Project using PHP & MySQL developed under Database Management System Course study, It is DBMS based application that can handle different workflows related to a hospital using MySQL and PHP. The main aim of developing this project is to develop an online web-based system that registers, stores and alters the data related to the day-to-day hospital operations.

Student School Record Keeping System Application Database Project

Project Background Efficient management of student-related information becomes challenging for any educational organization when the volume of data and operations over that data increases. Information systems and database systems are the needed tools that help in the efficient management of such large volumes of data. These systems not only manage the data but even help …