Process Analysis in Asynchronous System A Java Project

 Process Analysis in asynchronous system explains about a new method for handling process threads and message transmitting between processes in synchronous manner. This paper covers existing system details, Disadvantages of existing system, proposed system, advantages of proposed system, hardware and software requirements.

Inside every system different processes share information by exchanging messages between them as every process threads run with different speeds and there is no exact time span for message transfer between them. In existing system locks are used in processes for controlling timing between them but it is not maintained with message transfer , synchronization is not maintained between process speed and message transfer.

In existing system there is no chance of detecting single process failure and there is no definite method to look at every single process individually. In this system finding out crashed processes is calculated by subtracting total processes by running process.

Proposed system will overcome these problems by using time lapse method. In this system local clock will look after each processes status whether it is sending messages are not if any processes is not sending message in specified time it is considered as a crashed.

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