Polytechnics Seminar Topic on Digital Library in an Academic Environment with Report

Introduction to Polytechnics Seminar Topic on Digital Library in an Academic Environment:

With advancement in the information and communication technology along with the globalization in the internet and related telecommunication systems the human sphere is virtually getting impacted highly. In the field of science, humanities and engineering it is the computer that acts as the basic needed equipment and stands at the top of the list. Social and technological development that began during the end of the 20th century altered the functions and traditional accomplishment of the libraries like that of selection preserving organizing, thus making it easy for accessing the information’s that are stored in the libraries.

A radical changing period is faced today by almost all the libraries followed by alteration in electronic information sources and low priced microcomputers. These have further changes the functioning of the modern libraries. The rapid popularity of internet has reshaped the distribution of economical informations and feasibility. It also altered the ways in which the librarians used to perform.

The basic cost of digitization is very high but according to the experiments it shows that once this system is introduced then the cost of maintenance will be quite cheaper even lower than any traditional library maintenance. With time the prices of digitization are reducing and the publication through online is increasing.

The users’ needs are shifting with time to a new environment and thus there is no need to say that after two years or so all the libraries will be digitized. This system is designed to benefit the users who can use it directly from the desktop of their own computer. Although the system is very upgraded and is highly beneficial  but still the role of the librarian at any cost cannot be excluded. For information on packaging and repackaging which are required in digitalized libraries for electronic publishing, purpose of reference, to advice about the strategy to the users etc.

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