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Blood Donating System Web Application Project Software Requirement Specification

This is the Software Requirement Specification for Blood Donating System Project and it explains the project overview, project scope, project problem statement, Hardware and Software Requirements, Project Phase wise, review wise development process and Functional Requirements.

Project Overview

A Blood Donating System Web Application can help many people to donate blood those who are in need. So they will have a pure registration, with necessary details and those who are in need of blood will log in and check for the donors’ list based on their locality and contact facility will be given such that both will be in contact and also they shall do the process necessary for blood donation.

Project Scope

In India, due to many accidents in many situations and in different locations. According to the EMRI Survey, in a two-day Conference, it stated that​ “​40% of road accident victims in 2018 died due to excessive loss and due to very less source of contact for donating the blood”.​ So Actually the scope is that, In a very short span, it provides users with many facilities. The main purpose of the Blood Donating System project is to interconnect donors into a single network with receptors. So the proposed Blood Donating Web Application project could ensure the necessity of blood and blood donation by saving the World.

Problem Statement

So many people are losing their lives without having the availability of blood in correct time for example if a person met with an accident and for surgery he needs blood urgently in short period of time and sometimes it is very difficult to get blood in time so to overcome this problem our team decided to develop a website for blood donation.

Phase 1

  • Project Idea
  • Evaluation of Idea in technical Aspect
  • Research of The Idea and Analysis
  • Scope of the Project evaluated

Phase 2

  • Front End
  • Developing Responsive Web Pages in Front End
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Introduction Page
  • Donor Form Fill
  • Signup

Phase 3

  • Donors Details Page
  • Backend Development
  • Access of Donors to contact
  • Technologies used are django, mongos
  • Login/Logout Validation

Development Process

● Register & Log-in Portal
● Blood Donation System
● Donor History after successful login
● Both Donor and Receptor pure validated registration
● Donors are available based on the Receptor Locality
● Easy UI
● Backend without any issue in Domain Specifications
● Login and Logout Creation2. Requirements Specification

Functional Requirements

● HTML, JavaScript, BootStrap (Main Focus on these.)
● Registration
● Login and Logout Portal
● Blood Donation Management
● Donors History
● Donors List based on their Locality
● Pure Backend Establishment using Javascript

Non-Functional Requirements

● Reliability
● Usability
● Maintainability

Medical Store Management Project Windows Application using C#.Net

This Medical Store Management Windows Application provides the facility to store medicine details for a medical Store. It saves time as it allows users to reach medicine quickly by finding it from the database.

Medicine Database is generated by the user by storing medicine details. Admin has a privilege to delete users database, medicine database, looking in users login information like username, password, time of login. Users can register with their Email, Mobile No, and password. The application can be used in many big medical stores to manage medicines and therefore saving a lot of time and resources.

The various front-end software used in the Medical Store Management project is C# (As Programming Language), .NET Framework, and Metro Framework. MongoDB is used as the backend tool.

The project is related to Medical Store Management which provides services to medical stores. Any user can log in to the software using this application. Users can find, insert, update, and delete the medicine details whenever they want. The system keeps the track of all users and their medical details.

Working of Present Manual System

The staff of the medical store is involved in the following process:

1. Maintaining Medicine Bills
2. Stock Analysis on paper
3. Quantitative Analysis

Drawbacks of present systems

Fast medicine search is not possible manually in a very large Medical Store.
No central database can be maintained to store the results of all medicine details.

Proposed System

1. User registration
2. Insertion, deletion, update, searching of medicine details
3. Stock Analysis

The proposed system provides the following solution

1. It provides better and more efficient service to medical store owners
2. Reduces the workload of store employees
3. Faster searching for medicine
4. All medicine details on a single server

User’s Role

1. Providing the correct information while registering
2. Managing medical store by Insertion, deletion, update, searching of medicine details
3. Stock Analysis

Admin’s Role

1. Deletion of users or medicine database if required
2. Monitor the user’s login reports and stock analysis

Justification and need for the System

The traditional approach to storing medicine details is on notebooks and bills.
These days there is often more emphasis on software, which may consist of insertion, deletion, update, and searching of medicine details to software.

It is a modern method of medical store management widely accepted and hastily increasing environment of storing medicine details by using Medical Store Application.

It will considerably replace the traditional paper and pen-based medicine data store in the future.

It supports medical store owners to cope with the increasing number of medicines by providing an overview of the database by stock analysis section.


We have implemented the Medical Store Management successfully. We used C# as a programming language on .NET Framework 4.6 and Metro Framework and MongoDB as backend tools as database.

The system is very good at saving the precious time of medical shop owners as well as reducing the workload of medical store staff.

It is a modern method of storing and retrieving the medicine information widely accepted and hastily increasing environment of conducting managing medicines through software in all the sectors of medical stores.

It will considerably replace the traditional paper and pen-based information storing in the future with Medical Store Management Application.

Hospital Management System VB.Net Windows Application Project

The main aim of developing this Hospital Management System VB.Net Windows Application application is to manage the hospital functionalities between doctors, patients, staff, and admin.

Hospital Management System Project is best suited for 1920×1080 resolution and 64bit architecture. This VB.Net Windows Application Uses Microsoft Access MSAccess Database 2016 for back-end database queries. This Project works only in the Microsoft Windows environment. The project is created using Visual Basic (.NET Framework).

Users & functionalities of the Project

  • Login Page
    • Admin Login details
    • Staff Login details
  • Patient
    • Patient Registration
    • Patient Check-up
    • Patient Admit/Discharge
    • Patient Update Details
  • Staff
    • Staff Availability
  • Blood Bank
    • Register Blood Donor
    • Register Blood Receiver
    • Blood Availability Information
  • Personal Information
    • Edit Profile
    • Logout

Hospital Management System Overall Functional map of the project below:

Hospital Management System Project & Platform Details

The Hospital Management System is designed to help in hospital management. With this software, the hospital management can register patients as well as assign them tickets for consultation and admission/discharge. This windows application also allows you to check the availability of staff members. From here, the blood bank department can also be handled with ease. The administrator has the power to access all databases at will.

Database Details:

Here you can download the complete Hospital Management System VB.Net project Source code, Project Report, User Manual.

For more details visit the project developer’s page

Insurance Policy Maintenance and Claim Management Process .Net Project using C# and SQL Server

An insurance management system is a personal intranet-based web application developed by a group of insurance broker agents to make your insurance policy and claim review process easier and more flexible.

The web application is used to check and monitor the status of customers who have adopted new policies in the context of distributed access in your organization, and to notify them of the terms of the policy’s premium payments and requirements. In fact, the system is designed to accelerate the process in your business process to increase customer satisfaction and keep the overall flow of customers in this domain smooth and stable.

The main problem of manual operation is the registration of holders of existing insurance policies and their regular maintenance of insurance policy payments. Providing regular services also takes a lot of time by searching the registers of the current customer base. If it is possible to automate the data storage process and increase search control, there is always the opportunity to get additional customers in turn, which will increase the profitability of the organization.

The real purpose of choosing this system is to speed up the organizational process. Agents can have the expected information at any time, in any instance. Creating the required reports in accordance with operational requirements will be much easier and information will be available. The system is not only false evidence but also has a high level of customer satisfaction.

The application is also security-oriented and is expected to be fast as a shared access structure because it communicates within the system.

Project Characteristics:

  • The agent can view the required information at any time, whether it is a policy or a customer, with the click of a mouse and the example the second.
  • If planned in an organized manner, customers can be provided with an online terminal where they can receive information with their own hands without major intervention.
  • Customer or policyholder alerts can be generated at lightning speed by asking specific customers.
  • Data can be shared via a single-window link in their respective databases, saving time entering multiple data while they are being collected.
  • The status of the premium payment on the clients’ policies can be systematically discussed by the Agents to check for non-payment.
  • A specific policy can be clearly monitored by the detainee and checked before the claim is resolved.
  • Most importantly, the overall system can provide consistent and reliable authenticated information about your transactions at any time.

Current System:

In general, if a user plans to create an insurance plan manually, they will need to perform a number of activities.

It is a very tedious process for the agent to keep records of what is happening through the system and the required information that may be generally needed at all stages.

In increasing the customer base, the manual search process is very tedious and time-consuming, which repeatedly frustrates the customer with the agent.

Recommended System:

With the new system, the following activities are gaining momentum.

The actual process of the organization can be modulated into three different independent views

  • Agent Appearance
  • Opinion of the policy owner
  • System Administrator View
  • Agent

At any time you can view the required information or policies, or customers with an example of a click of a mouse and a second.
If planned in an organized manner, customers can be provided with an online terminal where they can receive information with their own hands without major intervention.


The actual process of an organization can be modulated into three different independent perspectives

  • insurance company information
  • Agency Information
  • customer information
  • Policy Information
  • Policy payments
  • Political demands
  • Security information

Download Insurance Policy Maintenance and Claim Management Process .Net Project Source code, Report, PPT using C# and SQL Server

Bug Tracking System .Net Project with SQL Server & ASP.Net

To create a new Bug Tracking System, which enables the user to detect the bugs and notify it to colleagues and administrator to get the rectification from them immediately.

This project “Bug Tracking System” handles the Organization details into the database in an efficient manner. This system is more innovative to use, any user can make up an easier and faster transactions between employees. This site can be used under any private concern, for flexibly handling the databases, to get dispatches the data to process them for individual usages. Thus it makes the system more flexible, and more reliable for use.

For all the above this site is the perfect place for the users especially employees who preferred to save the time, and entered into the current trend.  Thus the entire project of Bug Tracking System is clearly tested; all the modules are working correctly, as well as the output is verified.


  • Employee Details
  • Priority Master
  • Project Details
  • Status Fixation
  • Fast Search
  • Add Bugs

Module description

Employee Details:

The employee details module allows the administrator to make the entries for the employee with their proper identities such as name, mail-id, mobile number and etc.
Priority Master:

The priority master module allows the administrative people to fix up the priority for the occurrences of the fore coming errors, which is assigned or created as high, low, medium, and so on.
Project Details:

The Project detail module allows the administrator to create the details about the ongoing projects, their issues, status of the project, and its responsible person details.
Status Fixation:

The status of the project, and the position of the bug is fixed by the user with its completion status, affection causing range, its prioritization, and so on.

Fast Search:

The fast search module allows the user to search the current project records in a simpler manner with details such as project name, respective person details, and so on.
Add Bugs:

The add bugs module allows the user to create the bugs which they are facing from their projects, and publish that problem to the general users for clarification, which leads other users to carry on the bugs and rectifying it with their own ideas.

Download Complete Bug Tracking System project source code, Report, PPT.

E-Students Consultancy .Net Project using C# and SQL Server

The E-Students Consultancy project is a comprehensive web application that is most useful for simplifying the testing process. Its role is more visible in the business environment, as well as in other types of sectors. The system simplifies the testing process by assessing the student’s abilities and fitness. Because the world is a competitive world, it is difficult to examine every individual, and it can also lead to misunderstandings of inaccurate results. This system is useful for managing the student inspection process; A new user of this system can register his identity to access its features. After successful authentication, this system generates a set of individual questions for users; The user can make their choice to select the correct option from the target test. After filling in the answers to each selection question, the questionnaire ends with an automated process of the system. This system manipulates the results of the questionnaire, showing the set of skills of each user, creating a survey on the results, helping the organization or any commercial sector to choose the right person for the ideal job.

existing system

In this modern world the existing online job searching system provides minimum secure authentication for the students that’s why the resulting process takes so much of time. Students have to wait for a period to know the result of the attended online tests, even it may take a month or while. Each and every student are forced to register their identities into the consultancy site  for job and they have to wait until the respective persons respond to their registration. So there is a chance to miss the other opportunities from others. Students are required to pay for getting the premium details (like Contact details) of the registered companies. Avoiding this type of problems a new method of consultancy portal is required.


  • Provides minimum security mean for individual’s
  • The major disadvantages of this system low efficiency and time consumption. 
  • The maintenance cost of the existing system is high and it should be barred by the students only.
  • Students feel hesitation and there is a opportunity to miss other opportunities.

Proposed System

In this proposed approach individual secured authentications means are provided for each and every students and companies, the student can enter into the system with proper identities, so it is easy to find the fraudulent peoples if any mismatching occurs. The E-Student Consultancy provides bridge between students and corporate, which leads to attain job offers and online test scenarios. Free accessing is provided so the students and  companies can attain the details securely without any delay. Online test generation process allows the student to feel free and attend the test to know their individual talent. The result will be delivered immediately once the test is over. This system is used to test the students and their eligibility level.


  • Secured login mechanisms are handled.
  • Reducing the work load of the companies and students.
  • Time consumption is comparatively good.
  • Easy accessing and Online Test Procedures makes the students to feel free to work with.
  • Results will be delivered to students instantly.
  • Implementation and maintenance cost is low.




The E-Student consultancy provides the two types of the registration process in company side and student side, in the company side the registration process depends upon the company name, contact details, and vacancy then creates the complete registration process. On the student side, the registration process is based on the personal detail like name, Mail Id, address, etc


The company details manipulation process allows the user to create the company details with proper identities. The following details are required to register the company into the server: company name, contact, and the number of vacancies available in the company. These details are registered into the server, which is useful to the students to find out the company details and number of vacancies available in the company and address of the company. This is used to view the job vacancies in the company and reduce the job search time.


The online test manipulation process is one of the major implementations in this e-student consultancy. That is used to test the student’s ability and their fitness of job. In the online test generation module questions are created by the company individuals and then it will be uploaded into the portal for student access. The students can register and attend the test which is created by the company individuals. The student mark will be calculated by the server at the time of completing the test. The student mark denotes the particular student is eligible for the job or not.


The result analyzing process is used to generate the result for the test which is attended by the student online and the test generation process creates the result immediately once the student answer their last question. Once the mark is generated then it will immediately be transferred to the respective student mail.

Download E Students consultancy Project.

Study Point C#.Net Project Report


Study Point is a web project for all programming languages and software, which includes all online web-related activities for learning, as well as answers to questions from students, teachers, and developers.
We use a combination of surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews to reach students, teachers, developers, software developers, human resource managers, development companies, and more. Gather information. After meeting the requirements, we set these goals and objectives for the Port of Study Point website:

  • Get help from NET and JAVA experts and other users
  • To give you the best education, support, and advice.
  • Training schedule for registered users.
  • If you have an internet connection, you can easily find it anywhere in the world.
  • Admin can create an online discussion forum between all registered users and administrators.
  • Provide training materials and course content.


The Current system includes importing data into Microsoft Excel files and printing to storing data. When an administrator needs information about an e-learning student, he or she searches for specific files in the file system. Download the file to learn. Add hints of new technologies and new languages ​​to solve your research questions or applications or problems.


The recommended system is a browser that is fully integrated into the web system that provides the main database. You can submit survey materials, questions, updates, and more online, and you can request answers from your address or email address. You will find information about training materials and new updates on the web.

The online database is stored, which can be downloaded by the administrator. All student, student, and developer information can be saved by entering the information on the web. Only one administrator can access it, which improves security and no one else can access the data.



• Designed in general for user updates, access to training materials, and learning new technologies
• Administrator login
• Detailed information on new technologies and programming languages.
• User questions can also be solved.


The site is easy to maintain and requires minimal operating costs. This site is designed for future reference so that it does not require continuous maintenance. Depending on the terms, the administrator can maintain the site freely as an administrator login.



This module contains the name and logo of the baby planet. There is also a simple menu bar. Dynamic windows in the list of new skills, new teaching materials usually have strong updates. There should also be a “new” icon for newly added data.


This module provides information about the web pages of the Training Center and the GCRG Institutional Group that run the Learning Center.


In this module, we have the function to provide users with different technologies, different programming languages ​​, and troubleshooting.


This module contains pictures of our students, academics, and infrastructure.


This module contains information about the course, Dean, HOD, and Point Research Trainer who oversees the GCRG Institute Group.


This module is intended for students/developers/visitors who want to join the group and get help through the web port. Student/developer/project developers should register online to improve progress in general.
The main case has the following functions:

Name, type, type, current address, mobile number, email ID, job, profile picture, password, confirmation password, captcha number. A unique user ID is sent to the user’s mobile number.


This module is just a username. There are two main things to keep in mind on a contact page: one is static communication information and the other is dynamic form checks.


This page works for logged in users. When you log in, you are using a web function. Join groups, receive support, help other group members, and so on.


There are options in this module that have user services.


This module provides information about new information languages, modern and existing technologies in the community, and the needs of the community where the project can be developed.


This module contains detailed information about the users who visit the web.


For users who want to download the content of the training material. This is a download link for the content of this copy page that will be downloaded.


On this page, users can add files, content, tutorials, and much more. This page contains services.


This module can help students or programmers to solve problems in their field.


This module gives users an understanding of the web, its services, and recommendations.


This module allows the user to change keywords if he forgets or suspects that it has been stolen.


Answer the user, student, student, or developer in this module.


Answer questions from users, students, academics, or developers in this module.


This module discusses the content or learning material in the database for students and users, as well as those concerned with the content level.


This module handles registered Study point users.


In this module, the administrator manages the shared file data in the database, and if necessary or not to ensure that the data is shared by the user, it will be deleted in the database.


This module includes updates on new languages, technologies in the community, and current community needs.


The end result of the project is the creation of a web application that allows students and developers to access the web pages, where they can promote projects and applications in multiple ways and build a developer team. Groups are social units of different sizes that share values, opinions, numbers, and questions. 
This is not just a web portal, it is a direct product of the Vocational Education Council. We will add many more services later.

Download Study Point C# Net Project Report


Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool .Net Project

The Course Finder system is supported by students who enter high school. The purpose of the Course Finder software is first and foremost Internet users. This section discusses different courses and materials. The main purpose of this system is to search for secrets. An e-mail was opened at the university to participate in the new course.

They have many advantages such as school teaching, college photography, state-of-the-art exhibitions at the bar according to your classroom rain, course.

Generally, students will rely on candidates already studying at university to understand university details, but by using this software, they can easily understand the current status of university researchers. It is a tool for student purposes on the web. The student can search for university information, fees, academic records.

Purpose of the Project: –

The purpose of the “Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool” project is to facilitate the search for online universities by means of a package called the Course Study System.

The system has a registration module for students to forget their passwords, and at the same time, a new user enters the place where new students want to register and also an alternative to a forgotten password. A successful student can participate in a college search.

As modern organizations grow increasingly complex and computing works according to leaders, it becomes important for the coordination of individuals, groups, and computers in the modern organization.

Through this college search, students can find universities that can be adapted to their subject type and at the same time reduce search time.

Big cities where life is within a few minutes have to announce things. In this way, this online archived information helps students complete their search in a limited time.

Furthermore, students can go directly to the university directly from this site. At the same time, they can make the university of their choice.

Existing system

The current system is an intervention where students have to search for papers on campus and go to college to obtain university information.

The following is the usability of the current system.

  • It is difficult to find out about a college degree on a relevant course that is being sought by a student who is new to college.
  • More manual hours are required and reports are required.
  • It is easy to know important information about the environment and the found objects.
  • The signs of a college renovation are hard to maintain. 

The default system

Course attendees and course management systems are an application that delivers more than the accreditation hours to enable universities to successfully understand the relevant course. These applications collect data in a centralized way that is accessible to all users at the same time. It is very easy to manage historical data in a database. There is no specific training for users to use the application. They can easily use a device that reduces interference to normal elements and thus improves performance.

The purpose of the system

Course attendance systems are assisted by middle school students and higher education students who are new to the school. The purpose of the search engine software is first and foremost Internet users. The purpose of the course and attendance management is to give users of the information system the best information when it comes to looking for universities for the best results.

Download the attached Course Finder and Allocation Management Tool .Net Project full source code, project report, PPT

Course Finder And Allocation Management Tool .Net Project

Online Rental System or Universal Rental Capture .Net Project

Download the complete Online Rental System or Universal Rental Capture .Net Project code, Full Report, PPT.


It will make web implementation different for different cities. Instead of delivering products from a single rental exhibition, these visits act as mediators between the user and the owner of the rental exhibition. There is no prohibited sale to our customers on our website. Rental show owners want to launch their product on our website and then they can easily register on our website with personal information and credit card numbers.

The application provides the supplier with additional repair services to repair or remove their products. Customers do not need to register on our site with just one request and location instructions on our site. We are responsible for communication between customers and suppliers and maintain the database. It also has an ecological module that accepts customer feedback. The application provides another function in “Transport Services”.

There are many online rental systems. But not all products are available in one place. At the same time, many are trapped in the same city. This means that the car rental system is only implemented in online transactions with cars. At the same time, many of them do not provide the right relationship between the customer and the supplier. At the same time, existing rental systems are limited to a supplier, which means that products are available in the rental space.

 Existing System:

If someone wants to buy a house in a particular city from their home, how is that possible? If you go to another city, but if you want to rent a product before you reach your goal, how is that possible? So the answer to these questions is through our website.

There are many marketing systems online. But not all products are available in one place. At the same time, many are trapped in the same city. This means that the car rental system is only implemented in online transactions with cars. At the same time, many of them do not provide the right relationship between the customer and the supplier. At the same time, existing rental systems are limited to a supplier, which means that products are available in the rental showroom..

Draw backs:

  • It is limited to individual products and cities.
  • Tune There is no good relationship between user and supplier.
  • Products are limited to a room in the exhibition rental area..


A basic system is a web-based system that customers can use anywhere in the world. The system can deliver more products in stores in different locations.

The direct market enters into the system with this system without a targeted approach. You can pay to advertise your rental product by announcing your credit card number.

The proposed system can accept all types of rental products, compatible with the system broker so that sellers upload their product images to the system. The customer communicates directly with this product image and receives relevant information about the rental product.

The proposed system receives an online request from the customer to have the trading system deliver each product for its intended purpose. Here plays an important role. The administrator can obtain product information for each product and specific vendors using this system..


  1. Registration
  2. Advertise product
  3. Data base maintenance
  4. Searching and Booking the product
  5. Verify Bookings and Intimate to Vendor
  6. Authentication

Vendor Registration Module:

Marketers complement the web by providing personal information and the type of success. 

Advertise Products Module:

Once you have entered the link to the sales page, you will sell your product and add a product form and provide relevant information about the product, such as identification tag, availability date, rents, etc. and save the product image..

It consists of following sub modules:

  1. Update Product
  2. Delete Product 

Update Product Module:

The supplier can update existing product information, such as rental agreement, date of preparation, etc. through product identification. 

Delete Product Module:

The seller can destroy his existing product by identifying the product. 

Data base maintenance Module:

Information provided by the company, such as product information, personal information, etc. And client-supplied data, such as answers and book information, will be stored in a database of webmasters.

Searching and Booking the products Module:

The customer, when he arrives at the place where he or she is looking for a product, if he or she receives the required product, just fill out the booking form and use the database..

Verify Bookings and Intimate to Vendo Moduler:

The administrator after logging into the site verifies the client for the latest books. You must then send all the book information to the seller.

Authentication Module:

Authentication is nothing more than to guarantee system security. Here everyone has to log in to the system login page. The login page blocks users with UN approval. The user must provide their login details such as ID and password to access the system. For this reason, the system protects all users’ data. When a user enters an ID and password, they verify the user’s presence in the database. If there is a user, they can be treated as a valid user. Otherwise, the request will be postponed.

Software Requirements:

Database : SQL Server 2008

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2012

Code: C#.Net

Download The below attached Full Project Source Code, Project Report, Output screens.

Paid Ads Website Application Synopsis

Project Statement:

To design and develop a website which will allow customers to register and then watch paid ads through queued ads and earn money. It will allow membership packages to be selected  by the logged in registered customer.

We will support different currencies, membership plans, different forms of payment gateways and wallet payments. 

It will basically have two logins: Admin, User and Vendors

Website Structure:

1. Application & General Site:

Welcome screen with option to register / sign in

About Us

Contact US

Follow Us Social media links


Privacy policy

Terms of Service

Home Page with Logo designing

2. Admin pages:

Admin panel login and forgot password option

Manage Categories and Subcategories
Manage Blogs
Manage Currencies
Manage Ad’s posting

Manage Membership packages
Dashboard for Statistics in admin panel as back end

Module Details:


Task / Modules Page


Initial Planning and Design


Primary Database Design


Admin Panel:
→ Customer Management:
Personal details will be username, Firstname, Last name, email, password, forgot password, secured pin, address, city, state, zip code, dob, gender, referral etc
Ads watched
→ Ads management:
Post Paid Ads
Vendors for ads registration
Vendors plans / subscriptions
→ Manage Payment gateways:

Integrate payment gateways
→ Membership packages:
Membership plans
→ Blog management
Manage blogs
→ Currency management:
Manage different currencies
→ Country management


Website pages:
Home Page with Logo designing
About Us

Contact US

Follow Us Social media links


Privacy policy

Terms of Service



Web Services & DB architecture management


Testing & Bug Fixing

Choice of Technology:

Website: We will use PHP for coding the website and MySql as the application database. With over 80% share in the server side languages worldwide and with the recent addition of features PHP is the suitable choice for this project. Both PHP & MySql are free to use so no licensing cost is involved.  For better organization, faster development and security we will use a PHP framework for development. We suggest the use of Phalcon framework or CA UI Framework which are the fastest framework available.
Or we can also use Dot Net MVC with SQL server. It will require windows server for hosting. We will use a framework compatible with the same.

Software to Use:

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behaviour

PHP 7 & MySQL5.6 as server side programming language and database. Phalcon PHP framework (The fastest framework)
Dot net MVC with ASP and SQl Server as server side programming language and database

Angular or Bootstrap.

Server Requirement

VPS or Dedicated Server

2GB or 4GB RAM, 2 Core CPU, 40GB SSD (Minimum recommended requirement)