Activity Management System a Java Project Report

This is a project of “ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM JAVA PROJECT” for a PRUDENTIAL Bank. The client is the person who comes for the sake of getting premium from the agent of a prudential bank. Here agent is the one who gets the premium from the client. ACTIVITY-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEM-A-JAVA-PROJECT-REPORT

The duty of the agent is not only to get the premium from the client but agent sees how the client can be convinced to pay the premium. In this system we need to automate agent’s reports. 

This can be used for maintaining and evaluation of sales activities. It allows the life advisor to set goals and accomplish them.  It is very useful to motivate the advisor to do better, with reference of his previous progress. Internet working is the live-wire of today’s world, it has ushered in a whole new era of evolution, that has brought about a sea of change to this New World. 

With the advent of new concepts and technologies, the whole world has been linked into one single cobweb of information. Key to this evolution is the developments of Networking and Information Sharing. The main use of this project has been developed as per the general requirements of an Insurance Advisor. But it is going to be at most customized for the Prudential Insurance Adviser. 


This software can also be used or modified as per the exact requirements of any particular Insurance company’s Insurance Advisor. In this project JSP is used instead of applets because the agent has to send the information to the server and it processes and sends the information to the client.  And hence this is an online project.

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