Traffic Signal for Emergency Vehicles & VIP Vehicles

This is Traffic Signal for Emergency Vehicles & VIP Vehicles IOT Project.

In this project, we are using Raspberry Pi with connected traffic lights surround the box this will be placed in a three-way Junction

This is the 3 way Junction, whenever the emergency vehicle comes we have 2 tags, incoming tag and outgoing tag, When incoming tag senses wherever the signal is the signal transition will be happening to the box and green light will on.

When green will stop is that means the vehicle is moved away.

Traffic Signal for Emergency Vehicles & VIP Vehicles IOT Project.

In this project we are using RFID Tag, this is used to sense the RFID tag, whenever the ambulance sees the RFID tag, and this will give serial data to NodeMCU.

NodeMCU send data over MQTT protocol to Raspberry pi saying that Switch on the green light on the particular root till it senses another tag.

Check the below project output video, this is how emergency alerting is happening in the traffic signal.

Online E-Waste Management System Project

Need to develop an online e-waste management system in Java language.
online e-waste management should be done at the panchayat level.
Admin should be the panchayath and should be able to monitor the staffs and customer and send emails to them for communications.

the main functionalities that need to include is below


  • Admin
  • updating of products
  • payment list
  • view daily and weekly reports
  • add/remove products
  • login/register
  • attendance
  • send emails
  • customer
  • product selection
  • buy/sell products
  • payment
  • login/register
  • feedback
  • collection agents
  • collection
  • receive products
  • connection to the recycling company

e-waste management system

The e-waste management system is to be done in a panchayat or a residence association. A member of the panchayat/residence association will be the admin. Admin should be able to view the attendance of the staff, maintain the payment list of both customer and staff. The member of the panchayath/residence association will be the customer. The persons who view and purchase products will be consumers. The people who collect waste according to admin’s instruction will be the collection agents/staff/employee. Functionalities of each user are described below


  • login/logout
  • view products uploaded by the customer
  • add/remove products
  • upload products
  • view weekly/daily reports
  • maintain the allocation of staff
  • view the attendance of staff
  • payment list of staff
  • payment list of customer
  • add/remove customer
  • add/remove staffs
  • send messages to staff about the e-waste and location
  • informs the date on which staff come to collect waste
  • informs the customer when the date is preponed or postponed
  • view feedback
  • approval of products uploaded by the customer
  • verification(if both customer and staff send confirmation message)


  • login/logout
  • registration
  • view products
  • purchase products
  • view description of products


  • login/logout
  • mark attendance
  • view messages from admin about the e-waste and location
  • receive products
  • send confirmation message
  • send messages to admin if there is any inconvenience


  • login/logout
  • Registration
  • upload products
  • Sell products
  • Send confirmation message to admin
  • remove products
  • receive the date as a message from admin about the day on which staff
  • come to collect e-waste
  • send message to an admin if there is any inconvenience
  • upload description about the product
  • send feedback to admin

Diet System Using Raspberry Pi


  • The main aim of this project is to implement a diet system using Raspberry Pi.
  • A number keypad is also interfaced with the module in order to add details of either family members or friends.
  • This project ensures that each individual has a healthy balanced diet.


  • The ultimate goal of this project is to create a computerized system that will assist patients to make up a personalized diet plan that allows them to enjoy a broader range of meals, and also to quickly and accurately make up shopping lists for the meals.
  • The system is implemented with a weight sensor to measure the weight of the fruit or vegetable.
  • The camera captures the food item.
  • The weight details along with pictures are sent to the Raspberry Pi module and calculated with the inbuilt diet chart.
  • The LCD displays the calorie intake details of the particular food item.
  • Along with each individual person, family members or friends details can also be interfaced and maintain the track of calorie intake.

Solar based Robot for Garden Grass Cutting and Watering Plants

The main aim of developing this Solar based Robot for garden grass cutting and watering Plants IoT project is to provide an easy way of cutting grass and watering methods to the formers without much manual interaction.

This is the solar powered grass cutting robot and water Sprinkler which includes Aurdino Board, Bluetooth, Two channel Relay module, and moto drivers and Solar panel, Cutter Blade.

Solar Panel used to charge the battery in the Day time and we have a water sprinkler which is used for pesticide sprinkler.

We have an android app where we are controlling the android app has Forward, Backword, left, Right, Cutter Blade on and Off, Water Sprinkler On and Off options.

Existing System:

There are lots of labor charge needed for a simple grass cutting work for present existing machines.
The electric and labor charge both costs give a heavy expense. The human body depends on the atmosphere and weather conditions.
The existing models are not capable to adjust the cutting blade.
They do only just cutting the grass only.

Proposed System:

We are developing a multi-tasking robot which can trim the grass with height adjustment and can water the plants in the garden.
The Robot is can also be used for surveillance.
This robot is controlled wireless with an RF remote.
This is power with solar energy.

Let us see the working condition of the project below.

This robot keeps going forward and backward to cut the grass.

Block Diagram of The project:


  • Arduino Uno.
  • DC Motors robot movements.
  • BLDC motor for grass cutting.
  • TSOP sensors for detecting obstacles.
  • Water sprinkler for water plants.
  • 12V Battery.


  • Cutting the Grass in following areas colleges.
  • Public Gardens.
  • Houses.
  • Parks etc.

Smart Medicine Pill Reminder Project using Arduino

Smart Medicine Pill Reminder Project is an IOT based Electronics mini project for Academic Students, The main aim of developing this Kit is to remind medicines just like an alarm.

In this Smart Medicine Pill Reminder Project, we are using Arduino board, APR33R3 Voice playback module connected to Amplifier and this connected to Speaker

we have an LCD also to display that,

the main intention before developing this project is to usually remind the medicines which have to be taken in the daily schedule and it is especially useful for old age people, patients, and busy people.

The below Video is the Working condition of the smart medicine pill reminder project.

This is how it reminds the message

Every after 10 seconds it will remind the message. Here we can adjust the Time according to our convenience.

Here Aurdino is giving input to the APR33R3 and this giving input to the Amplifier and amplifier gives the signal to the Speaker.

The output voice message can be visible on the LCD Screen also.

Conducting University Examination Java Web Application


  • This ‘Web application for conducting University Examination’ will be fetching all the students’ details from a pre-designed database.
  • This final year project will be generating the exam schedule automatically.
  • This application will be allocating the proper seat to the students in the examination hall in a manner so that there is less chance of cheating.
  • This ‘Web application for conducting University Examination’ will be allocating the invigilator to the respective examination hall automatically, at the same time, creating an Invigilators’ back-up in case of unavoidable circumstances.
  • This project will be keeping the attendance record of both the students and the invigilator.
  • This application will use the JAVA programming language for the coding portion and MYSQL database for designing database for the university.


  • To provide University layout.
  • To generate the Examination Date sheet.
  • To generate the seating plan of students.
  • To generate Invigilator allocation.
  • To maintain the attendance of students and invigilator.
  • To replace the Invigilator in emergency circumstances.


  • About University: To provide university layout.
  • Examination management module: To manage the Examination Date sheet.
  • Seating Arrangement Module: To generate the seating plan of students.
  • Invigilator allocation Module: To Allocate the faculty as an Invigilator.
  • Attendance Module: To maintain the students and invigilator attendance.
  • Invigilator Replacement Module: To replace the Invigilator in emergency circumstances.

Existing system

  • The existing system of conducting the examination in the University is entirely manual and there is a lot of use of manual inputs and endeavor
  • The existing system of conducting the examination in the University keeps the complete staff occupied well much before the exams.
  • The existing system is less efficient as it occupies Exam Managers from all the departments.
  • The existing system is making the seating arrangement manually.
  • The existing system is allocating the invigilator to the respective Examination hall manually.
  • As all the process of conducting the examination is manual it is prone to errors and mistakes are liable to occur.
  • There are less transparency and coordination between COE and departments at each step towards conducting the examination.

Proposed System

  • The proposed system is entirely automated i.e. each and every functionality is just a few clicks away.
  • There is a lesser use of manual inputs and contribution.
  • The Proposed system of conducting the examination in the University reduces the occupancy and business of the Department Exam Manager
  • The Proposed system is more efficient as it does not occupy Exam Managers from all of the departments
  • The Proposed system is making the seating arrangement automatically.
  • The Proposed system is allocating the invigilator to the respective examination hall automatically.
  • As all the process of conducting the examination is automated there is a lesser chance of errors and mistakes.
  • There is full transparency between the COE and department at each step towards conducting the examination.


ER Diagram:

Mobile based College Student Communication Portal App

Project Abstract :

The aim of this Student communication platform android project is to build an android application that provides an interactive environment among students of various colleges providing updates regarding different events or activities. It creates an open forum and brings together all the students of similar age groups providing a space for communication and enables the sharing of knowledge and ideas. This application can become a one-stop for the various needs of students.

Problem Definition:

In Existing college student app scenario, there are many events, activities, technical and cultural fests that take place in colleges and many times, the updates regarding these events might not be effectively communicated among students of other colleges and sometimes even within the college. Communication of these events requires physical effort to reach out to different colleges and convey the information regarding such events.

In this communication app, we have 3 modules i.e. for faculty, club-head and student. Club-head can share the details of the events to pa articular college or group of colleges. And also, there is an option for in a particular college you can send the poster to a particular class or section or department. The student can find the details of events whereas the club head can share the details of the events. Faculty can also share useful information like notes with particular students.

Thus,t his application can play a major role in increasing participation levels of students in various events regardless of their college.


Software Requirements: Android studio, Java

Database:  Firebase

Future Expansion of the Project:

The project can further be expanded to include the registrations and payments of the events apart from the updates alone. It can also enable communication between lecturers and students to share knowledge and concepts through this application.

Output Screenshots:

Student Placement System Android App


The main objective of this Student Placement System App project is to develop an android application which manages placement activities in college makes an interactive GUI where the institute can manage details of students.

This application consists of three modules:

  1. Admin
  2. TPO
  3. Student

Admin Module:

There will be Admin home page where he can login , after login, it redirects to another page which consists of two buttons:

  1. Add TPO
  2. Add Student

On Clicking TPO, admin can add the credentials of TPO:

  1. TPO Name
  2. TPO Id
  3. TPO password

Similarly, On Clicking  Add Student, admin can add student credentials :

  1. Student name
  2. Student id
  3. Branch
  4. percentage

TPO module:

TPO can login into home page by providing username and password which is given by the admin.

After logging in, TPO can provide various functionalities:

  1. Add Company
  2. Notifications
  3. Add previous papers
  4. Add Selected Students

On clicking add company, TPO provides upcoming company details and job description.

On clicking add notifications, it gives the notifications to the students who are eligible to the respective company.

On clicking add previous papers, he can add all previous placement papers in pdf format or word format.

On  clicking add Selected students, he can add the details of the selected students.

Student Module:

Student can login to the page by providing id and password given by admin.

After logging in, the student has different functionalities, he can view

Company details, view notifications, view previous placement papers, view selected students.

Android Mobile Application for Booking Vehicle

As the technology increasing day by day most of the work is made easier by software applications run on mobile. We are living in the 21st century which is known as the “Mobile World”, where almost every kind of work is carried out with the help of mobiles. In this project, we are introducing a concept of having remote access to book a vehicle of our desired wish for a long tour or short tour with payment through our mobile application which is supported by Android operating system. Our Booking Vehicle application is designed with the registration facility in which the customers are registered with personal details. This application is designed with functionalities such as Login, Drive mode, (4 wheeler or 2 wheeler), Booking Report, Online Payment, List of the vehicles and their costs, Access.

The purpose of this Booking Vehicle project is to describe the DriveEase Android Application.

The DriveEaseapplication is a web portal where all information about the vehicles (2 wheelers and 4 wheelers) which customers want for long tours and short tours. The problem mostly is most people want to drive their vehicles by their own and some want compulsorily want drivers. DriveEase applications provide both facilities. And the main feature of the application as it provides both 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers according to the users choice.

It provides a friendly environment to maintain the details of vehicles, Availability details, Images of vehicles conducted, List of the drivers and their contact details, User Access,  Updating the vehicles details and showing the vehicles to user boarding to the selected boarding point. The main purpose of this project is to maintain easy Booking of Vehicles for user desired Transportation.


In this project, we are introducing a concept of having remote access to book a vehicle of our desired wish for a  long tour or short tour with payment through our mobile application which is supported by android operating system. Our application is designed with the registration facility in which the customers are registered with personal details. This application is designed with functionalities such as Login, Drive mode, (4 wheeler or 2 wheeler), Booking Report, Online Payment, Driver details, List of the vehicles and their costs, Access. Whereas an administrator can log in, verify, modify and update the vehicle details, upload driver details through a DriveEaseappliation. 

Problem Definition

In the present scenario, whenever we want to book a vehicle it takes more payment and no user satisfaction. Existing system existing not having any application with the selection of users desired vehicle. The selection of the driver also not available in the existing systems. The travelers face a lot of distress with the driver and there is no mutual understanding between the driver and passenger. Self-driving option may not available in the existing system, it enables users to handle the tour according to their wish.


In this Booking Vehicle project, we are providing an individual account for users with a username and a unique password by giving them registration options. They can log in into their own account through the internet from any remote access area. DriveEase is available in a mobile which runs on Android OS as an Application on your fingertips. This Application has all facilities for the user to select a vehicle, select a driver, book a vehicle, start a trip, end the trip, payment through online. Login facility both for user and admin for viewing, modifying vehicles.

Login Module

The purpose of this module is to provide entry into the CETA application. Based on the type of login, the user is provided with various facilities and functionalities. The main function of this module is to allow the user to use the event information system. This module provides two types of login:  Student Login(through CETA) and Admin login through the website.

Fig 10: Login Module

Administrator Module

In this module, if the administrator enters a particular user name and password, then that admin is logged in.

Updates/Adds/Displays vehicles and drivers list

Admin can modify vehicles details, can update vehicles, and add driver’s details and display cars list, bikes list, drivers list.

User Module

In this module when a user enters his username and password, then he can visit the entire following page:

Selection of Drive Mode

When the user clicks on this dropdown list he/she will get two options car and bike. They may select any one.

Selection of point area

When the student clicks on this dropdown list, the boarding points are displayed here. They can select any.

Cars View

When the user clicks on the view button, cars in the selected area are displayed.

Bikes View

When the user clicks on the view button, bikes in the selected area are displayed.

Drivers View

This displays drivers available for a particular area when the user clicks ‘Do you want a driver?’ alert box.

Payment View

This displays the Starting trip date, ending trip date, total cost along with required payment details like card number, expiry date, cvv no.

Payment Success View

This notifies the user with payment successful text and a button to drive to home again.


User Accessing application

The user is of center focus; because in every application, the user plays a very important role.Users can have access to view only if they log in. Users can access the information of the vehicles, select a vehicle, and Select a driver, Start and stop a trip, make payment.

Online Fee Challan Generation Project Synopsis


The project is a web-based application where the user can generate Challan to pay the fee. The system automates the conventional process of generating Challan by visiting the college website. The system would be having two logins: Admin and User Login. Admin can view student details and can even add or update things in their account.


  • Admin login
  • Student/user login
  • Student details
  • The Fee details
  • Dues

Software Requirements:

  • Windows XP,Windows 10
  • Sql 2012
  • Visual studio 2017


  • This software is user friendly you will automatically feel the difference in managing the fee challan things on the implementation of software
  • It perfectly manages the fees by creating the student profile with demographic information, contact details and parent information
  • Using this software is completely safe
  • It also offers quick payment 


  • User must have a reliable internet connection