Online Tendering CSE Project

Main aim for implementing Online Tendering cse project is to perform product tendering through online web application, according to this process product tender details are published on web with required product information and about the status of the tender and information like starting and ending dates.Online-Tendering-CSE-Project.

As we know in present system tender advertising is done through news papers which is causing problems like communication gap between companies and government authorities because of this problem competition is reducing, ultimately cost of project is increasing. So developing this project can fix this problem by submitting tender details to a dedicated tender site which will

be visible for every company and apply for tender through this web site if they are satisfied with the provided tender quotation .This process will reduce time and provide option for different companies respond to the tender. 

This application has different modules in first module advertiser who advertises his tender details should register with the system and submit detailed information on the product. In second module companies who are searching for work should register and apply for the tender. Third admin module in this module admin will coordinate with both modules. 

This application can be developed within a low budget but regular maintenance is compulsory. 

Software and hardware requirements for developing this project are explained in project report. 

System specifications for Online Tendering CSE Project

Hard Ware Requirements:- 

  • Processor:: Pentium-II(or) Higher
  • Ram:: 512MB (or) Higher
  • Cache:: 512MB
  • Hard disk:: 10GB 

Soft Ware Requirements:- 

  • Web Server
: Tomcat 5.5
  • Server-side Technologies
: Java, Java Server Pages
  • Client-side Technologies
: Hyper Text Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script, AJAX
  • Database Server
: MS Access
  • Operating System
: Windows (or) Linux (or) Mac any version

For more information on online Tendering cse project you can download project report from this site for a free of cost.

Download CSE Online Tendering CSE Project report .

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  1. i want complete source code for online tendering cse project please send as immediately as possible…

  2. i want complete source code in java for online tendering system cse mini project send me as immediately as possible please

  3. i want complete source code in java for online tendering system cse in java for my project .

    please can you provide me the project source code ASAP .

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